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152 Hilarious Battery Jokes to Charge Your Day with Laughter

In the eternal dance of positive and negative, humor finds its charge in the most unexpected places.

As Thomas Edison once said, “I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that.”

In the spirit of harnessing energy, we present a compendium of wit – a collection of the best battery jokes that spans from clean and kid-friendly to daringly adult.

So, let’s embark on a journey from positive to negative and discover the electrifying jokes about batteries!

Best Battery Jokes

Ignite your laughter with the finest battery humor! Explore a curated selection of jokes about batteries that are guaranteed to keep you energized with joy. Get ready to power up your sense of humor and charge through these comedic gems.

I dropped my battery-operated toothbrush…and now it’s sparking joy!

I couldn’t find a battery for my flashlight…so I just made it dark humor.

The battery inspector quit his job because he couldn’t handle the current situation anymore.

The energizer bunny stole my car battery…but it just kept going.

The battery in my watch went forward…but now it’s stuck in rewind.

My friend’s flashlight was constantly jealous of his smartphone’s “torch” feature – it just couldn’t compete with such brightness.

I’m feeling positively negative about my battery issues.

My battery-powered radio is jamming to the sound of silence.

The criminal stole all the batteries from the convenience store, and the owner said it was an “assault with a battery.”

My laptop battery died…but at least it went out with a bang!

My electric toothbrush gave me a shocking daily routine. It’s a real “jolt” to my morning!

I have a love-hate relationship with batteries…they always have a positive and negative side.

I took my phone battery to a comedy show, but it didn’t understand all the “current” jokes. It was a real negative experience.

The clown forgot to replace his batteries in the middle of his act and the audience said it was a real “buzzkill.”

My battery is completely drained…with energy!

The ghost at the battery factory couldn’t find true meaning in the afterlife, but he did find some “unearthly charges.”

The electric eel went on a date with the alkaline battery, and it was such a “shocking chemistry.

I went to the gym to recharge my battery…but ended up feeling more drained.

The battery orchestra conductor led his band with real “conductivity” – their performances were electric!

I love a good battery-operated candle…because it gives off such natural light!

The politician ran on a platform to promote battery usage, claiming it was a true “power trip.”

My phone battery is on its deathbed…but it’s still full of juice.

I bought a rechargeable battery…but it only lasted for one charge.

Funny Battery Jokes

Unleash the laughter with these funny battery jokes! From witty one-liners to clever puns, this collection is a comedic powerhouse. Get ready to recharge your mood and share the joy with these hilarious takes on batteries.

Why are batteries so good at dating?
They’re always looking for a positive connection.

Why did the battery refuse to take a vacation?
It didn’t want to be drained.

I told my battery a joke, but it didn’t respond.
It must have been feeling a little flat.

How did the battery feel after winning the race?
Amped up!

Did you hear about the battery that went on strike?
It demanded more juice.

Did you hear about the battery chef?
He made a shocking soufflé.

What did one battery say to the other during a soccer match?
Watch out for that charging defender!

How do batteries exercise?
They do power squats!

How does a battery stay in shape?
It gets recharged at the gym.

Are batteries good at telling jokes?
Well, they can definitely keep the current flowing.

My battery and I have a shocking relationship.
We’re always positive and negative.

I asked my battery what its favorite music genre is.
It said, “AC/DC, of course!”

I accidentally swallowed a battery.
It was quite shocking, but I’m feeling charged up about it.

Why did the battery visit the doctor?
It was feeling a little run down.

Hilarious Battery Jokes

Shockingly funny and brilliantly crafted, these hilarious battery jokes are here to make your day brighter. Dive into a world of laughter as we explore the amusing side of batteries. Get ready to crack up with these electrifying jokes!

We need to find a power surge in our team.

My battery life is shorter than my attention span.

I’m feeling a bit low voltage today.

I used my last battery to power up my imagination…but now I’m lost in the charge.

There’s a positive charge in the air.

Let’s plug into the energy of the moment.

I tried to recharge my battery…but all I got was a shocking experience.

I’m feeling positively negative about my battery life.

He’s always full of energy, like a fully charged battery.

I thought I had kept my battery well-charged…but it’s feeling quite drained emotionally.

My battery-powered clock is tick-tocking its way out of time.

I was charged with a crime, but my lawyer was able to find the positive and energized my case.

My battery-powered fan is running on hot air.

My friend turned on his new electric car and can’t stay grounded anymore.

I’m going to release my new line of batteries that come pre-filled with laughter.
They’re going to be very amusing!

When I broke up with my ex, she said I had no spark left in me.
Little did she know, I already had a battery replacement!

I asked the battery salesman if he had any good jokes, and he said, “Well, I always try to stay positive.”

When the toy robot tried to start a revolution, the AA batteries kept saying, “It’s not our volt!

The inventor of the rechargeable battery found his true energy source after a shocking revelation.

The flashlight testified in court, but the opposing lawyer was trying to dim its credibility.

My friend is an electrician and he’s always charged up with energy.
I guess that’s the positive side of his job!

I went to the zoo and saw a monkey trying to figure out how to use a battery – he couldn’t understand why it didn’t come with bananas.

Car Battery Jokes

Hit the road of laughter with our collection of car battery jokes! Whether you’re a gearhead or just looking for a good chuckle, these automotive-themed jokes will rev up your sense of humor. Shift into comedy gear and enjoy the ride!

Just found two lumps on my car battery.
Got them tested, one came back positive.
I hope it’s not terminal.

A police officer caught two kids playing with a firework and a car battery.
He charged one and let the other one off.

A man was found electrocuted, with only a car battery in the room.
Police are still looking for leads.

My car battery died.
I called AAA to come out and they diagnosed it and found out that it’s the original battery of 7 years and in need of replacement.
So they swapped it out for me with one of their own.
Then it occurred to me that my car runs on a AAA battery.

Did you know that when someone gets run over by a Tesla it isn’t considered Vehicular Manslaughter?
They call it electric car battery!

Three men are driving in the desert when their car breaks down.
The men decide that they must split up and survive on their own for the best chances.
They are then forced to abandon the car.
To be fair, they decide that they can each take one part of the car to help them.
The first man decides that he wants to take the car battery, he is an engineer and believes he can hook it up to somehow keep his phone charged as he travels the desert.
The second man decides he wants the water pump because he can drink from it when he gets thirsty.
The third man, who was a little slow, wanted to take a car door with him. His reasoning was, “if it ever gets too hot, I can just roll the window down”

Battery Jokes One Liners

Short, sweet, and incredibly funny – delve into a series of battery jokes in one-liner format! These quick-witted quips are sure to charge up your day with humor. Experience the power of laughter in compact form!

How do batteries communicate with each other?
Through a cell network.

What do you call a battery that can sing?
A melod-amps.

What did the battery say when it lost its energy?
I need a recharge-ality check!

Why did the battery enter a talent show?
It wanted to show off its electric personality.

Why did the battery become a world traveler?
It wanted to explore new volt-ages.

What did one battery say to the other during a race?
I’m positive I’ll win!

How do batteries solve problems?
They think positively and never give up.

Why was the battery feeling confident?
It had a positive outlook.

How do batteries stay motivated?
They keep a positive attitude.

I got a charge out of spending time with you.

Can I plug into your socket?

Are you a battery?
Because you make my heart race.

You must be a battery, because you’re positively attractive.

Let’s spark something between us.

Clean Battery Jokes

Powerful humor without any shock! Enjoy a collection of clean battery jokes suitable for all audiences. These jokes prove that you don’t need to be dirty to be funny. Get ready to laugh without worrying about a short circuit of decency!

I started a band called “Watt’s Up!” but we lost charge quickly.

What did one battery say to the other when they saw a power outage?
I’m positive we’ll get through this.

Did you hear about the battery that got arrested?
It was charged with assault.

What do you call a criminal who steals batteries?
A charged criminal.

When one battery dies, I always make sure to give it a good send-off. It’s a volt emotion.

I made a joke about a battery, but it didn’t make anyone laugh.
It fell flat.

Why did the battery refuse to work?
It felt drained.

I once tried to charge my battery with sunlight but it didn’t work.
It must be a solar cell-out.

My battery left me because she said I never gave her enough energy.

How do batteries stay in shape?
They exercise at the power plant.

My friend told me I should join a battery support group.
I said, “I really don’t have any positive connections.”

Why did the battery go to college?
To get a higher education.

Why did the battery become a teacher?
It had a great capacity to inspire.

Batteries have a positive outlook on life because they’re always charged up.

I asked the battery if it had an energy crisis, and it replied, “No, I’m still fully charged.”

I went to a comedy show about batteries, but the jokes didn’t have much spark.

Why did the battery get a promotion?
It always gave off positive vibes.

My battery is always positive, but sometimes it negative about things.

I tried to give my battery a compliment, but it just brushed it off as a chargeless remark.

Why don’t batteries ever work out?
They can never find the right positive connections.

Dirty Battery Jokes

For those who dare to dive into the risqué side of humor, explore our collection of dirty battery jokes. Sparks will fly as you venture into adult-themed humor about batteries. Warning: Not for the faint of heart!

A bra, car battery and some jumper cables walk into a bar.
The car battery and jumper cables go find a seat while the bra asks the bartender for 3 beers. The bartender replies, “I’m not serving you! You’re obviously off your tits and your two mates look like they’re about to start something.”

True Story: This genuinely happened last night. I work as a Doorman/Bouncer. I own a pair of electrically heated socks. A customer came out for a cigarette as I was plugging the battery packs in and switching them on…
Lady: “What are you doing?”
Me: “I’m just turning my socks on.”
Lady: “Ooooo, that’s *very* considerate of you!”
Me: “What d’you mean?”
Lady: “Well, most guys I know wouldn’t bother with that… they’d just cum in them!”

What does a 9 volt battery and a woman’s arsehole have in common?
You know it’s wrong, but sooner or later you’re going to stick your tongue on it.

What do a butthole and a 9v battery have in common?
We know we shouldn’t put our tongue on it but we do it anyway.

I shoved a battery up my ass for an experiment.
The results where shocking.

What are the similarities between a 9V battery and your new partners butthole?
You know you shouldn’t, but sooner or later you’re gonna put your tongue to it!

What’s the difference between a 9 volt battery and an ass hole?
You know you shouldn’t but you still want to put your tongue on it.

My friend met a prostitute who connected battery wires to his testicles.
I said, “Holy shit! How much did she charge you?”

I got angry when my phone battery died.
My therapist suggested I find an outlet.

Battery Jokes for Adults

Embrace the humorous side of adulthood with our collection of battery jokes tailored for a mature audience. From witty wordplay to cheeky humor, these jokes are charged with adult-friendly amusement. Get ready for a good laugh, no restrictions!

Why did the battery go to therapy?
It had issues with its parent.

Did you hear about the battery that picked a fight with a wall socket?
It was charged with assault!

What do you call a battery that can dance?
A hip-hop battery!

Why did the battery fail the test?
It couldn’t keep its positive and negative together.

How did the battery recharge after a long day?
It took a power nap.

How does a battery start its day?
It charges itself with a cup of Joe.

Why did the battery break up with its partner?
It felt drained.

What did the battery say when it got a promotion?
I’m feeling super charged!

What did the battery say when it was feeling down?
I’m getting negative vibes.

How do batteries get together to socialize?
They attend positive and negative networking events.

Why did the battery refuse to work as a comedian?
It couldn’t find its positive charge.

Why did the battery join a gym?
It wanted to stay in shape.

What did the battery say to its alarm clock friend?
You’re ticking me off!

Why did the battery want to become a musician?
It wanted to bring some positive energy to the stage.

Battery Jokes for Kids

Fun for the whole family! Discover a collection of battery jokes crafted for young minds. These jokes are kid-friendly and sure to generate laughter among the little ones. Share a giggle with the younger crowd as you explore the lighter side of batteries.

I feel a strong connection with you, like positive and negative terminals.

I think we have good chemistry, like the positive and negative poles of a battery.

You must be an energizer, because you keep going and going.

Are you a battery?
Because you make me feel electrified.

Are you a battery?
Because you’re making me feel charged up.

Can I be your power source?

My love for you charges my soul.

Let’s see if our energies align like a charger and a device.

You must be a battery, because I can’t get you out of my mind.

Would you mind giving my battery a jump start?

You’re the battery to my life, always powering me up.

Need a charge?
Because I can be your positive charge.

Let’s recharge our relationship like a battery.

You’re the missing piece to my battery, completing me.

Are you a battery?
Because I find you very energizing.

Battery Jokes and Puns

Indulge in the art of wordplay with our battery jokes and puns collection. These cleverly crafted jokes will tickle your funny bone while showcasing the pun-tential of battery humor. Get ready for a pun-tastic journey into comedic electricity!

I’m fully charged and ready to go!

Let’s keep the battery charged and ready.

He’s always running on low battery.

Don’t let anyone steal your thunderbolt.

She’s the energizer bunny of our group.

Let’s switch gears and recharge.

It’s time to amp up the energy.

I need to recharge my batteries after a long day.

She’s always on the low power mode.

I have a real connection with this battery.

Don’t let life drain your battery.

He’s a real powerhouse of energy.

She’s powering through a tough situation.

I’m positive I can power through this.

This new project is a real battery drainer.

Final Thoughts

As we conclude this comedic exploration into the world of battery jokes, remember that laughter, much like electricity, has the power to illuminate even the darkest corners.

From clean jokes that brighten family moments to adult humor that adds a jolt to your day, these battery jokes aim to bridge the gap between positive and negative humor.

Share your favorite jokes about batteries, spark conversations, and let the current of laughter flow.

Your thoughts and favorite jokes are welcomed below – let the comment section buzz with the joy of shared laughter!

Thank you!

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