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154 Questions to Ask Your Ex to Help You in the Healing Path

In this article, we are going to share with you a collection of questions to ask your ex. Relationships terminate more frequently than not, according to statistics and reasoning.

After all, most people date more individuals than they marry in their lives. And, certainly, these endings may be challenging.

However, individuals are increasingly punctuating their breakups with an in-depth chat — a post-dating rite known as “closure” — that’s designed to smooth the transition.

To assist you with this final stage, we’ve compiled a list of questions to ask your ex.

When romances terminated in the not-too-distant past, that was the end of it. The idea of “closure” was not widespread or acceptable. People went on, and that was the end of it.

However, times have changed. We now have a greater understanding of the psychological advantages of closure, and many divorcing couples practice it.

In most cases, the procedure includes a probing chat as well as some questions to ask your ex. So we’ve accumulated these questions for you.

Best Questions to Ask Your Ex Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Questioning each other might be informative if the separation is amicable or both individuals are mature enough to express their frustrations and remorse gently. To that end, here are some of the best questions to ask ex boyfriend or girlfriend.

1. Do you think we did not end up on good terms?

2. Did you enjoy it with me?

3. Do you hold any type of grudges for me which you want to clear?

4. Do you remember how we met?

5. What factors led our relationship towards the end?

6. Do you remember how long we last?

7. Have you any regrets?

8. Was I a good girlfriend?

9. If you can be sincere, you have to tell who do you consider responsible for the cheating?

10. Were you cheating during our relationship?

11. Do you think we both contributed to this ending?

12. Are you seeing anyone?

13. What do you think are my best qualities?

14. What do you think you brought to our relationship?

15. Can you give me the full truth?

16. Is there anything you want to ask me?

17. Do you think I was unfaithful?

18. Do you think we should distance ourselves for a while?

19. What do you think went wrong?

20. Moving forward do you want to keep in touch?

Deep Questions to Ask Your Ex

Let us now take a look at some really deep questions to ask your ex boyfriend or girlfriend. Not all of our questions will apply to each and every relationship, but we hope you’ll discover a few that do.

1. What do you think we did wrong?

2. What was your first impression of me?

3. What qualities in me did you value the most?

4. When did you realize that the relationship can no longer be saved?

5. How often have you discussed our problems with your friends? Do you regret it?

6. Have you ever cheated?

7. Are we the same now as we were at the beginning of the relationship?

8. How are we alike?

9. What is our main difference?

10. How many times have you seriously thought about cheating?

11. Should we continue our companionship?

12. Do you regret the time we spent together?

13. Was there something that you wanted to discuss, but did not dare, fearing my reaction?

14. Did you suspect me of treason? Why?

15. How have I influenced you?

16. What annoyed you the most?

17. How did you explain our parting to your friends?

18. Has our relationship been influenced by outside people (friends, relatives, etc.)? And if so, why?

19. When did the crisis begin in our relationship? How did you understand this and how did it manifest itself?

20. Why did you pay attention to me?

Good Questions to Ask Your Ex

Before you reconnect with your ex, you should first figure out why you wish to talk to them and how it would benefit you. This is why we have designed these good questions to ask your ex.

1. How would you react if you find out that I have a boyfriend?

2. What words and actions of mine made you mad?

3. Have I been selfish in a relationship?

4. Tell me about your five happiest memories of me. Why did it leave such a vivid mark on your memory?

5. What did you miss on our dates?

6. What are you absolutely certain to do differently in a new relationship?

7. Are you happier after breaking up?

8. What did you miss in bed?

9. Can you tell me about your five saddest memories of me?

10. Was the parting easy for you? Why?

11. Were you happy with me?

12. What words and actions of mine hurt you the most?

13. How have you influenced me?

14. What mistakes do you regret?

15. What made you especially happy in our relationship?

16. What would you advise me to change in myself?

17. Should we continue to spend time with a common company?

18. What words of support have you dreamed of hearing from me?

19. If we were dating so far, what would our normal day together look like?

20. Which type of guy do you think is right for me?

Random Questions to Ask Your Ex

Once you’ve decided to give your relationship a second shot, utilize these random questions to ask your ex boyfriend or girlfriend. If you detect their curiosity, collaborate on a new beginning.

1. Have you ever suspected me of treason?

2. Have you ever been afraid of me?

3. Will you be calm about the fact that I have a boyfriend?

4. Have you often discussed us with your friends?

5. What did you love the most about me?

6. What did you miss in sex?

7. Have you always been honest with me?

8. Were you satisfied with our sex?

9. What traits of my character infuriated you?

10. Were you happy with our relationship?

11. What did you miss in our relationship?

12. How much did you trust me?

13. Don’t you think that you wasted time in our relationship?

14. Have we changed a lot during our relationship?

15. Did you feel better after breaking up?

16. Why was there a misunderstanding?

17. How did your friends appreciate our breakup?

18. Was it easy for you next to me?

19. Have I changed anything about you?

20. Do you think I have changed in our relationship?

Questions to Ask Your Ex for Closure

Let us now share some questions to ask your ex for closure. These questions may assist you in reaching a closure and provide a clear vision of the route ahead. You deserve to be able to go on calmly. These questions may assist you in gaining the closure you want.

1. Do you want me back in your life? If yes, then what is the reason?

2. Are you willing to work on yourself and eradicate those issues that harm the love life?

3. Are you ready to face people and have a conversation about this topic?

4. Have you noticed some growth since the breakup?

5. Can we start as a new couple?

6. Is this just a phase that you can overcome, or do you want me back?

7. Are you in a position to give someone advice in a similar situation like yours?

8. Is there anything that you cannot compromise?

9. Are you ready to forgive the past and re-start?

10. Do you feel responsible for the issues that led to the breakup?

11. Can you solve your previous problems to begin as new?

12. Can you explain to me the reason for the breakup?

13. What was the worst part of our relationship?

14. How did I harm you?

15. Was my selfishness off-scale?

16. Have you ever seen me as the mother of your children?

17. Could we have a future?

18. What actions of yours do you remember with rejection?

19. Have I hurt you often?

Questions to Ask Your Ex after a Breakup

It is time to go over some questions to ask your ex after a breakup. Once you’ve responded to all of the above queries and believe you’re ready to give the relationship another opportunity, make sure you and your ex are on the same side.

1. Do you think we are different people than we were when we first met?

2. How would you describe our breakup to friends?

3. Are you happy?

4. How did you know this wasn’t going to work?

5. Were you ever unfaithful?

6. Did you ever trash talk me to your friends?

7. Do you wish we never met?

8. How are we going to handle our mutual friends?

9. Will you be okay with me moving on?

10. When were we done in your mind?

11. What revolutionary things do you want to have in me?

12. Can you explain the worst thing you did to me when we were together?

13. Have you ever been jealous of me?

14. What habits of mine did you not like when we were together?

15. At any point when we were together, did you think that we could last forever?

16. What is the thing you hate about me?

17. Can you explain what can help me to be a better person?

18. Have you ever cheated on me during our relationship?

19. Now we have ended. Do you want to share your secrets with me?

20. Did you love me with your soul?

21. Is it true that you were cheating during our relationship?

22. If you can be sincere, who do you consider responsible for the cheating?

Questions to Ask Your Ex to Get Them Back

If you feel there is a potential of getting back together with your ex after they have answered the questions above, try using these questions to ask your ex to get them back. It is likely that you will not obtain a good reaction, but there is no harm in trying.

1. Can you remember how we met?

2. Did you enjoy with me?

3. Do you have any regrets?

4. Do you still have fantasies about me?

5. Do you remember that how long we last?

6. Which factors led our relationship towards the end?

7. When you liked my posts on social media, did you like me, or were you flirting with me?

8. Was I a good friend?

9. What is the thing you did not like about me at all?

10. Do you hold any types of grudges for me which you want to clear?

11. What was your least favorite song on our playlist?

12. What did you think about my friends?

Questions to Ask Your Ex before Getting Back Together

Breakups cause emotional anguish that is frequently difficult to deal with. However, ending a relationship that isn’t working for you and your spouse is a positive thing. Still, if you would like your ex back, consider why you want to resurrect a failed relationship. And these questions to ask your ex before getting back together may help.

1. If you can describe, do you have any favorite memories of us?

2. Do you think you or I have evolved since our breakup?

3. Do you believe that you can ever love someone like me?

4. What will make us better at relationships?

5. What was not enough with me or with our relationship?

6. Don’t you think we should give ourselves a second chance?

7. Have you ever wondered keenly that maybe you still have feelings for me?

8. Did you miss the things with us or our relationship?

9. Can’t we work on ourselves to make things better between us?

10. What factors from our separation let you grow and be a better person?

11. Did you ever want to make out with me since our breakup?

12. What do you like about me?

13. Have you ever planned some conspiracy one me?

14. What could you do differently for our relationship if you had a second chance?

15. Have I done something that made you jealous?

16. What would you change in your life?

17. Could we start over?

18. Aren’t you bothered by my presence in the general company?

19. Did you feel guilty after breaking up?

20. What conclusions did you draw after our breakup?

Questions to Ask Your Ex to Start a Conversation

To start a dialogue with your ex, you should be as delicate and light as possible. You can’t stay in this never-ending desire to be with your ex. You may, however, be buddies and nonchalant at the same time. So, here are some questions to ask your ex to start a conversation.

1. Are there any things that you still miss?

2. What will you never do in a new relationship?

3. Do you think you are better?

4. Do you have any habits that have appeared next to me?

5. Was my childness off-scale?

6. What are the brightest events you remember?

7. Could we continue to chat as friends?

8. Would you like to marry me in due time?

9. Can I sometimes ask you for help?

Questions to Ask Your Ex When Chatting

Let us now go over some questions to ask your ex when chatting. Remember, only pursue your ex if you believe there is an unfinished business between you two. Please do not impose yourself on your ex; it is not proper nor ethical.

1. Would you give me another chance to see how I improved myself?

2. Whenever you listen to our jam or watch our favorite movie, do they remind you of me?

3. What were the things that made you fall in love with me in the first place?

4. Did you ever cheat on me? If yes, do you regret it?

5. Do you think about me more than usual?

6. Why did you dislike me?

7. When you think about our relationship now, do you regret that it ended?

8. What do you think is the best about me?

9. Did you ever love me, and do you think we had made a mistake?

10. How do you think we can make our relationship better?

11. Do you have any idea what my passion is in life now?

12. You would not believe what place I am in.

13. Can you tell me more about that?

14. Can you believe who I just ran into?

15. Do you still watch football?

16. You cannot believe what I am doing right now?

17. I have just come across our song playlist, and you came back to mind.

18. I have initiated a project which may benefit you. Let’s have a conversation.

19. Do you remember our activities last summer?

20. I just came across a street, and it reminded me of our old times.

5 Tips for Choosing Questions to Ask Your Ex

Determine your motivation! You must determine why you want to speak with your ex. Maybe you just happened to run into them and chose to have a cup of coffee.

Perhaps you deliberately requested a meeting with them. In any case, make sure you know why you want to talk to them and utilize these questions to ask your ex. Here are some suggestions for selecting appropriate questions.

1. Too frequently, we will ask a direct inquiry and fail to hear or trust the person’s response. Instead, we’ll tell ourselves that we can persuade them to alter their minds, or even try to persuade them that they simply need more time.

This will simply make things more complicated and create bad energy between you and your ex. So, choose questions that aren’t contentious.

2. You may have your own beliefs about why the relationship ended, but hearing what your ex thinks is also very useful. How we view the termination of a relationship frequently influences how we begin our next relationship.

It is critical that you and your former boyfriend provide honest responses to these questions to ask your ex boyfriend.

Even though the two of you addressed it extensively at the time of the split, it’s conceivable that their sentiments have changed.

Before you get back in, make sure you know where they stood on the breakup – that way, you can prevent repeating past errors.

3. You should ask questions that will tell you whether their perspectives on relationships have changed and if there has been a shift in viewpoint that might affect a new connection with you.

It may feel like a fresh relationship if both people have matured in their interpersonal abilities. Make sure to share what you’ve discovered as well – effective dialogue is always beneficial.

4. You want to stop placing the other person on the defensive by implying that if they had done differently, the split might have been averted.

You’re only trying to figure out how they felt about the connection so you don’t make the same mistakes.

Even if your relationship ended amicably, it’s still useful to know whether there’s anything they wish they could change. So, you must go for such questions to ask your ex.

5. It is vital to be willing to work on challenges. Flawless relationships don’t exist, and there were definitely some reasons why it failed the first time.

Both parties must accept responsibility and accountability, recognize what needs to be changed, and then implement the necessary adjustments.

Both parties must be capable and willing to let go of the past and focus on the present. Include questions on this topic as well.

Final Thoughts on Questions to Ask Your Ex

So, there you have it: some of the finest questions to ask your ex. Doesn’t that sound safe? That, after all, was the whole idea.

We’ve chosen some fascinating questions that cover a wide variety of emotions, so you may choose anything based on your connection with your ex or how things ended with them.

Breakups are difficult, especially when they occur without your agreement. You feel deceived, and it breaks your heart. It might be difficult to get over someone you love and go on with your life.

Even after a split, you may wonder what went wrong and even consider reuniting with them. This is where these questions to ask your ex will be a big help to you.

Many people anticipate running into their ex and having an imagined dialogue with them, asking the things that have been bothering them since the split.

If you find yourself in the same predicament, it suggests you have lingering feelings for your ex and need to address them before they begin to negatively impact your life.

As a result, having a talk with your ex and using these questions to ask your ex might be beneficial.

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