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522 Fun Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend to Foster Intimacy

Looking for fun questions to ask your boyfriend that will make a good conversation? When it comes to getting to know someone, especially a new boyfriend, asking questions is by far the best way! 

To make this long “getting to know you” process more fun, you can tie a bit of humor into the questions! It never hurts to make the mood light, whether you’re trying to ask your boyfriend funny questions or simply trying to find some questions that will generate funny responses.

The best way to catch your boyfriend off guard is to be funny and random. You might be surprised at how many funny questions you can ask your boyfriend after reading this list! Get started with these fun questions to ask your boyfriend!

Best Fun Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

What does a man want? Every guy is different! You will be able to learn what is important to your boyfriend and what he needs from you by answering these best fun questions to ask your boyfriend!

1. Who is the person in your life you can always count on?

2. What are your annoying habits?

3. What do you love about your mom?

4. How did your last relationship end?

5. What do you feel is your most significant achievement?

6. What’s your perfect day?

7. What stresses you out?

8. Can we talk about our health histories?

9. What do you feel makes a healthy relationship?

10. What is your favorite thing to do after work?

11. I need your advice, can you help me with ____?

12. What are your political ideals?

13. Who are you closest to in your family?

14. What is your passion project?

15. What’s your best quality?

16. What’s something most people don’t know about you?

17. How do you most feel loved?

18. What makes you angry?

19. What is a weakness in other people that bothers you?

20. What is the weirdest reason you ever broke up with someone?

21. When was the time you laughed the hardest?

22. If you could listen to only one song for the rest of your life, what song would you choose?

23. What celebrities have you met?

24. What word do you hate?

25. What is your pop culture guilty pleasure?

26. What is the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you?

27. What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever bought?

28. Have you ever been to a palm reader?

29. Who would you rather hire: a personal trainer, a personal chef, or a housekeeper?

30. What would you do if you could be a woman for a day?

31. What is the one movie you’ve seen more times than you can count?

32. If a movie was being made about your life, what actor would play you? What actress would play your love interest?

33. What were you like in high school?

34. What fictional character do you relate to the most?

35. Would you rather be hot or cold?

36. If you could be born in a different decade, what decade would you choose?

37. What is your favorite part about being an adult?

38. Have you ever played Truth or Dare? What was the most memorable dare that you accepted?

Random Fun Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

If you’re looking for random fun questions to ask your boyfriend then this place is right for you. You can keep the conversation going with these additional questions, from silly to serious. 

1. What was your best day?

2. Where are you originally from? 

3. What was your favorite subject in school? Did you have a favorite teacher? 

4. What’s your favorite city? 

5. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done? 

6. What are your guilty pleasures?

7. What did you like to do during recess? 

8. If someone told a joke and no one laughed, what would you do? 

9. Do you have a pet? If not, would you ever want one?

10. What was the dumbest thing you said to a crush? 

11. Do you prefer to stay home or go out on the weekend?

12. What was your biggest adventure? 

13. What are some of your family traditions? 

14. If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would you go and why?

15. Have you ever sung karaoke? How good or bad was it? 

16. Have you ever traveled outside of the country? Tell me about it! 

17. What’s your favorite way to relax?

18. What do you like to do on a rainy day?

19. Tell me your favorite travel story. 

20. What was your biggest travel mishap?

21. Do you play an instrument or sing?

22. If you had a pet tiger, what would you name it? 

23. Are you mentoring anyone? (e.g., coaching a team, teaching a skill, volunteering, etc.)

24. What extreme sport have you always wanted to try? (bungee jumping, parkour, paragliding, etc.)

25. How did you spend your summer vacations?

26. What was the best sporting event you ever attended?

27. What was your proudest sporting moment? (If they play a sport)

28. What is your favorite holiday?

29. Who is your hero or someone you’ve admired for a long time?

30. What was the best or strangest gift you ever got? 

31. What do you always procrastinate doing?

32. Did you love or hate P.E.?

33. Tell me a funny story about your first car. 

34. What’s your favorite song? Sing it for me! 

35. How many places have you lived? What was your favorite place? 

Cute Fun Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

Boost the cute factor and focus on the warm and fuzzy feelings. By talking about positive memories and emotions, you can release happy hormones. Take a closer look at the list of cute fun questions to ask your boyfriend!

1. What stuffed animal did you sleep with as a kid? Do you still have it?

2. Describe your dream house. 

3. If you’re sick, do you want someone to care for you, or do you prefer to be left alone?

4. What is the cutest couple you’ve known?

5. What can I do to make you feel better after a bad day?

6. What is the kindest thing someone else has done for you? 

7. Will you promise to fix my hair if it gets messed up by the wind? 

8. Will you teach me (insert passion or hobby)?

9. What is the kindest thing you’ve ever done?

10. What is your happiest memory?

11. Who was your role model growing up?

12. When you were a kid, what career did you want to have?

13. Did you go to summer camp?

14. What is your idea of a perfect Sunday afternoon?

15. What is the best present you’ve ever received?

16. What did you and your friends do for fun in middle school?

17. Did you have any pets growing up?

18. What is your happiest childhood memory?

19. If you could cook any dish perfectly, what would you choose?

20. When you’re having a bad day, what makes you feel better?

21. At an amusement park, what ride do you just have to go on?

22. What toy did you always want as a kid, but no one ever bought for you?

23. Did you ever sleep with stuffed animals?

24. What sound do you love?

25. What are your favorite scents?

26. What candy do you hate?

27. What is your favorite karaoke song?

28. What was your favorite thing to do during recess?

29. What is your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?

Flirty Fun Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

You can build a lasting connection with your loved ones if you know them intimately. To build this bond, you should use fun flirty questions to ask your boyfriend. Have fun!

1. What sets me apart from other women?

2. Will you help me pick an outfit for tonight? 

3. Will you dance with me right now? 

4. Will you cook for me? 

5. If I was sad, what would you do to cheer me up?

6. What color best describes me?

7. What words or sexy phrases turn you on?

8. Have you ever had/would you ever have a threesome?

9. What sex toy have you been dying to try?

10. Have you ever been walked in on during s#x? Have you ever walked in on someone else?

11. What are your most sensitive erogenous zones that don’t always get attention? (Nipples, ears, neck, etc.)

12. When was the first time you ever masturbated?

13. How do you feel about p#rn? What kind of p#rn do you like?

14. What is the weirdest thing that turns you on?

15. If we were going to role play, who would you want me to dress up as?

16. What is your favorite part about s#x? (Foreplay, teasing, penetration, oral sex, pillow talk, etc.)

17. Have you ever been attracted to a man?

18. What is your favorite s#xual position? What is your least favorite sexual position?

19. How did you lose your virginity?

20. What is your number one s#xual fantasy? Would you ever do it in real life?

21. What is something you’ve always wanted to try in bed?

22. Where is your favorite place to have s#x outside of the bedroom?

23. What is the craziest thing you’ve ever been asked to do in bed? Did you do it?

24. Have you ever/would you ever go to a dominatrix?

25. In an ideal world, how many times would you have sex in a week?

26. What was our first kiss like for you?

27. I want to cook for you. What would be your ideal meal? 

28. How many times did you want to ask me out before you finally did?

29. How is your life different with me in it? 

30. What do you think about me during the day?

31. Would you braid my hair? 

Silly Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

Building a deep and fulfilling relationship requires meaningful conversations with your partner. We can help you get started if you’re not sure where to begin. Start with these fun silly questions to ask your boyfriend!

1. What has been the best year of your life so far?

2. What relationship cliché do you think is true?

3. What is your favorite city?

4. Where is your ideal place to live? On a farm in the middle of nowhere, in an elegant house on the water, or in a hip, downtown condo?

5. Do you think it’s possible for men and women to just be friends?

6. What is your biggest pet peeve?

7. Do you watch, read, or listen to the news?

8. Do you have any phobias? (Spiders, heights, germs, etc.)

9. What is your ideal vacation?

10. London, or camping at Yosemite National Park?

11. If you had to go back to school, what would you study?

12. What cause have you volunteered for that you feel passionately about?

13. What motivates you?

14. If you could have any skill without having to work for it, what would it be?

15. How do you like to be treated when you’re sick? Do you like to be waited on hand and foot or left alone?

16. What do you want to do when you retire?

17. What is the best advice anyone ever gave you?

18. What is your favorite time of year?

19. What are your relationship deal breakers?

20. If you were going to start a charity, what would it be for?

21. Do you like talking on the phone?

22. If you had a secret lair like Batman or Superman, what would it be like?

23. What’s the last thing you Googled?

24. What names were ruined for you because you knew someone terrible with that name?

25. Do fish have necks?

26. What crazy things will you do if you ever become rich?

27. What incredible thing do you wish you could eat?

28. What kind of ice cream describes you best?

29. What would you do first if you gained the ability to fly?

30. What’s the story behind your last Instagram photo?

31. What’s the weirdest wrong number text or phone call you’ve gotten?

32. What’s the grossest thing you’ve drunk?

33. What is the coolest flag in use?

34. What should be the next advancement in shoes?

35. What would your dream mansion look like?

36. What’s the funniest thing that someone has drunkenly confessed to you?

37. If you could choose a superpower, what would you choose?

38. What would you do if a guy asked for your number?

39. What’s worst first date you’ve ever had?

40. If you were a vegetable, what vegetable would you be and why?

41. Where is the craziest place you have danced?

42. If you could change your first name, what would be the most epic name you could choose?

43. How often is your brain on autopilot?

44. What’s your favorite waste of time?

45. What’s the most stress relieving thing you can get/do for less than 20$?

46. If you owned a boat, what would you call it?

47. If animals were as intelligent as humans, what types of jobs would certain animals be uniquely qualified for?

48. What’s the weirdest celebrity crush you’ve ever had?

49. What’s the weirdest conversation you’ve ever overheard?

50. What silly thing do you take a lot of pride in?

51. How often do you go into a room and forget why you went into the room?

Deep Fun Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

Set the mood for your romantic rendezvous today by setting the tone for your romance. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of fun deep questions to ask your boyfriend that will help you to know more about your man!

1. What would you change about the medical system in our country?

2. What fictional character do you identify with?

3. What makes you the best version of yourself? 

4. What are things you do even though you don’t want to? 

5. What would you do if you lost your job? 

6. What makes you feel accomplished? 

7. If your family or friends didn’t approve of me, what would you do? 

8. What do you want to be remembered for? 

9. What would you change about the education system in our state? 

10. If you could immigrate anywhere, what country would you choose? Why? 

11. What is the best thing about our country? 

12. When was the first time you realized you needed a bigger perspective on the world?

13. What changed for you? 

14. How do you feel about gay rights?

15. Do you have a best friend?

16. What are you afraid of? When was the last time you voted?

17. Have you ever been engaged or married? Do you ever want to get married?

18. What is your dream job?

19. Are you an introvert (those who recharge by being alone) or an extrovert (those who feel energized from being around other people)?

20. Have you ever struggled with addiction?

21. How would you describe your relationship with your family?

22. Do you think money can buy happiness?

23. Do you hold grudges?

24. Have you ever lived with a partner?

25. How important is religion or spirituality to you?

26. What one thing do you want to accomplish in your life?

27. What accomplishment are you most proud of?

28. Do you think a relationship can come back from cheating?

29. Do you want to have children?

30. What is your love language?

31. Have you ever been in an emotionally or physically abusive relationship?

32. How long was your longest relationship? Why did it end?

33. Have you ever been disappointed by your religion? What did you do to work through it? 

34. Have you ever done NGO work? What was that experience like? 

35. What makes us special or unique together?

36. What do you think a good man is?

37. If you could make a playlist of your life in high school, what songs would you put on it? 

38. Can you remember seeing your dad cry when you were growing up? How did you feel?

39. Are you an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert? How has that been both an asset and a weakness in your life? 

40. What keeps you awake at night?

41. What summer stands out the most in your memories?

42. What do you think about X’s current event?

43. How have you changed in the last several years? 

44. What’s something you’ve always dreamed of doing but never have?

45. What is something you’re afraid to lose?

46. What do you wish you’d had more of as a kid? 

47. What do I mean to you? 

48. What causes do you care about? Why? 

49. What can’t you live without? 

50. When did you first feel like a man?

51. What kind of dad do you want to be?

52. What was your coming-of-age experience? 

53. What does love mean to you?

54. What’s something we could change about our relationship to make it stronger?

55. If you were a politician for a day, what would you do?

56. How do you know if you’re successful?

57. What do you think is one of the most significant issues in our country today? 

58. Tell me about a time you had an opportunity you didn’t deserve? 

Crazy Fun Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

Make sure you don’t limit your questions to only deep or serious ones! Maybe you’ll both laugh at the stories he shares with these fun crazy questions to ask your boyfriend!

1. What are you like when you’re grumpy and tired?

2. Are you a night owl or an early bird?

3. What was your most embarrassing moment? 

4. Books or movies? 

5. Who inspires you? 

6. Do you have any irrational fears or phobias? 

7. What is one place you’ve always wanted to go back to? 

8. What’s your favorite dessert?

9. Tell me about your grandma.

10. Who is your favorite team? (basketball, football, soccer, etc.)

11. How would your friends describe you?

12. Do you have a favorite food? 

13. What food do you always crave? 

14. What was your childhood nickname?

15. Do you prefer to eat out or cook for yourself? 

16. What is one place you never want to go again?

17. What’s something most men dislike that you love?

18. Who do you spend the most time with?

19. How long should people date before meeting their parents?

20. Would you rather be right or happy?

21. What is your silliest pet peeve?

22. Would you rather homestead or be a financial advisor? 

23. What is your favorite movie?

24. What is your favorite book?

Romantic Fun Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

Feel free to express your needs, your expectations, and your feelings. When it comes to intimacy in a relationship (physical or emotional), it’s essential to discuss it beforehand. Choose these fun romantic questions to ask your boyfriend!

1. Once you get married, if you weren’t happy in the relationship, would you break up or work through the difficulties? 

2. How do you like to show love?

3. What makes you think your partner wants more physical intimacy? 

4. How does your culture or religion view s#x?

5. What do you consider cheating?

6. What is the biggest sacrifice you’ve ever made for a relationship?

7. What is the most important quality you look for in a partner?

8. Have you ever been in love?

9. What couples Halloween costume have you always wanted to do?

10. Would you move to a new city for your partner?

11. What was your first kiss like?

12. Do you believe in love at first sight?

13. Have you ever kissed someone under mistletoe?

14. What is your favorite part about dating?

15. Out of your friends and family, whose relationship do you admire the most?

16. What is the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever done to impress someone?

17. Who was your first crush?

18. Do you keep mementos from past relationships? (Cards, notes, photos, gifts)

19. What is the first thing you noticed about me?

20. What is the sexiest thing a partner can wear?

21. What is more important in a relationship: an emotional connection or a physical connection?

22. What is your ideal date?

23. What is your favorite love song?

24. Do you believe in fate? 

25. How do you feel about public displays of affection? 

26. Have you ever cheated? 

27. What is your view on sex in long-term relationships?

28. Why do you want to be in a relationship with me? 

29. How can I make you feel more appreciated?

30. Do you believe in monogamy? How would you define that? 

31. How do you like to receive love? 

32. What do I do that makes you feel loved?

33. What do you think is most important to have in common with someone you’re dating? 

34. What are your views and beliefs about physical intimacy? 

35. What are you like as a boyfriend?

36. Have you ever been cheated on?

37. I expect you to: ask first, stop if I say no, wait for verbal consent, let me lead, wait for me to meet you halfway, etc. (fill in the blank with what you need/want). Are you willing to respect that? 

Personal Fun Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

There are a variety of ways in which lovers can ask each other questions. Maybe you’re looking for fun personal questions to ask your boyfriend. This place is right for you. Try the following questions!

1. What is something you’re working on to become a better person?

2. Have you ever been engaged?

3. What are some things that offend you?

4. Have you ever had your heart broken?

5. What is one thing you wish you could change about yourself?

6. What is the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?

7. What was the most difficult time in your life?

8. Who are you jealous of?

9. Are you friends with any of your exes?

10. What is your biggest regret?

11. What would you change about your childhood? What would you never change about your childhood?

12. Have you ever spent the night in jail?

13. What is the hardest decision you’ve ever made?

14. Have you ever gotten anyone pregnant? How did you handle it?

15. Have you ever snooped on a partner?

16. Have you ever cheated on anyone?

17. What bad habit do you have that you would you like to break?

18. Have you ever been to therapy?

19. Have you ever had to break up with a friend?

20. What is the biggest misconception people have about you?

21. Is it ever okay to lie?

22. When was the last time you cried?

23. What do you like most about yourself?

24. What’s something you’ve been scared to ask me? 

25. Are you single? Is there anyone out there who thinks you’re their man? 

26. Do you want children?

27. What are you doing to care for the planet?

28. Where do you see yourself settling down? / Will you be here long?

29. How do you deal with failure? 

30. Have you ever broken the law? 

31. Do you have any serious allergies?

32. What are the things you spend the most money on? 

33. Have I ever made you feel cut down or belittled in front of people?

34. Who do you think should pay for dates? 

35. Do you love your job? If so, why? If not, why do you stay there? 

36. What does friendship mean to you?

37. What should never be joked about? 

38. How are you? (Ask this question and mean it!) 

39. What makes you the happiest?

40. Do you have children? If so, what does co-parenting look like for you? 

41. What do you want to improve or change about yourself?

42. Are there any strong women in your life? How do you feel about powerful/successful women? 

43. Do you believe people should only date within their socio-economic status? 

44. How do you feel about surprises? Do you like to be surprised?

45. Does our age difference bother you? (If relevant)

46. How do you handle conflict? 

47. If one of my friends flirted with you, would you tell me? 

48. How would you describe your family? 

49. What do you need when you’re upset? Space? Talking it out? Something else?

50. Do you have any significant responsibilities? 

51. How can I support your interests? 

52. What’s your relationship like with your dad? 

53. What terrible experience taught you a valuable lesson?

54. Do you have a mentor? What is the most important lesson they taught you?

55. Tell me about your relationship with your parents and siblings. 

56. Who do you live with? 

57. Have you ever been married? 

58. What gets on your nerves?

59. Do you have any regrets? Would you go back and change those things if you could?

60. What mistake have you made in a past relationship that you don’t want to repeat?

61. When you break up with someone, how do you do it? 

62. Where do you see our relationship going? 

Intimate Fun Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

When you’re moving towards a committed long-term relationship, keep these more fun intimate questions to ask your boyfriend in mind. It may be that some of these questions were asked earlier, but most of them are very personal and require closeness and trust to answer.

1. How many s#xual partners have you had? 

2. What are your retirement plans? 

3. What signs are you getting stressed that others don’t pick up on?

4. What are you afraid of?

5. Have you ever been in therapy?

6. Did you feel love and support from your parents growing up?

7. How would we make decisions as a couple?

8. What do you think each person’s role is in marriage?

9. How can we both communicate more openly? 

10. How do you approach finances? Do you have debt? What are your financial goals?

11. What role will your family play in our relationship?

12. What is your earliest memory?

13. What was your relationship with your siblings growing up? Was there favoritism?

14. What makes you feel disconnected from me? 

15. What did you learn about relationships in therapy? 

16. If we get married, how much say will your parents expect to have in raising our kids? 

17. What triggers you? 

18. How would you feel if I earned more money than you? 

19. Who can I go to for help or advice about you?

20. What was the hardest decision of your life? 

21. What do you most regret not saying to someone? 

22. What is your worst memory? 

23. How will we spend our holidays? 

24. What are your thoughts on how to raise/discipline children?

25. What relationship causes you the most stress? 

26. What are your coping mechanisms?

27. Aside from parents/guardians, who shaped you the most growing up? 

28. How do you regulate your emotions? 

29. What is the best decision of your life?

30. Have you lost anyone close to you? 

31. How can we communicate when either of us needs space? 

32. What are you afraid people will think about you? 

33. Is there a past relationship that you still feel hurt or angry about? Tell me about it?

34. What is something you wish you hadn’t done? 

35. What makes you feel sad?

36. What are some terrible family traits you are working on so you don’t pass them down to your children?

Fun Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend about You

This section will teach you how to use these fun questions to ask your boyfriend about you and the ones you didn’t know. Take time to get to know your partner, both physically and mentally. Pick the ones that apply to you both!

1. How would you handle another guy hitting on me? 

2. Do you think I’m living up to my potential?

3. If one of your friends flirted with me and I told you, what would you do?

4. What’s your favorite thing about me that’s not a physical feature?

5. How can I be a more supportive girlfriend? 

6. What was your very first impression of me? 

7. Do you like it when I wear my hair up? 

8. What’s your favorite outfit that I wear? 

9. What’s something I do that you love? 

10. What song makes you think of me? 

11. What do I do that makes you feel rejected or unloved? 

12. When did you first realize you liked/loved me? 

13. Do you smile when you think about me? Why?

14. How have you seen me grow in the last several months? 

15. What makes me beautiful to you?

Fun Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend about the Future

We are back with a new Q&A round for you and your boyfriend with many serious questions about the future. Have a look at these fun questions to ask your boyfriend about the future!

1. If your friends flirt with me, would you be angry at them or me for having some fun with them?

2. If we had a chance, would you plan a baby for the 29th of February?

3. What will you do when your kid comes after the first fight?

4. What would be our kids’ names?

5. What advice would you give your son when he starts dating a girl?

6. What’s the future plan you have done till now for us together?

7. Which school do you think would be perfect for our kids?

8. If we could live only ten years as a couple, what would we do in those ten years?

9. When we fight during the day we can’t sleep together at night, is this ok for you? Or will you come and say sorry?

10. If you see me in one piece when you come after work, what would you do first?

Fun Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend about Your Relationship

It is possible for problems to develop over time if you do not talk about your relationship and where it is going. Using these fun questions to ask your boyfriend about your relationship will help you build the relationship you both want.

1. What trip would you like to take together?

2. What hobby or skill would you like to learn together?

3. When we’re not together, do we communicate enough?

4. What is your favorite thing about our relationship?

5. Are you satisfied with the emotional intimacy that we share?

6. Do you think we fight fair?

7. Are we changing each other in positive ways?

8. Do I show up in your dreams or fantasies?

9. What one thing can I do to make our relationship better?

10. How can we support each other more?

11. Are we enabling each other’s bad habits?

12. What is your happiest memory from our relationship?

13. Do you like spending time with my family and friends?

14. Do we spend enough time together?

15. Do we have enough s#x?

16. What have you always wanted to teach me?

17. What do I do that makes you feel appreciated?

18. If we could recreate one day from our relationship, what day would you choose?

19. What should I do more of? What should I do less of?

20. What have you always wanted tell me, but never had the guts to?

Fun Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend to Know Him Better

Don’t be afraid to ask him! Providing specific questions will help him express his feelings because he might not be able to express them naturally. Check out these fun questions to get to know your boyfriend!

1. Do you think fish have necks? Explain. Can you draw a picture of a fish with a neck for me?

2. If animals were as intelligent as humans, which animal would you hire as your secretary? What would you name it?

3. What would you do if a guy was interested in you and asked for your number?

4. If you were ice cream, which flavor would you be? Which flavor would you absolutely loathe to be?

5. What kind of chocolate would you use to build your dream mansion?

6. What has been the strangest conversation you have ever overheard? Do you remember the details?

7. How often does your brain put itself on autopilot? Are you aware of it when it happens?

8. What silly things are you capable of doing that you take a lot of pride in?

9. What crazy things would you do (and try to get away with) if you were stinking rich?

10. Who has been your strangest celebrity crush that others don’t like but you have a soft corner for? Why do you like him/her?

11. How do you waste your time?

12. What was the last thing you Googled? Is your browser history SFW (safe for work)?

13. If you could be any superhero, who would you choose? Why?

14. Describe the worst first date you have ever been on. Why was it so awful?

15. If you were a fruit, which one would you be and why?

16. What is the most puke-worthy drink you have consumed? Where did it happen?

17. What is the most relaxing thing you can get done or do for less than 500 rupees?

18. What names would you never give your own child? Name at least three.

19. What is the story behind your latest Insta/ Facebook photo? Who took the picture?

20. How often have you got up to go into a room, then stood at the doorway because you forgot why you wanted to go into the room?

Fun Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend Over Text

A text message is an excellent opportunity to engage in witty banter and talk about less serious things. There is nothing to worry about because we’ve come up with these funny questions to ask your boyfriend over text!

1. What movie did you watch every chance you got when you were a kid?

2. Would you rather own a baby elephant named Jeff or a fluffy bunny named Snookums?

3. What’s your favorite movie that I would be surprised you like? 

4. What emoji would you use to describe me?

5. What makes you feel comfortable around someone? 

6. What is the weirdest thing a coworker said to you? 

7. Did you want to be an astronaut when you were a kid? What did you want to be?

8. What do you think would be my ideal date night? 

What’s your favorite movie of all time? 

9. Do you remember the first day we met? 

10. Do you sleep with your mouth open?

11. Would you rather eat Mexican or Korean??

12. Are chickens a bird since they don’t fly? 

13. What conspiracy theory are you tempted to believe? 

14. What’s your nighttime ritual? 

15. What flavor of ice cream are you? 

16. What do you think is my favorite food? 

17. Would you go to a game or art museum?

18. Will you tell me if I have food or lipstick on my teeth?

19. What was the weirdest place you ended up sleeping?

20. Would you rather be a puppy or a kitten? 

21. Have you ever slept in your shoes? 

22. Do you snore?

23. What was the strangest wrong number text you’ve received?

24. Did anything weird or funny happen to you this week?

25. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

26. What is the weirdest thing you’ve put on a sandwich?

Fun Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend While Texting

Looking for fun questions to ask your boyfriend while texting? This place is right for you. If you want him to know you’re joking, use emojis when you respond to his answers.

1. What’s your favorite scent?

2. Are you a foodie?  What were the best tacos you ever ate? What made them so unique?

3. Would you rather skip work or skip your gym workout?

4. What is the longest time you’ve gone without taking a shower? or a day in the city? 

5. What’s your favorite magazine? 

6. I’m sorry your day was horrible. Is there anything I can do to improve it?

7. What’s your hidden talent?

8. Mountain or Sea?

9. Would you rather have stability or adventure?

10. What’s your favorite? 

11. Can you teach me to fishing? 

12. Tell me your worst dad joke! 

13. Dark, milk, or white chocolate? Do you like nuts in your chocolate?

14. Do you have any plants? What is the longest you’ve kept a plant alive?

15. What can your friends always count on from you?

16. Have you ever pranked anyone? Have you ever been pranked?

17. If you could bring one person back to the dead for a day, who would it be and what would you do?

18. If you could trade places with one person for a day, who would it be?

19. Do you ever feel like you had a past life?

20. What fictional character do you have a crush on?

21. Do you have any superstitions?

22. Have you ever tried to invent something?

23. If you could go back to any moment in your life and do things differently, would you?

24. Would you ever go on a silent retreat?

25. Have you ever been skydiving?

26. If you were going to get a tattoo today, what would it be of?

27. If you could wake up tomorrow and be fluent in any language, what language would you choose?

28. What is your theme song?

29. If you could eat only three foods for the rest of your life, what three would you choose?

30. Have you ever broken any bones?

31. If you could inhabit any movie, TV show, book, or other fictional universe, where would you live?

32. Do you believe in ghosts?

33. Do you collect anything?

34. If you could change your name to anything, what would you pick?

35. What is your hidden talent?

5 Tips for Choosing Fun Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

Even though it seems cliche, girls like to learn about other people, while guys aren’t exactly chatting machines either. You can learn anything you wish to know about your boyfriend by asking questions, and he can share some things he might not be comfortable sharing out of the blue by answering questions. We’ve compiled some tips about fun questions to ask your boyfriend!

Get to Know Your Boyfriend

It doesn’t matter how long or how short the relationship is, there are always new things to discover about your partner. Why not ask rather than speculating or trying to figure things out on your own? It will certainly make things easier for both of you, and you’ll have fewer misunderstandings too.

Build Intimacy in Your Relationship with Questions

Nothing brings you closer together as a couple than a heart-to-heart conversation with your boyfriend – understanding, trust, and open communication are the cornerstones of a healthy, lasting relationship. You can also use the above list of intimate fun questions to ask your partner. 

Open Deeper Conversation

Talking is important in relationships; don’t make them harder by not talking. It is possible to have fruitful discussions about a couple of your relationship’s most important issues by having intimate conversations with your partner since no relationships are perfect.

Add Something Funny

It’s always good to add some fun things to ask your boyfriend because all time serious and deep questions don’t good. So, before starting the conversation get handy with these funny questions you can ask your man.

Choose Light Tone & Avoid to Interrogate

You’re not conducting an interrogation, but asking questions. In order to get an answer to a question, lean forward and make eye contact. The response should be listened to and interacted with as if it were a best friend. Smile and nod when appropriate, and mimic his facial and verbal cues.

Final Thoughts on Fun Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

Be authentic in what you do, whether you ask one of the many fun questions to ask your boyfriend or just share what you’d like to experience. No matter what you choose, do what feels right to you.

Let your heart speak instead of asking sexy questions to your boyfriend. Simply share your feelings and let him know what you really think. As a result, he feels immediately special as well with the above fun questions to ask your boyfriend.

Enjoy a date night together! Play your favorite playlist, get some snacks and drinks ready, and spend some time on the couch asking each other funny questions. It might be a fun idea to ask him some fun questions to ask your boyfriend so he can throw a few at you back! All’s fair in love and war, after all! You will probably have an easy time answering funny questions if you have a good sense of humor!

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