Meet Me (1983)


Tara Arts began work on this play in October 1983; when the company undertook 3 weeks of research into mental illness amongst Asians. The research was conducted around London, Birmingham, Coventry, Sheffield and Bradfield. The research was also conducted in hospitals, meeting with psychiatrists and watching videos.

Meet Me - 'Pyaar Kiya to Dharna Kya'- Love just happens so why fear it?

A story of 2 families, one Hindu, one Muslim, and the love of Kama and Shaheen. Kama, a young up and coming photographer, and Shaheen, a model, are passionately in love. They elope and start a life together. However, their tale of love ends tragically with both Kama and Shaheen coming under psychiatric care.

Research was carried out by the cast, director and the writer.

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