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683 Best Newlywed Game Questions + How to Play

Have you ever played the newlywed game questions? This extremely popular game is ideal for livening up any wedding-related occasion.

The game is most typically played at the bridal shower, but it can also be played at the couple’s rehearsal dinner, bachelorette party, or wedding reception.

If you intend to play it with the newlyweds, consult with them first. You should be very certain that they are willing to participate in the game at the provided event.

We have a wealth of fun newlywed game questions for you to play if you’re seeking for them.

This game is a great way to commemorate the unique pair while also learning more about them. Let’s look at these newlywed game questions now.

How to Play the Newlywed Game?

The newlywed game can be played in a variety of ways. For example, you may ask the pair questions and have them come up with responses on the spot.

However, because the pair will need time to consider, this strategy might be complicated and slow. Keeping that in mind, here’s a rundown on how to play the Newlywed Game:

Step 1: Get Ready Ahead of Time

Send the pair your list of newlywed questions to answer about one another. Request that they email you their responses individually, without any discussion!

You can keep the answers hidden until the big occasion when everything is disclosed.

Step 2: Review the Fundamentals

Whenever it comes to playing the game, you must choose someone to serve as the host. Begin by introducing the game and discussing its operation.

Begin by reading each question from your list and having the pair guess what their spouse has said.

For example, when asked to “Describe your initial impression of them in one word,” they should each estimate what their spouse said about them.

Then the fun begins! You compare what the pair stated to their estimates about each other.

Step 3: Record the Results

Keeping score is a straightforward task. Each member of the pair receives one point for each correct response. You should jot them down as you go.

The person who scores the maximum points by the end of the list of questions, is the best at knowing their spouse and wins the game!

Best Newlywed Game Questions

Are you ready to go? If you’re stumped as to what questions to ask, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the best newlywed game questions.

1. If your spouse needed a lift at 3 AM, who would they call?

2. Which celebrity couple are you most like?

3. How often do you go on dates together?

4. Which one of you is a better driver?

5. Who does the most cleaning?

6. Who is the better listener?

7. Who is more emotional?

8. What would your spouse’s ideal date be?

9. What would they say your best feature is?

10. Who is the tidiest?

11. Do you have a song and, if so, what is it?

12. Who has the worst handwriting?

13. What did they wear on your first date?

14. What is your spouse’s ideal vacation?

15. What is their pet name for you?

16. What’s their favorite movie?

17. When did you know that they were ‘the one’?

18. Who is the funniest?

19. If your spouse had a superpower, what would it be?

20. What is your spouse’s favorite book?

21. What was your spouse’s first pet called?

22. When and where was your first kiss?

23. Who said “I love you” first?

24. What is your spouse’s best feature?

25. If your spouse were an animal, which would they be?

26. What is your spouse’s favorite junk food?

27. What the best gift ever you get in your life?

28. Who does the most cooking?

29. How did you first meet your spouse?

30. What was the last date you went on?

31. What’s your spouse’s worst habit?

32. Who is their celebrity crush?

33. How does your spouse like their steak cooked?

34. Who would win in an eating contest?

35. If your spouse was a Disney character, who would they be?

36. Which of you finishes your meals first?

37. What is their favorite ice cream flavor?

38. Where did you go on your first date?

39. Who is the best cook?

Funny Newlywed Game Questions

Here’s a list of funny newlywed game questions. Ask, and they will respond with laughter! It’s also a terrific way to relive the moments from the wedding day.

1. What is their signature dance move?

2. Do you make love as often as you would like?

3. Going in for a hug, where do your hands normally go first?

4. What is their most irritating habit?

5. Where is the strangest place you have made love?

6. How long does your lovemaking usually last?

7. Who is more likely to remember taking along their mobile to the washroom?

8. If you find out that your spouse is an ex-convict, how would you react?

9. If you and your spouse had one hour to spend together doing anything you 10. wanted, how would you spend it?

11. What grade would you give your spouse for their lovemaking?

12. What one adjective best describes your spouse?

13. Who is more obsessed with getting the tiniest of details right?

14. What is one item you like that your spouse would love to get rid of?

15. If your spouse had to eat one food for the rest of their life, what would it be?

16. What would be the pick-up line you would use on your partner if you just met them?

17. How would your partner choose to get famous – a successful writer, a chef, an athlete, or a movie star?

18. Your spouse asks you to grab them a treat from the store on your way home. What do you buy?

19. One thing from your spouse’s daily routine that they should stop doing?

20. Who is more likely to hit snooze until they’re late in getting up?

21. Who is better at haggling prices while shopping?

22. If you woke up one day and found out your spouse had lost their memory, what would you do?

23. What is your spouse’s most repeated phrase or sentence?

24. Which one of you is the biggest procrastinator?

25. When your wife/husband goes to the grocery store, what 2 items do they come home with that weren’t on the list?

26. What song describes your spouse in the bedroom?

27. What is your spouse’s favorite time of day for making love?

28. Who’s better in bed?

29. What adjective describes your spouse in the bedroom?

30. How would you describe your time between the sheets: Fast and furious, broken down, or slow and steady wins the race?

31. Who’s giving the massage?

32. If your spouse could spend a day in the life of someone else, who would it be?

33. Who would your spouse say was the “better catch” out of the two of you?

34.If they had to choose one actor to play themselves in a movie, who would that be?

35. How does your partner tell you that they’re in the mood?

36. If your spouse won the lottery, what would be the first thing he would spend the money on?

37. If they had to take only one thing to a deserted island, what would they take?

38. What song would best describe your spouse in the bedroom?

39. Who is the official argument winner?

40. Who is the more spontaneous or impulsive of the two?

41. What one item of clothing does your spouse wear that you just can’t stand?

42. What do your spouse’s sexiest pajamas look like?

43. Who is the dominating partner in the bedroom?

44. When is your spouse the most appealing to you?

45. Who is more likely to spill some coffee on their shirt?

46. What do you find most physically attractive about your spouse?

47. What is one funny or embarrassing thing about them that everyone knows, but they think no one knows?

48. Who takes longer to get dressed? You or your spouse?

49. How would you describe your spouse on your wedding night?

50. Is your partner a side, back, or stomach sleeper?

51. Who is more likely to leave the dishes on the table after eating?

52. What does your partner wear to bed?

Easy Newlywed Game Questions

These easy newlywed game questions are playful and certain to make you giggle. You may experiment with the newlywed questions provided here, or you can use them as a starting point to create your own!

1. What is your spouse’s dream job?

2. How many kids does your spouse want?

3. When did you realize that your spouse was “the one”?

4. What is your spouse’s favorite color?

5. Which one of you would win at Trivial Pursuit?

6. Who spends more time in the shower?

7. If money were no object, where would you live together?

8. How does your partner take their tea or coffee?

9. Where did your first kiss happen?

10. What was the first movie you saw together?

11. What’s your spouse’s worst habit?

12. What’s your spouse’s favorite TV show?

13. What was your worst date?

14. Who is a better kisser?

15. Your spouse asks you to get fast food for dinner. Where do you stop?

16. What is their star sign?

17. What high school did your spouse go to?

18. Who is more honest?

19. Who’s handier?

20. What is their favorite candy bar?

21. What’s their favorite band and/or artist?

22. Your spouse takes your hand and pulls you to the dance floor. They say that the DJ is playing your song. What song is it?

23. What’s their hidden talent?

24. How many cousins do they have?

25. How does your partner like their eggs in the morning?

26. What is the weirdest birthday gift your spouse has ever given you?

27. What is one thing that your spouse has that you’d love to get rid of?

28. What color are your spouse’s eyes?

29. Who would your spouse say is the “better catch”?

30. What is your spouse’s guilty pleasure?

31. What is their silliest fear?

32. If you won the lottery, what’s the first thing you’d buy together?

33. Who is more adventurous?

34. Your spouse has the day off and an empty house. How does your spouse spend the day?

35. What’s your spouse’s best personality trait?

36. Who would play your spouse in a movie?

37. Between the two of you, who will your spouse say is the bigger pack rat?

Hard Newlywed Game Questions

It’s time for the difficult round! We suggest that the husband and wife answer these hard newlywed game questions jointly. Both must get them right or lose points!

1. What is their most annoying habit?

2. Who is more disciplined?

3. What is your mate’s biggest fear?

4. What is your spouse’s favorite podcast?

5. Is your spouse more like their mom or their dad?

6. Who of their friends is your spouse most similar to?

7. Who is your spouse’s hero?

8. What do they talk about the most?

9. What would your spouse say are their worst personality characteristics?

10. What is your spouse’s favorite holiday?

11. What is your spouse’s favorite emoji?

12. What is your spouse’s favorite season?

13. If your spouse had to choose an actor to play themselves in a movie, who would they choose?

14. What would your spouse say are their best personality characteristics?

15. If they could spend $500 on anything, how would they spend it?

16. What is the biggest way that your spouse wastes money?

17. Does your spouse keep a diary or journal?

18. What adjective would your spouse use to describe themselves?

19. What is your spouse’s favorite type of cuisine?

20. Would your spouse rather be an astronaut, a sailor, or a backup singer?

21. What is your spouse most proud about?

22. If they had to take one thing to a deserted island, what would they take?

23. What is your spouse’s favorite junk food?

24. If your spouse had 5 extra hours to spend in their day, what would they do?

25. Is your spouse a pessimist, an optimist or a realist?

26. What’s something that makes your spouse cry?

27. If they could pick up and go anywhere in the world right now, where would they go?

28. What’s something that always makes your spouse laugh?

29. One thing my spouse would never do is ________.

30. What does your spouse want to be doing career-wise 5 years from now?

31. Does your spouse have a catchphrase? What is it?

32. Who spends the most money on personal items?

33. What is their favorite drink?

34. What is your spouse’s favorite color?

35. If your spouse could change anything about themselves, what would it be?

36. Who is your spouse’s celebrity crush?

37. What would your spouse say are your worst and best personality characteristics?

38. What’s a story your spouse tells to every new group of friends?

Good Newlywed Game Questions

When you marry, you believe your partner knows you better than anybody else in the world. And although this may be true, if you play the popular newlywed game, any and all inconsistencies will be exposed for all to see. Here are some good newlywed game questions for you.

1. What adjective would your spouse use to describe you?

2. If they could be any kind of instrument, what would they be?

3. What story does your spouse’s family tell about them over and over again?

4. One thing we will never, ever agree on is ______.

5. Will your spouse say that you spend more money, they spend more money, or you spend money equally?

6. What was the most recent gift that you got from your spouse?

7. I really wish my spouse would _________ at home.

8. What was the last thing you two argued about?

9. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Where would your spouse like to live if they had a choice?

10. Describe your spouse’s appearance on a day when you’re just lounging around the house: “Always ready to go out,” “keepin’ it casual,” or “did they even brush their teeth?!”

11. Out of the two of you, who is more decisive?

12. What is a sure-fire way to get on their nerves?

13. Does your partner like it when you wear makeup?

14. What is your spouse’s favorite bonding activity?

15. If you planned your dream vacation, where would you go and what would you do?

16. How would your spouse spend the ideal vacation?

17. When my spouse sends me to the doghouse, where might that be?

18. Your spouse has $50 to spend for you. What do they buy?

19. What is your spouse’s favorite thing to cook?

20. What would your spouse say is their biggest pet peeve?

21. We are complete opposites when it comes to _______.

22. If the two of you went on a double date with another couple, who would your spouse want to go out with?

23. Which is most like your spouse: a unicycle, a bicycle, a tandem bicycle, or a tricycle?

24. If your partner could be compared to a cereal, what would it be: Fruit Loops, Lucky Charms, Honey Bunches of Oats, Rice Krispies or Cocoa Puffs?

25. Where would your spouse choose to go on a dream vacation?

26. What kind of candy would your spouse want to be in a piñata?

27. What emoji best represents your spouse?

28. What was your partner’s first job?

29. If you could treat your spouse to anything, what would it be?

30. How many kids do you want? How many does your partner want?

31. What word would your spouse use to describe your family?

32. If you and your spouse had five hours to spend together doing anything you want, how would you spend it?

33. Which would they choose: the power of flight, or the power of time travel?

34. What’s your spouse’s favorite joke to tell?

Dirty Newlywed Game Questions

When the kids aren’t around and the wine is flowing, it’s good to play some dirty newlywed game questions! You don’t need to worry since we have assembled some really dirty newlywed game questions for you.

1. Does he prefer him on top or you on top?

2. Is your partner a member of the mile-high club?

3. In bed, which animal can best describe his wildness?

4. Have you ever straight up lied to your spouse to avoid having to get intimate with them?

5. What is your spouse’s worst sexual experience?

6. What is the one thing that your partner regrets trying sexually?

7. Who likes trying out new things?

8. Are there sex toys that he wishes the two of you used?

9. What does your partner feel about the wedding night?

10. Who is more likely to jump at the opportunity of drinking their own pee if they didn’t have a choice?

11. What is the fastest way to seduce your spouse?

12. Who would eat anything even if it fell on the ground?

13. Which one of you is the more adventurous one in the bedroom?

14. What was the most inappropriate thing you’ve done while dating?

15. Who owned sex toys before they were married?

16. Between you two, who is most likely to invite someone else in the bedroom?

17. If the two of you were to do it in a public place, where would he want it?

18. When did you have your first kiss?

19. Who keeps asking to keep going?

20. What is the one celebrity that your spouse has fantasies about?

21. Do you and your spouse enjoy role play in the bedroom?

22. Where did the two of you first do it?

23. What is his biggest turn on?

24. What outfit – or lack thereof – do you like to put on to turn your spouse on?

25. Who passes more gas?

26. Have you ever had sex with more than one person simultaneously?

27. What day of your marriage would you like to experience again?

28. Have you performed anything other than intercourse during your very first few dates before the inevitable intercourse ended up happening?

29. On which body part of his he doesn’t want to be touched?

30. Have you ever thought of or had sex with someone of the same gender?

31. How long did you date until sleeping together?

32. If he were to eat food off your naked body, what would it be?

33. What is the one thing that can instantly kill the mood for him?

34. Who made the first move?

35. Which part of his body should you kiss to turn him on in an instant?

36. How can you tell if he is in the perfect mood for some lovemaking?

37. When in the bedroom, which type of kiss does he prefer the most?

38. What is your partner’s favorite place to have sex?

39. What day of the week was your second date on?

40. Which celebrity he would like you to dress up as in bed?

41. What is the most deviant thing you’ve done?

42. Who likes being on top?

43. Is he a member of the mile-high club?

44. Have you ever used lubricant?

45. What is his secret sex fantasy?

46. Is it okay for him for this bachelorette party to have a stripper?

47. Does your spouse know about your darkest fantasy?

48. Who is his secret crush that is related to you?

49. Which one of you is the dominant one in the bedroom?

50. When was the silliest dirty talk session you’ve had with your spouse and what did you say?

51. Who keeps asking first?

52. If you had a day alone in which you could do whatever you wanted in your wildest dreams, what would you do?

53. What is the most disgusting thing your female/male body produces?

54. What is the one thing you want to do in bed that he won’t do?

55. What is the weirdest place in which you did the deed?

56. What does he consider as the best position when making love?

57. Have you or your partner faked an orgasm?

58. What is the first thing you noticed about each other?

59. Which one of you has a higher sex drive?

60. What haven’t you tried with your spouse but want to?

Racy Newlywed Game Questions

You may recall your new husband chowing down on Lady and the Tramp-style spaghetti during your first date, but these racy newlywed game questions will put the record straight.

1. Does your lover prefer juice, coffee, soda or something else with their breakfast?

2. When it comes to replacing the toilet paper roll, should the paper go over or under?

3. What are your partner’s favorite TV shows to stream?

4. If your partner were to describe you as a superhero, who would it be?

5. Who’s more likely to pay $50+ for an ugly sweater?

6. Would your spouse rather go gift shopping with you or clean the toilet?

7. Would your partner say that you’re the type of person who likes to try new things or stick to their guns?

8. Which one of you usually picks the restaurant?

9. Who will your spouse say is the more romantic one in your relationship?

10. When going to a restaurant, does your lover prefer a sit-down or a buffet?

11. Would your spouse say you are a morning person or a night person?

12. What is the name of your partner’s favorite store?

13. Who is going to be the first one out of bed on Christmas morning?

14. Does your spouse prefer pizza, wings, steak, or one of each, please?

15. What are the two most important things your spouse will say that you must have on your sandwich?

16. What are you lovebirds saving up for?

17. Who’s more likely to be waiting under the mistletoe?

18. When it comes to food, does your lover prefer Mexican, Italian, Chinese or American?

19. When you plan to go out for dinner, what two restaurants would not be on the list of choices?

20. Who needs to call in the professionals to wrap gifts?

21. Which lovable Christmas character is your spouse: Frosty, Santa, Buddy the Elf or the Grinch?

22. Who is more likely to re-gift?

23. Who’s the most likely to be thrilled to get socks as a gift?

24. Does your partner prefer long hair, short hair, or it doesn’t matter at all?

25. Has your lover ever cried during a movie?

26. Who is the last-minute shopper?

27. Which one of you is elected to turn off the lights at night?

28. Who is more likely to say/do something embarrassing at the office holiday party?

29. Would you say your spouse does most of their shopping online or do they go out to the store?

30. Who’s more likely to pass out 5 minutes after Christmas dinner?

31. Which one of you is the first to fall asleep at night?

32. There’s one piece of Thanksgiving pie left, who gets it?

33. When it comes to the music genre, which one would your spouse say is your favorite?

34. Who shops online, and who shops in-store?

35. Who’s more likely to sing Christmas carols in the shower?

36. What are two things you have in your house that your partner could never live without?

37. If the two of you were on a date, which one of you would be the most likely to look at your phone during the main event of the date?

38. Who has a gift list and who just wings it?

39. If the two of you went to visit a pet shelter together, would your partner head to the dogs or the cats first?

40. When describing you as a Christmas food, your spouse is most likely to call you a___:  a turkey, eggnog, candy cane or fruitcake?

41. If you had to leave your house in an emergency what are the two things your lover would say you would grab on your way out the door?

42. Which family member is your spouse most excited to see over the holidays?

43. When the two of you are in the car together, who controls the radio?

44. What is your spouse’s favorite Christmas movie?

45. When your spouse plans a picnic, what are two things they are sure to have in their cooler?

46. If you could travel anywhere in the world for the holidays, would your spouse choose a warm spot or someplace snowy?

47. If you two were expecting a baby, who would your lover want to tell first?

48. Who spends more on gifts?

49. If you were to plant a vegetable garden, what are the two must-haves your spouse would insist on planting?

50. How many sets of dishes do you currently own?

Newlywed Game Questions for Friends

Friends love to add to your special day and if they have some spicy questions at hand, it really adds the much-needed flavor to it all. So, here are some newlywed game questions for friends you may like.

1. How often does your spouse share their thoughts with you?

2. What is your choice: dessert or jungles?

3. Who cooks the best birthday dinners?

4. What is your partner’s pant size?

5. What is the most different about you and your spouse?

6. What international countries has your partner been to?

7. Who is your partner’s best friend?

8. Who can hide the truth better?

9. Do you ever make any sacrifices for your bond?

10. Who is always the excited one?

11. How do you feel about your future together?

12. Who is the risk-taker?

13. Who finds it difficult to say ‘no’?

14. Who is the caring one?

15. Does your spouse still make you feel giddy?

16. Who is the one to win at bowling?

17. Who is better at poker?

18. What is your choice: animals or birds?

19. What is your choice: cats or dogs?

20. What is your partner’s shoe size?

21. Who would be the first one to retire?

22. Do you worry when someone else finds your partner attractive?

23. Who snoozes the alarm the most?

24. Which possession do you both treasure the most?

25. What is your choice: city or country?

26. Who has a better investment plan?

27. Who gets sick easily?

28. Have you both ever fought over finances?

29. Who loves pets more?

30. Who always overshops during grocery shopping?

31. Who is the better organizer?

32. Who always enjoys long drives?

33. Who is the concerned one?

34. Your partner’s favorite pizza topping?

35. Who can never stay angry for very long?

36. Do you both ever want to act in a play?

37. What is your partner’s silliest quirk?

38. Who saves more?

39. What can make your partner angry quickly?

40. Who has a better eye for design?

41. Who gets control of the tv remote?

42. What is your partner’s native name?

43. Who owns the greatest number of cards?

44. Who makes better financial decisions?

45. Is your partner not happy with their job?

46. What is your partner’s favorite clothing brand?

47. Who is the better planner?

48. When did your partner have their first kiss?

49. Who enjoys swimming more?

Newlywed Game Questions for Families

Let us take a look at some newlywed game questions for families. We hope you will be able to copy/paste these lists into your game night or, at the absolute least, use them as inspiration to create your own Newlywed Game event.

1. What was your partner’s high school mascot?

2. Has your partner ever stuck to a monthly budget?

3. Who is a bathroom singer?

4. If you and your spouse could be in a fiction movie as the main leads, which one would you choose?

5. Who keeps a track of finance news?

6. Who is the entertainer?

7. What is your partner’s favorite scent?

8. Who is responsible for tracking household expenses?

9. What is your choice: sports or dance?

10. Who has a better social quotient?

11. Does your partner enjoy stand-up comedy?

12. Who has been a rebellious teenager?

13. Who is a better stock trader?

14. Who had a better GPA in school?

15. Who is scared of hospitals?

16. Who never goes shopping on sale?

17. What frightens your spouse in marriage/relationships?

18. Who is street smart?

19. Who can handle responsibilities better?

20. Who is the stubborn one?

21. What is your choice: long baths or quick showers?

22. Who is a candy lover?

23. What is your choice: gym or parkour?

24. Your partner’s most cringe moment?

25. Who is likely to call 911 by mistake?

26. Who has the better in-laws?

27. Who owned a car first?

28. Has your partner ever bargained?

29. Your favorite outfit for your partner?

30. What is your partner’s comfort food of choice?

31. Who enjoys driving the most?

32. Will your partner choose to wake up early for a move?

33. Who plans the best for Valentine’s?

34. Who is the better storyteller?

35. Who misses the work train more often?

36. Was your partner ever a nerd?

37. Your partner’s go-to skincare product?

38. How many pairs of shoes does your partner have?

39. What would your spouse choose as their last meal?

40. Who was your partner’s favorite teacher?

41. What is your choice: home or car?

42. Who can never sleep on a flight?

43. Who was your partner’s mentor in life?

44. What stresses out your partner the most?

45. Who is most likely to decorate during Christmas?

46. Your spouse’s favorite tv shows which they force you to watch?

47. Who is better with kids?

48. Which cartoon character would your spouse be?

49. How would your partner choose to become famous?

50. Who would your partner love to trade places with for a day?

51. Who wears the same pair of jeans for a month?

52. What is your choice: beach or mountains?

53. How many languages can your partner write in?

54. Who is always aware of discounts?

Newlywed Game Questions for Couples

Here are some newlywed game questions for couples. This game is appropriate for both married and dating couples. It’s been named one of the finest wedding shower games, but it’s also a fun game to play at any dinner party. They’re excellent icebreakers that will help you learn more about the person you’re dating.

1. Which one of you cries the most?

2. What was the first movie you watched together?

3. Who apologizes first?

4. What’s your idea of celebrating anniversaries?

5. What does your partner have your name saved as in their phone?

6. Which of you is more probable to invent something really cool?

7. Who is more generous?

8. Who told their parents about the other first?

9. How long did you wait to say “I love you”?

10. How did your partner propose?

11. What pet names do you have for each other?

12. What did your better half want to be as a kid?

13. What is your spouse’s zodiac sign?

14. Which of you is the party animal?

15. Which of you takes forever in the shower?

16. Who is more fun on a night out?

17. Which of you loves adventure?

18. Who is the chatterbox?

19. Who decided to live together first?

20. What is the best date you’ve been on?

21. Which of you is very creative?

22. Which partner tends to kiss more?

23. Where was your first photo together taken?

24. What is one thing you can never agree on?

25. Whose friends like your partner more?

26. What was the biggest fight you had?

27. Who talked about kids first?

28. Who is the most outgoing?

29. Who got who a gift first?

30. Who is more adventurous in bed?

31. Who brought up marriage first?

32. What was your first fight about?

33. What was your first impression of each other?

34. Who is the bookworm?

35. Who is more romantic?

36. At the beginning of your relationship, who liked who more?

37. What was your parents’ first impression of your spouse?

38. Where would you like to live with your spouse after you retire?

39. Who is the big spoon?

40. What is your better half’s hidden talent?

41. Where did you go on your first couple’s vacation/road trip?

42. Where did you first meet?

43. What is your spouse’s nickname?

Newlywed Game Questions for Coworkers

The question game is a certain way to raise the roof at the celebration, especially with the newlywed pair eager to take on the task. If you’re arranging a night of raucous fun for a coworker who recently married, these newlywed game questions for coworkers will make the entire occasion memorable for everyone in attendance.

1. Who has a higher pain tolerance?

2. Has your partner ever cheated for money?

3. Does your partner crib about having less money?

4. Who is a gamer?

5. What color are your partner’s eyes?

6. Who always chooses home food over junk food?

7. What does your spouse spend most on?

8. What is your choice: clothes or electronics?

9. Has your partner ever cheated on someone before dating you?

10. What is your choice: Coffee or Tea?

11. Who has the worst taste in movies?

12. What is your choice: horror or romance?

13. What is your partner’s favorite spot for a date night?

14. Who follows politics the most?

15. Who are your partner’s close friends to attend the wedding?

16. What is your partner’s go-to jam song?

17. Who is the more competitive one?

18. Who is always doubtful?

19. What is the best advice you have ever received as a couple?

20. What is your choice: cocktails or mocktails?

21. Which cousin is your partner’s favorite?

22. Who is more likely to win a horse race?

23. What is your choice: guacamole or sour cream?

24. Who’ll be the fun parent?

25. What is your wife’s bra size?

26. Does your partner snore at night?

27. What is your choice: parties or vacations?

28. What is your choice: heels or sneakers?

29. Who is more expressive?

30. What is your partner’s biggest financial influence?

31. What is your choice: rain or snow?

32. Who hates wrapping gifts?

33. Who owns the greatest number of bank accounts?

34. Does your partner have any superstitions?

35. What is your choice: White chocolate or dark chocolate?

36. Is your spouse more of a texter or a caller?

37. Do you believe in charity yourself?

38. Who has a higher emotional quotient?

39. What is your partner’s financial philosophy in life?

40. Who always keeps their phones on silent?

41. How many cousins does your partner have?

42. Who enjoys road trips more?

43. What is your choice: summer or winter?

44. Who is the more impulsive one?

45. Your spouse’s favorite ice cream?

46. Will your partner turn in any unmarked cash that they found randomly?

47. What is the secret recipe to a successful relationship in the modern world?

48. What is your choice: waffles or pancakes?

49. Who is the creative and innovative one?

50. How many people have your partner dated before you?

51. Who always makes bad decisions when it comes to binge-watching?

52. Has your partner ever donated money?

53. Have you ever kept a secret from your partner?

54. Who is a bigger fan of attending live concerts?

Newlywed Game Questions for Bridal Shower

These newlywed game questions for bridal shower are ideal for your ladies’ night out. Request that the husband write down his responses ahead of time, then question the bride to discover how much she knows about her guy without the embarrassment of him being present to see how she genuinely feels.

1. According to your spouse, what one part of your daily routine should you cut out?

2. If you asked your husband what color lingerie you should wear, what would he choose?

3. Which movie title best describes your relationship?

4. If you could change anything about them, what would it be?

5. How would your spouse spend the last day of their life?

6. Who is more likely to hog the bed covers every day?

7. What’s your dream date night setup like?

8. What was it about them that made you absolutely certain that they were the one for you?

9. What would your spouse say is the perfect number of children?

10. What did your partner think about you after your first date?

11. Who is more likely to fall asleep in a movie theatre?

12. When did you first know you were in love?

13. If your spouse were to get onto a reality show. which one would it be?

14. Who made the first move while you were dating?

15. What is the one thing your spouse will say is the thing that you can do to make them the happiest?

16. What was the nicest love demonstration they ever did for you?

17. When your spouse was 13 years old, what did they want to be when they grow up?

18. What was the first movie that you both watched together in a theater?

19. What’s your partner’s guilty pleasure?

20. Who is more likely to reveal a deep secret about their spouse for a million dollars?

21. What is your spouse’s most used swear word?

22. What is the honeymoon destination that your spouse would most likely choose for the honeymoon?

23. Who is more stubborn and set in their ways between the two of you?

24. Which appliance would your spouse most want to replace?

25. How many drinks can your spouse have before they ‘probably need a cup of coffee’?

26. What would your spouse say their greatest strength is?

27. What 3 celebrities, dead or alive, would your spouse invite to a dinner party?

28. Who will you say led a more “wild life” before you two got together?

29. Which of their physical attributes do you find the most attractive about them?

30. When he goes in for a hug, where do his hands normally go first?

31. Who would your spouse say has the higher IQ?

32. Which of these would your spouse say you have the most of a sense of humor, sense of time, sense of adventure, common sense?

33. How much would your husband say you spend on beauty products each year?

34. Would your spouse like a romantic vacation on the mountains or prefer a sunset-at-the-beach vacation?

35. Is he a rough-around -the-edges lover or more of a slow burn romantic partner?

36. When did you both dance first and to what song?

37. What are two things you made your partner get rid of before moving in together?

38. What would your spouse say is your pet name for him/her?

39. What’s your ideal romantic getaway, where would you go, and what would you do?

40. What bonding activity do they like doing with you?

41. Who is better at remembering important dates?

42. What is the most embarrassing thing your partner has said or done around you?

43. What did they wear the first time you saw each other?

43. When did you have your first fight and what was it about?

44. Aside from birthdays and your anniversary, what is the most important day of your spouse’s life?

45. Would you reveal a deep, dark secret about your spouse for a million dollars?

46. What is the name of your spouse’s first crush?

47. What do you think is/will be the hardest thing and the best thing about being married to your partner?

48. What 3 things would your spouse save if the house was on fire?

Newlywed Game Questions for Bachelorette Party

Weddings are an enormous blast, as well as the most anticipated milestone for many. Planning a bachelorette party will enhance the whole experience. So, to make your bachelorette party even more unforgettable, we’ve compiled a list of some newlywed game questions for bachelorette party.

1. Where would the bride want your ideal honeymoon to be?

2. How soon after you met did you kiss the bride?

3. What is the bride’s most irrational fear?

4. For the bride: Dog or cat?

5. What flavor of cake did the bride choose for the wedding cake?

6. Has she ever dyed her hair? What’s the most adventurous thing she’s done with her hair?

7. If you both had to agree on a third person to add in the bedroom, who would it be?

8. What are your pet names for each other’s genitals?

9. Who was the bride named after?

10. Would the bride rather be hot or cold?

11. What’s your funniest sex mishap together?

12. What does the bride find most attractive about you?

13. What was her worst subject in school?

14. What about your overall favorite position as a couple?

15. What do you find most attractive about the bride?

16. Who was her first celebrity crush?

17. For the bride: Sweet or savory?

18. Sunrise or sunset?

19. What is the strangest place you’ve had sex together?

20. Who would better handle an unexpected layover on a trip?

21. What’s one thing that the bride wants to try in bed?

22. What’s the bride’s favorite feature about herself?

23. Who was the bride’s first kiss?

24. Who’s your celebrity hall pass? Who’s theirs?

25. If you were to role-play, what would you each be?

26. For the groom: Sweet or savory?

27. What was the first thing that the bride said after you proposed? (For the bride: What was the first thing that you said after the proposal?)

28. Who’s gonna want to cuddle longer after you finish?

29. Where was her first trip abroad?

30. What TV show did the bride most recently binge?

31. What is her most embarrassing story?

32. What’s one thing in your closet that the bride would want you to get rid of?

33. What is the bride’s shoe size?

34. Who’s louder in the bedroom?

35. Who would be better in an emergency? Why?

36. Who’s more dominant in the bedroom?

37. Who is more helpful when building furniture?

38. What’s the one song that will always get you onto the dance floor?

39. When did you know that you fell in love with the bride?

40. What was the moment that you think the bride fell in love with you?

41. What is the bride’s middle name?

42. If you had to eat one favorite food for three months, what would it be?

43. Who is a better swimmer?

44. Who was more annoying as a child?

45. What is the bride’s favorite novel?

46. What is the one habit that the bride finds most annoying about you?

47. What is your most embarrassing moment?

48. If the bride could become any animal, which animal would she choose?

49. What was the first dish that the bride learned to cook? When did she learn to cook?

50. Are you more likely to use handcuffs or a vibrator in the bedroom?

51. What is the bride’s ideal pizza topping?

52. What’s your go-to position for when you have to get things done fast?

53. Who would be on the bride’s celebrity “cheat” list?

54. How many dates did you go on before you hooked up?

55. Can you name all of the members of her immediate family?

56. For the groom: Dog or cat?

57. What favorite food do you think the bride would eat for three months?

58. If the bride could live anywhere in the world for a year, where would she live?

59. What is the bride’s go-to drink order?

60. Are you more likely to have sleepy sex or hungover sex?

61. What was her best subject in school?

62. Which one of you is kinkier in the bedroom?

63. What is the bride’s go-to brunch order? How does she like her eggs?

64. When is the bride’s birthday?

Newlywed Game Questions about “Firsts”

Aside from the dancing floor and the magnificent bar and food, the question game will liven up the evening and keep everyone entertained. Here are some newlywed game questions to help you discover the couple’s initial interactions in various parts of their lives.

1. What was the first thing your spouse said after the proposal?

2. When was your first kiss?

3. Who kisses first?

4. What is your first memory of your spouse?

5. When did you actually realize it was love?

6. When was the first time you starting feeling he wants to propose?

7. On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate the very first meal your mate ever cooked for you?

8. What was your very first argument all about?

9. Who said “I love you” first?

10. Who was the first to say I love you?

11. How would you describe your spouse on your first date?

12. What was your spouse wearing the first time you met them?

13. What was the very first gift for each other?

14. What’s your official dating anniversary?

15. What was the first trip you two took together?

16. How did it go at your very first photoshoot?

17. What happened that you ended up having your very first sex?

18. Who first suggested about having a wedding?

19. Where did you go for your first vacation?

20. What did your spouse get you for your first Christmas together?

21. How did you celebrate your very first Valentine?

22. What was your first fight all about?

23. What was the first car your spouse ever owned?

24. How was your very first date like?

25. How did it feel when you first looked for an apartment together?

26. What was your first fight and what was it about?

27. When did you move in together?

28. How did you dress for your very first dinner date?

29. When was the first time when you made out?

30. How did you feel meeting each other’s family for the first time?

31. What was the first anniversary you celebrated together?

32. When was the first time someone referred them as your boyfriend or girlfriend?

33. When did you first say “I love you”?

Newlywed Game Questions about Personality and Habits

Newlywed questions game can also tell you a lot about the personality and habits of your partner. And this will all be done in a fun way and your partner will not be embarrassed to spill the beans. So, here are some newlywed game questions for that.

1. What will your partner do with a million dollars?

2. What is your spouse’s favorite vacation destination?

3. What do you think your spouse’s best and worst personality traits are?

4. Which celebrity does your partner loathe?

5. What did your partner do with their first income?

6. Who is their favorite actor?

7. What was your partner’s dream job as a child?

8. Which is the one thing your partner can’t stay without?

9. What is your partner’s first nickname?

10. What is your partner’s favorite color?

11. What is your partner’s hobby?

12. What is their coffee order?

13. Does your partner have tattoos?

14. What was their first job?

15. Who does your partner trust the most (except you)?

16. Which instrument can your partner play?

17. What makes you dislike a person?

18. Which watch brand is your partner’s favorite?

19. Which sports were your partner’s favorite in school?

20. What is your partner’s weird habit?

21. What is your partner’s zodiac sign?

22. What does your partner never tolerate?

23. Your partner’s most irritating habit?

24. Which indoor game does your partner love?

25. Do they like waking up early?

26. In what areas do you think our personalities complement each other? (i.e. One is too reckless, and the other is too cautious, and it balances out to a happy medium.)

Final Thoughts on Newlywed Game Questions

The newlywed game questions may be played at any moment during a series of wedding activities, such as the reception, a bridal shower, or a bachelorette party – whenever and wherever you choose to play your wedding games.

In any case, the time and location aren’t the decisive factors in a successful newlywed game. The newlywed game questions you ask will make this quiz unforgettable for years to come.

So, if you’re willing to put on your poker face and unmask your significant other in the most humorous way imaginable, choose the questions we shared with you above.

Just keep in mind that the newlywed questions you select should not be too serious. Know your audience and use caution when selecting questions or coming up with your own.

You don’t want to humiliate the bride or make her feel uncomfortable, especially if her mother or future mother-in-law is in attendance!

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