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323 Best Football Quiz Questions with Answers to Challenge Your Friends

The irrational, outrageous football fandom, where are you guys at? These football quiz questions are all that you need!

With the extreme popularity of the FIFA World Cup among many other final games like; the Stanley Cup, Super Bowl Cup, or Olympics, nothing compares to football and its craziness all over the world.

Our superb football quiz questions are the perfect way to test the knowledge of all the fanatics out there, who are avid watchers of this game.

Similar to this game, football trivia questions and answers have also paved the way to the hearts of people in a jiffy. Whether you are a Chelsea fan, Real Madrid lover, Barcelona follower, or any other team supporter, football quiz questions are a must for anyone to examine their level of erratic behavior for their team.

Thus, without delaying anymore, let’s get into a pool of football questions to put your mind to work.

Best Football Quiz Questions of All Time

The feeling when your body aches yet your heart is still yearning to play for a few more hours is the most confusing feeling ever! But little did you know that you can still have the pleasure of this game without moving your body through the best football quiz questions. All you need to do is sit back and have a drink because this time, it’s the brain in action for back heel and toe kicks with football trivia questions.

1. Which is the world’s largest football ground?

Answer: Rungrado 1st of May Stadium.

2. What is the full form of FIFA?

Answer: International Federation of Association Football.

3. In which year Ronaldo retired before changing his decision?

Answer: 2016.

4. What is the name of the European Championship trophy?

Answer: Henri Delaunay Trophy.

5. This player scored the maximum goals in a single World Cup Competition?

Answer: Just Fontaine.

6. He was the best football player of Europe in 1998.

Answer: Zinedine Zidane.

7. Who was the first professional quarterback to pass for 5,000 yards in a season?

Answer: Warren Moon.

8. Who refereed the 2010 World Cup final?

Answer: Howard Webb.

9. There have been two World Cup trophies. What was the name of the first?

Answer: Jules Rimet Trophy / Victory.

10. Who was the youngest player to appear in the world cup?

Answer: Norman Whiteside.

11. Which country has won the most World Cups?

Answer: Ronaldinho.

12. What is the highest number of goals that FC Barcelona has scored in a league season?

Answer: 116.

13. Where did the first Football tragedy which killed 25 spectators in the U.K take place?

Answer: Ibrox Park.

14. Three countries have won the World Cup twice. Can you name them?

Answer: Argentina, France and Uruguay.

15. In 1958, an air crash killed all players present in the plane as well as others. What was the name of the club?

Answer: Manchester United.

16. Elton John was the owner of this club.

Answer: Watford.

17. This manager gave David Beckham an armband.

Answer: Peter Taylor.

18. Which country has appeared in three World Cup finals, but never won the competition?

Answer: Netherlands.

19. This player is the top scorer of the Champions League.

Answer: Cristiano Ronaldo.

20. What was the name of the first football club founded?

Answer: Sheffield.

21. This player scored the last goal for Brazil in the final of Jules Rimet Trophy in 1970?

Answer: Carlos Alberto.

21. Where was the 2006 Champions League Final held?

Answer: Paris.

22. Who were Liverpool’s first opponents in the Football League?

Answer: Middlesbrough Ironopolis.

23. When was the first European Championship held?

Answer: 1960.

24. What was the total number of goals in 2016Copa Centenario tournament?

Answer: 91.

25. Where was the 1980 European Cup Winners’ Cup Final held?

Answer: Belgium.

26. In which year for the first time 24 teams played in the European Championship?

Answer: 2016.

27. In 2012 when Lionel Messi became top scorer in the history of Barcelona’s, he broke the record of this player.

Answer: Cesar Rodriguez.

28. Which Ballon d’Or-winning footballer had a galaxy named after them in 2015?

Answer: Cristiano Ronaldo – Galaxy Cosmos Redshift 7 (CR7).

29. What team won the first night football game ever played?

Answer: Philadelphia Athletics.

General Football Quiz Questions

Has it been long since you have been staying indoors and missing the joy of playing football? Well then be prepared to hit some instep kicks by responding to these football questions as the given questions are actually the real deal of a football quiz with answers.

1. This UK team was the first to win the European Cup.

Answer: Celtic.

2. Messi was closest to which family member before they passed away when the player was 10.

Answer: Grandmother.

3. What was the jersey color of team Manchester United before they adopted the red color?

Answer: Green and gold.

4. What is the nickname of York City F.C.?

Answer: The Minstermen.

5. In 1990, this team failed to score even one goal in the World Cup final.

Answer: Argentina.

6. In 1949, an air crash killed all players present in the plane as well as others. What was the name of the club?

Answer: Torino.

7. Goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer played for Middlesborough and Fulham, amongst others. For which country did he play international football?

Answer: Australia.

8. Which football player has played the most number of World Cup Competitions?

Answer: Antonio Carbajal.

9. What Motown singer tried out for the Detroit Lions in 1970?

Answer: Marwin Gaye.

10. In which European country did the 2006 World Cup Finals take place?

Answer: Germany.

11. Which English footballer signed for Bari from Aston Villa in July 1991?

Answer: David Platt.

12. What team won 3 Super Bowls in the 1990s?

Answer: Dallas Cowboys.

13. Who is the current longest-serving manager at a Premier League club?

Answer: Sean Dyche.

14. Who won the 1995 FA Cup Final thanks to a Paul Rideout strike?

Answer: Everton.

15. Which Colts RB twice led the league in receptions?

Answer: Lydell Mitchell.

16. What was the name of the no-huddle offense the Bills used under head coach Marv Levy?

Answer: K-Gun.

17. Who is the only Super Bowl MVP to have played on the losing team?

Answer: Chuck Howley.

18. Who is the only starting quarterback to win a Super Bowl with two different teams?

Answer: Peyton Manning.

19. Which Brazilian club did Clarence Seedorf briefly play for?

Answer: Botafogo.

20. Who holds the single-season record for touchdown receptions?

Answer: Randy Moss.

21. Which club currently has the sons of Dennis Bergkamp, Dennis Wise and Mauricio Pochettino on their books?

Answer: Watford.

21. MLS franchise where Beckham played?

Answer: Inter Miami.

22. Who is the best player in the world 2018?

Answer: Ronaldo.

23. The lowest attendance was 3,039 in 1993 when Everton played away to which club?

Answer: Wimbledon.

24. Which player, who would go on to play in England, scored the Czech Republic’s goal in the Euro 96 final against Germany?

Answer: Patrick Berger.

25. Which Bundesliga side did Tottenham sign Son Heung-min from?

Answer: Bayer Leverkusen.

26. Most consecutive goals in Premier League games?

Answer: James Vardy.

27. Which Serie A team play their home games at the Artemio Franchi Stadium?

Answer: Fiorentina.

Easy Football Quiz Questions

With so many football categories around, we have also jotted down a few easy football quiz questions and answers for you to have fun and learn a bit more about this game. Enjoy!

1. What team drafted Brett Favre?

Answer: Atlanta Falcons.

2. Who were the first Asian team to qualify for a FIFA World Cup Finals tournament?

Answer: The Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia) at the 1938 World Cup in France.

3. Which two clubs play in the M23 derby?

Answer: Brighton and Crystal Palace.

4. What player scored four goals in 12 minutes after coming on as a sub versus Nottingham Forest?

Answer: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

5. Who was the first sponsor of the Premier League?

Answer: Carling.

6. The only player to win the Champions League with three different clubs.

Answer: Clarence Seedorf.

7. How many playoff games did the Cardinals win during their 28-year stay in St. Louis?

Answer: 0.

8. The original FA. Cup was stolen in which year?

Answer: 1895.

9. Liverpool was founded in which year?

Answer: 1892.

10. Which Premier League winner’s father played rugby for Wales?

Answer: Ryan Giggs.

11. How many FIFA World Cup Finals have Australia qualified for?

Answer: 4.

12. When was the first FIFA World Cup inaugurated?

Answer: 1930.

13. Which country became the first nation to win the Football World Cup?

Answer: Uruguay.

14. Which player holds the record for the most goals in consecutive Premier League games?

Answer: Jamie Vardy.

15. How many times has the league been renamed?

Answer: 4.

16. When was first official international football match was played?

Answer: 1872.

17. Which two non-English clubs have played in the Premier League?

Answer: Swansea City and Cardiff City.

18. Where was Miami’s winning Super Bowl VIII played?

Answer: Houston, TX.

19. Which Swede had a clause in his contract banning him from traveling into space?

Answer: Stefan Schwarz.

20. Who ended the Seahawks’ 2012 season with a 30-28 playoff defeat?

Answer: Atlanta Falcons.

21. Who was the New York Giants coach in 2008?

Answer: Tom Coughlin.

21. Who was fired as head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs in December 2011?

Answer: Todd Haley.

22. How heavy is a football?

Answer: 410–460 g.

23. Who was the MVP of Super Bowl XVIII between L.A. Raiders and Washington Redskins?

Answer: Marcus Allen.

24. Who led the Cowboys with 1471 yards from scrimmage in 2013-14?

Answer: DeMarco Murray.

25. Who is the best player in the world football?

Answer: Lionel Messi.

26. Which country calls football ‘calcio’?

Answer: Italy.

27. In which year did France win the World Cup earlier?

Answer: 1998.

28. What football team does the author of the Foul Play books, Tom Palmer, support?

Answer: Leeds United.

Hard Football Quiz Questions

We all have that one pal in our group who claims to know everything about this sport. Thereby, if you are a friend of such a person then get your hands on hard football quiz questions now because these football trivia questions are meant to drive them crazy!

1. In 2018, Cédric Bakambu left Spanish side Villareal to join which club in a £65 million deal?

Answer: Beijing Guoan.

2. Watford coach Javi Gracia managed which club before arriving at Vicarage Road?

Answer: Rubin Kazan.

3. What is the nickname of West Bromwich Albion F.C.?

Answer: Baggies.

4. What was the name of the Sutton United goalkeeping coach fined for eating a pie during his side’s game with Arsenal?

Answer: Wayne Shaw.

5. Who scored over 180 Premier League goals for clubs including Fulham and Blackburn Rovers?

Answer: Andy Cole.

6. Who beat Manchester City 2-1 in June, the result that confirmed Liverpool as Premier League champions last season?

Answer: Chelsea.

7. Which player broke QB Bob Griese’s leg during the Dolphins’ perfect 1972 season?

Answer: Deacon Jones.

8. Which Scottish manager was in charge of Arsenal prior to the appointment of Arsene Wenger in 1997?

Answer: Bruce Rioch.

9. After how many games did Cristiano Ronaldo score his first Champions League goal?

Answer: 27.

10. Goalkeeper David Seaman joined this team after leaving Arsenal.

Answer: Manchester City.

11. At which club did Ashley Cole have a brief loan spell early in his career?

Answer: Crystal Palace.

12. Which club won the 2017 UEFA Super Cup?

Answer: Real Madrid.

13. Who scored Brazil’s goal in the 7-1 defeat to Germany at the 2014 World Cup?

Answer: Oscar.

14. Stan Ternent signed both Ian Wright and Paul Gascoigne for which northern England football club?

Answer: Burnley.

15. Roy Chipolina has captained which international football team?

Answer: Gibraltar.

16. Who was the first player to rush for 1000 yards in a season?

Answer: Beattie Feathers.

17. What wide receiver caused a sensation his rookie season with a one-handed catch?

Answer: Odell Beckham.

18. Which Argentinian club play their home games at La Bombonera?

Answer: Boca Juniors.

19. Who was the first African American head coach to win a Super Bowl?

Answer: Tony Dung.

20. Which club won the Croatian First League for the first time in 2016-17?

Answer: HNK Rijeka.

21. Which player supposedly put a fifty year curse on the Detroit Lions?

Answer: Bobby Layne.

21. Nicky Byrne played for which club before finding his calling in music?

Answer: Leeds United.

22. How many times has Drew Brees passed for over 5,000 yards in a season?

Answer: 5 Times.

23. Which Spanish club’s nickname is Los Colchoneros, which translates to English as ‘The Mattress Makers’?

Answer: Atletico Madrid.

24. Which Titans WR was tackled one yard short of a potential game-tying TD in Super Bowl XXXIV?

Answer: Kevin Dyson.

25. How many passes did Brett Favre attempt for the Atlanta Falcons?

Answer: 4.

26. What was the name of the hotel Jose Mourinho lived in when he managed Manchester United?

Answer: The Lowry Hotel.

27. What was the only team that beat the Jaguars in 1999?

Answer: Tennessee Titans.

Good Football Quiz Questions

Are you ready to direct your mind’s attention to good football quiz questions? Because these good football quiz questions will surely cause an increased adrenaline rush, you better build up high stamina, strength, and speed!

1. What team was originally named the New York Titans?

Answer: New York Jets.

2. Messi famously retired from international duty in which year before reversing his decision?

Answer: 2016.

3. FC Cologne have which animal on their club crest?

Answer: A goat.

4. Which player made the sole goal in the Final of European Cup 1978 for Liverpool?

Answer: Kenny Dalglish.

5. Ronaldo exclaims which word when celebrating a goal?

Answer: Si!

6. “A goal in the sky” is the autobiography of which football player?

Answer: Roberto Baggio.

7. Everton signed Lucas Digne from Barcelona in the summer of 2018 – but how much did the Blues have to pay initially?

Answer: £18m.

8. Which running back did the Raiders lose to the Chicago Bears before the 2012 season?

Answer: Michael Bush.

9. Who were runners-up in Football Euro Cup 2020?

Answer: England.

10. Jurgen Klopp has managed two clubs in Germany, Borussia Dortmund and – can you name the other?

Answer: Mainz.

11. Messi wore the No.30 at the start of his Barca career and is now No.10. What other number has he worn for the club?

Answer: 19.

12. The record age for youngest head coach in the Bundesliga is 28 years and 205 days. Who was it?

Answer: Julian Nagelsmann.

13. According to official Premier League stats, how many crosses has Lucas Digne made since joining the Blues?

Answer: 498.

14. Which Portuguese island off the coast of Africa, which also shares its name with a cake, is Ronaldo from?

Answer: Madeira.

15. Can you name the most capped Germany international of all time?

Answer: Lothar Matthaus (150 caps).

16. Who won Young Player of the Tournament in Football Euro Cup 2020?

Answer: Pedro Gonzalez Lopez.

17. Where was Alex Iwobi on deadline day when he was told Everton had agreed a deal with Arsenal for his transfer?

Answer: A yacht.

18. Messi has won a record number of Ballon d’Or awards – how many?

Answer: Six Ballon d’Or awards.

19. With 365 goals, who holds the record for top Bundesliga goalscorer of all time?

Answer: Gerd Muller.

20. Who won Player of the Tournament in Football Euro Cup 2020?

Answer: Gianluigi Donnarumma.

21. Against which two clubs have Iwobi’s two goals for Everton, come against?

Answer: Lincoln and Wolves.

21. Jonas Lossl joined which club on loan in January?

Answer: Huddersfield.

22. Ronaldo helped Portugal win the European Championship in which year?

Answer: 2016.

23. Where was Football World Cup 1938 held?

Answer: France.

24. Stekelenburg saved two penalties against Man City in October 2017 – but who did he deny?

Answer: De Bruyne and Aguero.

25. Which German multinational sportswear company is Messi an ambassador for?

Answer: Adidas.

26. Bayern Munich have won the record number of Bundesliga titles, but which two clubs follow with five titles each?

Answer: Borussia Monchengladbach and Borussia Dortmund.

27. From which club did Everton sign Maarten Stekelenburg?

Answer: Fulham.

28. RB Leipzig are otherwise known as?

Answer: The Red Bulls.

Funny Football Quiz Questions

Since you are already putting too much pressure on answering the above soccer trivia questions, we’ve decided to pause and give you a short break with our funny football quiz. Check out the given questions and have good laugh with your buddies!

1. Who was known as ‘Mad Dog’ in Football?

Answer: Martin Allen.

2. Jean-Philippe Gbmain was signed by Everton from which German club?

Answer: Mainz.

3. Which club did the Brazilian player Baretto play for in 2002?

Answer: Milan Bithee.

4. Anthony Gordon made his Everton first-team debut against which club?

Answer: Apollon Limassol.

5. With 22 goals, who leads the scoring charts among Indians in the ISL?

Answer: Jeje Lalpekhlua.

6. Dominic Calvert-Lewin’s first goal for Everton came against which club?

Answer: Hull City.

7. How old was Davies when he made his Everton debut against Southampton?

Answer: 17.

8. Which Indian club did Baichang Bhutia play for in 2002?

Answer: Mohun Bagan.

9. Fabian Delph joined Everton for how much money last summer?

Answer: £8.5m.

10. Which Brazilian footballer played in the Indian Football League in 2002?

Answer: Jose Ramirez Baretto.

11. Who won the Kolkata League in 2001-2002?

Answer: Mohun Bagan.

12. Everton signed Andre Gomes in a permanent deal last summer – but how much was it worth?

Answer: £22m.

13. With 58 appearances, who holds the Indian record for most ISL matches played?

Answer: Sandesh Jhingpan.

14. Which of these names has played in the ISL but never won the World Cup?

Answer: Nicolas Anelka.

15. Which of these players has not appeared in two final matches of the ISL?

Answer: Lalrindika Ralte.

16. Which is the oldest football competition in India?

Answer: Durand Cup.

Random Football Quiz Questions

Planning to re-watch your favorite football match because the league has ended and you’re actually missing it and getting bored? If this is so, then the football quiz and answers are all for you. Take a gaze and solve this random football trivia to fritter away time.

1. What quarterback did Tampa Bay trade away for second and fourth round draft picks in 1987?

Answer: Steve Young.

2. Balotelli’s only significant assist for Manchester City?

Answer: Sergio Aguero’s title-winning goal.

3. Who scored England’s goal against Ireland in the 1990 World Cup Finals in Italy?

Answer: Gary Lineker.

4. Which team did the Vikings play in London during the 2013 season?

Answer: Pittsburgh Steelers.

5. Who scored the first ‘perfect hat-trick’ (left foot, right foot, and header) in the Premier League?

Answer: Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink.

6. Which former Tottenham manager has competed in the Dakar Rally?

Answer: Andre Villas-Boas.

7. Which player has consecutively appeared 310 times in Premier League?

Answer: Brad Friedel.

8. Which goalkeeper has the record of 138 clean sheets for the same Premier League team?

Answer: Petr Cech.

9. Which former England internationals reached number 12 in the UK Singles Chart with the 1987 song ‘Diamond Lights’?

Answer: Chris Waddle and Glenn Hoddle (as ‘Glenn and Chris’).

10. What was significant about Mario Balotelli’s only assist in the Premier League for Manchester City?

Answer: It was for Sergio Aguero’s title-winning goal vs QPR.

11. Which club is referred to as FC Hollywood?

Answer: FC Bayern.

12. Can you name the former Germany international who went on to become a professional wrestler in the WWE?

Answer: Tim Wiese.

13. Messi has spent his entire professional career at Barcelona, but what was his schoolboy team?

Answer: Newell’s Old Boys.

14. Which was the first FIFA World Cup Finals tournament to feature substitutes?

Answer: Mexico.

15. English rock star Elton John was twice the owner of which football club?

Answer: Watford.

16. Who won the AP Offensive Player of the Year award for the 2011 NFL season?

Answer: Drew Brees.

17. Who was the MVP of Super Bowl XXIX between San Francisco 49ers and San Diego Chargers?

Answer: Steve Young.

18. Kevin Phillips won the Golden Boot in 1999/2000, who was the next English player to do so?

Answer: Harry Kane.

19. Which backup quarterback did the Giants re-sign for 2014?

Answer: Curtis Painter.

20. The Carolina Panthers set a NFL season record for what in 2001?

Answer: Most Consecutive Losses.

21. In what season did Roman Abramovich take over Chelsea?

Answer: 2003/04.

21. Which country will organize World Cup 2022?

Answer: Qatar.

22. What Minnesota Vikings player was the 2007 AP Offensive Rookie of the Year?

Answer: Adrian L. Peterson.

23. What team does Prince William support?

Answer: Aston Villa.

24. Peyton Manning missed the 2011 season with an injury to what body part?

Answer: Neck.

25. In 2005, Newcastle’s Lee Bowyer had an on-pitch scrap with which team-mate?

Answer: Kieron Dyer.

26. From which club did Everton sign young goalkeeper Joao Virginia?

Answer: Arsenal.

Basic Football Quiz Questions

This sport may sound simple to a lot of people but only a few know that some of its rules are very tricky. So whether you are a novice or real pro, basic football questions and answers are for every football maniac.

1. For what club did Paulo Di Canio play when he pushed referee Paul Alcock?

Answer: Sheffield Wednesday.

2. Which four USA players scored at the 2014 FIFA World Cup Finals?

Answer: Clint Dempsey (2 goals), Julian Green, John Brooks and Jermaine Jones.

3. In which year did Arsene Wenger join Arsenal as manager?

Answer: 1996.

4. How many appearances, in all competitions, has Seamus Coleman made for Everton?

Answer: 310.

5. Why are footballs called pigskin?

Answer: Footballs used to be made of pigskin.

6. Adrian Peterson was drafted in the 1st round by what team?

Answer: Minnesota.

7. Which was the first English club to install an artificial pitch?

Answer: QPR.

8. Which Raiders head coach was replaced before the 2012 season?

Answer: Hue Jackson.

9. Who did Michael Keane score his first goal for Everton against?

Answer: Hajduk Split.

10. Which footballer had a galaxy named after them?

Answer: Cristiano Ronaldo.

11. How many times has Schneiderlin been sent off in his Everton career?

Answer: 3.

12. Who has scored the most number of goals (16) in World Cup history’?

Answer: Miroslav Klose.

13. Germany have won the World Cup four times, but how many times have they done so as a unified country?

Answer: Once (2014 – won in 1954, 1974 and 1990 as West Germany).

14. How many appearances has Tom Davies made for Everton in all competitions?

Answer: 112.

15. Which manager famously gave his players ‘the Hairdryer Treatment”

Answer: Sir Alex Ferguson.

16. Against which club did Yerry Mina make his Everton debut?

Answer: Brighton.

17. Which Portuguese team did Ronaldo play for before signing for Manchester United?

Answer: Sporting.

18. Only three German clubs have won the European Cup/Champions League. Can you name them?

Answer: Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund and Hamburg

19. Ronaldo is synonymous with the No.7, but what other number did he wear at Real Madrid?

Answer: 9.

20. Holgate has started how many of the 11 Premier League games Carlo Ancelotti has taken charge of?

Answer: 10.

20. How many times has Baines been sent off in Premier League games for Everton?

Answer: 0.

Football Quiz Questions about NFL

NFL lovers are always on the edge of their seats with their eyes glued on TV when watching any of its matches. Thus, if you too are an ardent follower of the NFL and witness every game then go ahead and attempt these tough NFL trivia questions. Even the hard-core fans find this NFL football trivia a bit challenging. Good Luck!

1. Who was the first player drafted in the first NFL draft in 1936?

Answer: Jay Berwanger.

2. Which NFL team features a helmet logo on only one side of their helmet?

Answer: Pittsburgh Steelers.

3. Which NFL team has played in both the AFC and NFC Championship Games?

Answer: Seattle Seahawks.

4. In 1993, what NFL team made off-season trades for Joe Montana and Marcus Allen?

Answer: Kansas City Chiefs.

5. Which running back set an NFL record with 40 points in a single game?

Answer: Ernie Nevers.

6. Who was the first player in NFL history to pass for 400 yards, throw 4 TD passes, and rush for 50 yards in a single game?

Answer: Deshaun Watson.

7. Which player holds the NFL record for longest interception return?

Answer: Ed Reed.

8. Who holds the best rookie passer rating in NFL history?

Answer: Dak Prescott.

9. What NFL team scored the most points in a single Super Bowl?

Answer: 49ers.

10. What is the oldest NFL franchise in continuous operation with the same name in the same location?

Answer: Green Bay Packers.

11. The Baltimore Ravens are one of only two NFL teams that have.

Answer: A Marching Band.

12. What year was the sudden-death overtime period adopted by the NFL?

Answer: 1974.

13. Which NFL player legally changed his name to match his jersey number?

Answer: Chad Johnson.

14. What uniform number did Denver retire for NFL great John Elway?

Answer: 7.

15. What are the only two teams from the NFL’s founding franchises that remain active?

Answer: Chicago & Cardinals.

16. How many games made up the NFL regular season schedule in 1982?

Answer: 9 games.

17. How many weeks did the regular NFL season last in 1992?

Answer: 18 weeks.

18. Who did the Chargers pick in the second round of the 2015 NFL draft?

Answer: Denzel Perryman.

19. 4 of the first 5 picks in the 1989 NFL draft–Troy Aikman, Barry Sanders, Derrick Thomas and Deion Sanders–are in the Hall of Fame. Who was the bust?

Answer: Tony Mandarich.

20. What player led the NFL with 27 rushing touchdowns in 2003?

Answer: Priest Holmes.

21. What former Dallas Cowboy replaced Phil Simms as color analyst for NFL telecasts on CBS?

Answer: Tony Romo.

21. Under head coach Don Coryell, how many consecutive years did the Chargers lead the NFL in passing yards?

Answer: 6 years.

22. What pick was Robert Griffin III in the 2012 NFL Draft?

Answer: 2nd.

23. Who was the first openly gay player drafted by an NFL team?

Answer: Michael Sam.

24. Which NFL owner gave Vladimir Putin a Super Bowl championship ring?

Answer: Robert Kraft.

25. What school did NFL QB Michael Vick attend?

Answer: Virginia Tech.

26. Case Keenum is the quarterback for what 2018 NFL team?

Answer: Denver Broncos.

27. What school did Saquon Barkley play for prior to be drafted in the NFL?

Answer: Penn State.

Football Quiz Questions about Premier League

It’s been ages, but the Premier League season is still running for a while now! Therefore, if you have been following this league for a long time, take on our bumper Premier League quiz questions because we have covered questions till its latest competition.

1. When was the first Premier League played?

Answer: 1992/93.

2. This team won the first Premier League.

Answer: Manchester United.

3. This player scored the fastest hat-trick in the Premier League.

Answer: Sadio Mane.

4. This was the first football player to be knighted.

Answer: Sir Stanley Matthews.

5. Steve Bloomer notched 292 League goals for which club?

Answer: Derby County

6. Which player, with 653 games, has made the most Premier League appearances?

Answer: Gareth Barry.

7. With 260 goals, who is the Premier League’s all-time top scorer?

Answer: Alan Shearer.

8. Three players share the record for most Premier League red cards (8). Who are they?

Answer: Patrick Vieira, Richard Dunne and Duncan Ferguson.

9. Which three players shared the Premier League Golden Boot in 2018-19?

Answer: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane.

10. With 202 clean sheets, which goalkeeper has the best record in the Premier League?

Answer: Petr Cech.

11. Who scored the first ever Premier League goal?

Answer: Brian Deane.

12. How many clubs competed in the inaugural Premier League season?

Answer: 22.

13. Wayne Rooney scored his first Premier League goal against this team.

Answer: Arsenal.

14. Can you name the club where David Ginola played his first game in the Premier League?

Answer: Newcastle United.

15. The fastest goal scored in Premier League history came in 7.69 seconds. Who scored it?

Answer: Shane Long.

17. How many clubs have never been relegated from the Premier League?

Answer: 6.

18. As of December 2018, name the four football managers to manage in the Premier League at the age of over 70?

Answer: Sir Alex Ferguson, Sir Bobby Robson, Roy Hodgson and Neil Warnock.

19. Who was the first Premier League manager who was fired?

Answer: Ian Porterfield.

20. Who was the first English manager to win the Premier League Manager of the Year award?

Answer: Harry Redknapp.

21. Who was the first Italian manager to win the Premier League?

Answer: Ancelotti.

22. How many times did Sir Alex Ferguson win the Premier League Manager of the Month award?

Answer: 27.

23. Which manager was in charge at Manchester City when they won their first Premier League title?

Answer: Roberto Mancini.

Football Quiz Questions for Beginners

If you are a beginner scrolling down through this page then don’t get disappointed at all because we have this amazing football quiz for beginners too. Try out the provided football knowledge quiz and comment below what’s the one thing that you learnt today!

1. Ronaldo is the owner of this club.

Answer: Real Valladolid.

2. What is the league below the Premier League called?

Answer: Championship.

3. In video game FIFA 20, team Piemonte Calcio represents which real-life club?

Answer: Juventus.

4. To 20 each way, what was Dixie Dean’s Everton League goals total?

Answer: 349.

5. Which team scored 16 goals in a row that were all finished by English players?

Answer: Southampton.

6. What does VAR stand for?

Answer: Video Assistant Referee.

7. What is the nickname of Borussia Monchengladbach?

Answer: Die Fohlen.

8. Which two players scored hat-tricks in the same game?

Answer: Ayoze Pérez and Jamie Vardy.

9. This club has won the most Champions League titles?

Answer: Real Madrid.

10. In what league is the concept of a ‘Designated Player’ a feature?

Answer: Major League Soccer (MLS).

11. Who is the only player to have scored a goal and been sent off in the same game?

Answer: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

12. Which club has not lost a game in 2020?

Answer: Arsenal.

13. Which goalkeeper has kept the most clean sheets (11) so far this season?

Answer: Nick Pope.

14. Which club is associated with ‘Galacticos’?

Answer: Real Madrid

15. Which team has not won a game in 2020?

Answer: Brighton.

16. Leicester City played Aston Villa in the last game before the league was suspended. What was the score in that match?

Answer: Leicester City 4-0 Aston Villa.

17. Onel Hernández scored for Norwich against Manchester United in October, making him the first player from which country to score a goal in the Premier League?

Answer: Cuba.

18. What new ground did Crystal Palace break in the league this season?

Answer: They became the first team to win a Premier League game on 29 February.

19. Jürgen Klopp has won five of the seven Premier League manager of the month awards available. Who won the other two?

Answer: Frank Lampard and Sean Dyche.

20. Who is the most fouled player in the league this season?

Answer: Jack Grealish.

21. This is Frank Lampard’s first season as Chelsea manager. What happened in his first game in charge?

Answer: Chelsea lost 4-0.

22. After how many minutes were Manchester City 5-0 up against Watford when the teams met in September?

Answer: 18.

Football Quiz Questions for Kids

No one is more than ready to be outside and play football than kids at home. Thus, if you are a mom searching for a suitable replacement for this activity, as they can’t be out all day, football trivia for kids can be a great help to you. Ask your child to attempt the given football questions.

1. Which country beginning with A is Lionel Messi from?

Answer: Argentina.

2. What colour is the home kit of both Manchester United and Liverpool?

Answer: Red.

3. How long is one half of a football game?

Answer: 45 minutes.

4. What is the top English league called?

Answer: Premier League.

5. Who is the son of Peter Schmeichel?

Answer: Kasper Schmeichel.

6. Which city do Aston Villa play in – Manchester or Birmingham?

Answer: Birmingham.

7. Which team did Lionel Messi debut for?

Answer: Barcelona.

8. What is the top Spanish league called?

Answer: La Liga.

9. Arsenal, Chelsea, and Tottenham are all based in which city?

Answer: London.

10. How many players are allowed on the pitch for each team at once – 8, 9 or 11?

Answer: 11.

11. Which country beginning with P is Cristiano Ronaldo from?

Answer: Portugal.

12. Who managed Liverpool when they won the Premier League for the first time?

Answer: Jurgen Klopp.

13. Harry Kane hasn’t scored over 100 Premier League goals – True or False?

Answer: False.

14. What shirt number did Cristiano Ronaldo have when he first arrived at Real Madrid?

Answer: 9.

15. What country is Luis Suarez from?

Answer: Uruguay.

16. How many lions are on the England badge?

Answer: 3.

17. Which country is Pele from – Brazil or Portugal?

Answer: Brazil.

18. Which Country won the 2018 World Cup – France, Germany or Brazil?

Answer: France.

19. What is the name of England’s home stadium?

Answer: Wembley.

20. What is the biggest FIFA international competition called?

Answer: World Cup.

21. Who was Arsenal’s manager during their invincible Premier League season?

Answer: Arsene Wenger.

21. What country won Euro 2020 – France, Italy or Germany?

Answer: Italy.

22. What is an overhead kick also known as?

Answer: Bicycle Kick.

23. Leicester has won the Premier League – True or False?

Answer: True.

24. Which team plays at Vicarage Road – Fulham or Watford?

Answer: Watford.

25. What position does David De Gea play?

Answer: Goalkeeper.

26. Who was Manchester City’s manager when they became the first team to reach 100 points?

Answer: Pep Guardiola.

27. What colour is the Tottenham home kit?

Answer: White.

28. Who was the England manager at Euro 2020?

Answer: Gareth Southgate.

Football Quiz Questions for Teens

Undoubtedly, it’s the teenagers mostly who have created a whole fandom of different football teams on various social media apps. So, if you’re also one of them or a follower of such fan pages, answer the given football trivia for teens to see on what scale you lie as a fan. Moreover, do forward these soccer quiz questions to your family and friend’s group too!

1. Which team did Ryan Giggs spend his entire career with?

Answer: Manchester United.

2. Which country does N’golo Kante play for – France, England, or Brazil?

Answer: France.

3. In which year did England first win the World Cup – 1966, 1967 or 1971?

Answer: 1966.

4. Which ‘TT’ was Chelsea’s manager when they won the 2020 Champions League?

Answer: Thomas Tuchel.

5. What colour is Chelsea’s home shirt?

Answer: Blue.

6. What is Manchester United’s stadium called?

Answer: Old Trafford.

7. Which Liverpool player is known as ‘The Egyptian King’?

Answer: Mohamed Salah.

8. What is Newcastle’s stadium called?

Answer: St James’ Park.

9. What position does Harry Maguire play?

Answer: Center back.

10. What country is Heung Min Son from?

Answer: South Korea.

11. Which Barcelona player was jailed after it was found that his passport was fake?

Answer: Ronaldinho.

12. What country is Gareth Bale from – England, Ireland or Wales?

Answer: Wales.

13. Which country is David Beckham from?

Answer: England.

14. Who was Jose Mourinho’s first signing at Chelsea?

Answer: Paulo Ferreira.

15. Who was the first football player to complete playing hundreds of International matches?

Answer: Billy Wright.

16. Which club did Steven Gerrard play the most games for – Liverpool or Manchester City?

Answer: Liverpool.

17. How many times had David Moyes won the prestigious LMA Manager of the year award?

Answer: 3.

18. What country is Zlatan Ibrahimović from – England, Sweden or France?

Answer: Sweden.

19. Whose amazing Euro 96 lob knocked out Portugal?

Answer: Karel Poborsky.

20. You get a red card if you get two yellow cards in the same game – True or False?

Answer: True.

21. Liverpool went unbeaten for their first 27 matches of the season. What happened in the 28th game?

Answer: They lost 3-0.

21. Frank Lampard played for Manchester City – True or False?

Answer: True.

22. Which German striker was known as “Der Bomber”?

Answer: Gerd Muller.

Final Thoughts on Football Quiz Questions

There is absolutely no debate that football is the most loved sport across the globe! Who would even deny it after watching people crying over the defeat of their teams or maybe sobbing tears of happiness following the victory of their team?

This is why, this whole blog was based on football quiz questions, not to assess and judge you but to enhance your general football knowledge.

For people football is not just any other game, instead, it is a religion to them. They don’t just like it because it’s interesting to watch but there are millions of hearts and emotions attached to it.

Therefore, if you belong to this huge football addict community, football trivia questions and answers will give you a deeper insight into this game.

So, now that you have gone through a bunch of football questions and might have answered most of them, comment on your score below, and don’t forget to share these football quiz questions with other maniacs far-out.

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