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208 Best Questions to Ask Your Mom to Know Her on a Deeper Level

We welcome you to one of the most fascinating collections of questions to ask your mom. It might be difficult to hold meaningful talks with your mother.

We are often so preoccupied with our own lives that we neglect to talk to our parents about their own experiences.

Small chat takes control, leaving us with boring discussions and a hazy recall of what we believe we remember about them.

In honor of Mother’s Day, we’ve compiled a list of questions for you to ask your mother or any other motherly person in your life.

These questions to ask mom are intended to generate important conversations that you will remember for years to come.

There’s no reason to make it a big occasion. You may store this list and return to it from time to time, using the questions in talks over time. Let’s go through some questions to ask your parents now.

Best Questions to Ask Your Mom

For those of you who want to seize the opportunity to become closer to your mother, we’ve assembled these best questions to ask your mom to help you have meaningful discussions with her that you may not have had previously. Feel free to pick the questions that feel appropriate to you.

1. Who were/are your role models? Who did you look up to when you were younger? Who do you look up to now?

2. What was the moment I hurt you the most when I was growing up?

3. Who was your best friend growing up? Who is your best friend now?

4. Is there a moment or event that radically changed the way you saw the world?

5. What’s the best trip you’ve ever taken?

6. What’s something you always wanted to do but didn’t ― and why didn’t you?

7. What was your relationship with your own parents like?

8. What’s one of your earliest memories?

9. (If she worked): What was it like being a working mom at that time? Would you do it all over again? What would you change?

10. (If she didn’t work): What was it like being a stay-at-home mom at that time? Would you do it all over again? What would you change?

11. How have your notions of what it means to be a woman changed over your lifetime?

12. Growing up, what did you think you wanted to do for a living?

13. Was there something your parents did when you were a kid that you swore you’d never do yourself?

14. How many serious relationships were you in before you settled down (if you did)? What were they like?

15. What’s the most trouble you’ve ever gotten in?

16. When did you lose your virginity and to whom?

17. Have you ever done something really impulsive? How did it go?

18. Have you ever had an abortion?

19. What was the moment I frustrated you most when I was growing up?

20. What was your hardest breakup like?

21. What’s something that really strikes you as unhealthy about the way that society is?

22. A genie just decided to give you three wishes. What would you wish for, and why?

23. Did you have any crafts you enjoyed doing as a kid? Can you teach me how to do them?

24. What was the wildest historic event you’ve lived through?

25. If you could plan out your perfect day, what would it entail? Tell me what you’d want to involve in it.

25. What was the best vacation you ever went on?

26. What was the ex I had that you really couldn’t stand?

27. What was the most romantic thing dad did with you?

28. If you could live forever, would you?

29. When you were in high school, what was your biggest insecurity? How did you overcome it?

30. What ways are you like your mother?

31. What surprised you about motherhood?

32. Best advice you’d give your teenage self?

33. Most adventurous thing you’ve done in life?

34. What is your least favorite thing about yourself?

35. If you had one superpower, what would it be?

36. What is your most favorite thing about yourself?

37. If you had to get a tattoo, where/what would it be?

38. What advice did your mom pass to you that has been most helpful?

39. What ways do you think I’m like you?

Funny Questions to Ask Your Mom

Everybody wants to see their mom happy and smiling. If you want to do the same, you are in luck since we have something special for you. Here are some funny questions to ask mom that will make her laugh out loud.

1. What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

2. What did you do as a kid or teenager that annoyed Grandma and Grandpa?

3. What popular song annoys you the most?

4. What did you do to get in trouble as a kid?

5. Who is your favorite kid?

6. Did you do something as a kid that troubled you?

7. Do you remember my first words?

8. Were you an annoying kid to your parents? If you don’t tell the truth we will ask grandpa and grandma?

9. Did you keep a track of my health history?

10. How did your mother treat you as a child?

11. Do you have any favorite kids?

12. Can you recall the most challenging thing you faced while raising me and my siblings?

13. Is there any famous song that everybody loves but it irritates you?

14. Did you do anything bad while raising me?

15. Would you say that I was annoying in my teenage years?

16. Was I a quick learner or was I an average?

17. Is there anything you have done which is very crazy?

18. While you were a child, how did you develop a good sleeping pattern?

19. Why did you choose to teach me by spanking OR by not choosing to spank?

Good Questions to Ask Your Mom

The questions you should have asked your mother are listed below. The answers to these good questions to ask your mom can help you get to know her better and give you a greater idea of her background, life experiences, and who she truly is.

1. What do you want or wish most for your kids?

2. What was the day I was born (or adopted) like?

3. What was life like for you at my age?

4. What’s the worst fight you ever had with my dad?

5. What advice would you give to your younger self at age 20? 30? 40?

6. What would your perfect day be like? Describe it.

7. What were some of your biggest struggles or insecurities in high school?

8. Do you have any health issues you’ve never told me about?

9. Is the present year anything like you imagined it would be when you were growing up?

10. What was the first year of motherhood like for you?

11. What’s your favorite photo of yourself? Of our family?

12. (If she got married): What was your wedding day like?

13. (If she got married): When did you know that you were ready to get married?

14. What do I need to know about our family’s medical history that could affect my health or life?

15. What do you want your funeral to be like?

16. What’s the one song or album that means the most to you?

17. When did you know you were ready to have kids?

18. What was the worst fad you participated in?

19. Best gift you’ve ever received?

20. What’s the hardest part about being a mom?

21. Your affirmation for today?

22. If you could sing a duet with anyone, who would it be?

23. Define yourself in 3 words?

24. As a new mom, what were you ill-prepared for?

25. Best gift you’ve ever given?

26. What ways are you unlike your mother?

27. How do you think I’m unlike you?

Deep Questions to Ask Your Mom

Do you know what questions will elicit significant responses? I’m talking about deep questions to ask your mom. Everyone has a narrative, therefore there’s little question that your parents have one, no matter how ‘uncool’ you think they are. And these questions will tell you all you need to know.

1. Do you have any regrets in your life?

2. Do you believe in God? Why or why not?

3. What’s your favorite thing about Dad?

4. What is one thing that you’ve never done that you would like to do?

5. Do you want to be buried or cremated?

6. Do you believe in reincarnation? If so, what do you think you did in a past life?

7. What’s your favorite TV show? Why?

8. What would you do if you had $100 million?

9. Where would you want to go, for a month-long trip?

10. Did you ever work in retail? What was your worst retail story?

11. Have you ever smoked pot before?

12. Was there ever a serious mistake that you made that you regret to this day? How did you deal with it?

13. What were your ex-boyfriends like? How did you know they weren’t “the One”?

14. What’s your favorite food?

15. Is there any advice you really wish I would take to heart?

16. What’s a beauty tip you swear by?

17. Did you ever go to a psychic who predicted something that came true? What was the story?

18. Did you ever see something paranormal in nature? What was it?

19. What were your favorite bands as a teenager?

20. When you were my age, what kind of things did you want to do with your life?

21. Is there any particular food you absolutely love to eat, but never quite learned how to make? What is it?

22. How did you and your friends have fun as kids? What about as teens?

23. What era would you want to live in, if you could travel through time?

24. What was the best birthday you’ve ever had?

25. What was your worst job?

Interesting Questions to Ask Your Mom

Don’t let family stories die in your family. Inquire about your mother’s life so that you may tell your children and grandkids about it. Here are some interesting questions to ask your mom.

1. What was the funniest story you ever witnessed unfold in front of you?

2. What are your most favorite bonding activities to do with me?

3. What sports did you play in high school?

4. Who was your role model growing up? Did you feel like you chose a good role model?

5. What’s your favorite smell — perfume or otherwise?

6. What pets did you have when you were young?

7. Who was the strangest person you’ve ever met?

8. What was the moment I frustrated you most?

9. What was the day I was born like?

10. What was high school like for you?

11. What was the worst fight you ever had with dad? What was it over, and how did you resolve it?

12. Did you ever have an abortion?

13. Is there anything that you really want to know about me?

14. How did you meet your best friend?

15. What do you like to read about in your spare time? Did you learn anything that really changed your life from it?

16. When did you realize you wanted to have kids? Did you originally want more?

17. What do you look for in a friend?

18. Did you ever want to start a business? If you could, what business would you own?

Questions to Ask Your Mom about Her Childhood

Let us go over some questions to ask your mom about her childhood. I highly advise you to record your parent’s responses, whether on audio, video, or paper. You may not grasp the worth of this right now, but I assure you that you and your children will really appreciate your efforts in the future!

1. Did you have strict parents or teachers?

2. Do you think youth is much different than you?

3. In which hospital were you born?

4. Did grandma and grandpa also used to ground you when you do something wrong?

5. What were the bad things at your time?

6. Do you think you had more time in your childhood than the new generation?

7. If you could bring one thing back from your childhood, what would it be?

8. What were your ambitions about life while you were in college?

9. Were you born by a natural birth?

10. Did you have a good relationship with your parents?

11. What kind of rules do you have in school?

12. What part-time jobs did you do in your teenage years?

13. What are the most memorable times from your school life?

14. At your birth, how much did you weigh?

15. What kind of friends do you have in college?

16. What kind of generation gap do you feel between you and us?

Questions to Ask Your Mom about You

Only your parents and grandparents may relate recollections of your early childhood. After these folks are gone, it will be difficult to locate someone to share tales with or confirm recollections you may have. So, let us take a look at some questions to ask your mom about you and your childhood.

1. Was I early, late, or average on achieving my childhood milestones?

2. What were my first words?

3. Do you think I was an annoying teenager?

4. Why did you choose my name?

5. What can you tell me about my health history?

6. What was the hardest part about me growing up?

7. How would you describe yourself to a complete stranger?

8. Is there something about me that is completely identical to you? Is there something about me that is completely the opposite of you?

9. Tell me about when you found out you were going to have me.

10. Do you think I will/would make a good parent?

11. What challenges did you and my father/mother/your partner have to work through as co-parents?

12. Who was your biggest inspiration as a caretaker?

13. Did your views on religion/sex/family dynamics/politics change because of having kids?

14. Tell me the story about my birth.

15. What are your goals now that you aren’t my caretaker anymore?

16. What was I like as a baby?

17. What is something I still do not know about you?

18. What was your biggest fear about raising kids?

19. Did you ever want more children?

20. What kind of parent did you think you would be? And what kind of parent do you think you ended up being?

21. What do you think I missed out on growing up when I did, versus had I grown up when you did?

22. Did you struggle with the decision to have kids?

23. What’s your favorite thing about being a parent?

24. What is something that happened when I was growing up that completely shaped the way you raised me afterwards?

25. What was something you took away from how you grew up that you either wanted to replicate, or never do as a parent?

26. What is your favorite part about yourself?

27. What’s something about you that has nothing to do with family that you love about yourself?

Questions to Ask Your Mom about Parenting

Whether you have children now or want to have children in the future, it is never too early to seek parenting advice from your mother. You may believe that your parents made some mistakes in raising you and your siblings, yet those “mistakes” may have been intentional. It’s time to discover why those decisions were taken. So, make use of these questions to ask your mom about parenting.

1. What was the most challenging thing about raising me and my siblings?

2. How were you treated as a child?

3. What was the biggest mistake you made when raising me?

4. How do you develop good sleep habits in children?

5. Why did you spank me (or choose not to spank me?)

6. What do you do differently now that I’m grown up?

7. Was there ever a time you really doubted your ability to raise me?

8. Are you proud of who I’ve become?

9. How did you pick my name?

10. Describe the difference between the love you have for a partner and friends, and the love you have for your children.

11. How did being a parent affect your relationships outside of the one with me?

12. What made you feel ready to be a parent?

13. Tell me about a time when you really hated being a parent.

14. Tell me about a favorite memory from my childhood.

Questions to Ask Your Mom on Mother’s Day

Mother day is really special and you should try to make it special for your mom too. We know you might be gifting her something cool but you may also sit with her and ask her some interesting questions. These are some questions to ask your mom on Mother’s Day.

1. Do you have holiday traditions? What do you do for the holidays?

2. What do you hope for your children and grandchildren?

3. What are your favorite things to do now?

4. What are your children’s names and when and where were they born?

5. Have you had jobs? Who did you work for and what did you do?

6. Where have you lived?

7. What are some special memories you have about your children?

8. When and where were you married?

9. What did you do to get through the difficult times in your life?

10. Who were some of your friends? What did you do with your friends?

11. When and where were you born? When and where were your parents and brothers and sisters born?

12. What is your name and what are the names of your parents and brothers and sisters? How did your parents choose your name? Does it have a special meaning? Did you have any nicknames?

13. In your religion, what callings or positions have you served in?

14. How did you meet Dad/Grandfather? How did he propose?

15. What are some of your favorite things? Colors, flowers, books, songs, foods, pets?

16. Do you belong to a church or a religion? How has it affected your life?

17. What trips or vacations do you remember? Which one was your favorite?

18. What kinds of things did your family do together when you were young?

19. What schools did you attend? What were your favorite subjects? Who were your favorite teachers?

20. What are some personal experiences that have especially touched your heart?

5 Tips for Choosing Questions to Ask Your Mom

Here are some treasured tips that will help you choose the perfect questions to ask your parents.

1. One of the most gratifying experiences is spending time with your parents. There is an interchange of information on cultural differences, old practices, changing times, and so forth.

If you want to ask your parents a question, consider the following suggestions: wait for the perfect time, understand their mood, maintain a cool manner, and, most importantly, arrange your inquiries.

2. Dealing with tense events is challenging, but parental assistance may be beneficial. It should not be difficult to seek aid from parents because they are compassionate and nonjudgmental.

If you still lack confidence, start by asking them to make time for you. Communicate freely, transparently, constantly, and without delay. And then use these questions to ask your mom.

3. There are several things we may learn from our parents’ experiences. Understanding how they handled difficult situations, for example, might help us deal with our own issues.

So, any of the aforementioned questions to ask your parents, such as their first date, worst profession, best mates, and connection with their parents, can certainly help you acquire important life lessons.

4. There are no restrictions about when you may or should pose these questions to your mother, or how you might use them as discussion openers.

If you want to keep these questions to ask mom for special occasions, Mother’s Day or even your own birthday are ideal opportunities to start conversing. You may also ask them whenever you want.

You might make a date out of it and ask one group of questions each week or month over coffee, send her a text each day with a question and keep track of the replies, or even use them as queries to ask on a long drive or holiday together.

5. Before you ask your mother these questions in order to learn about her better, think about what you want to do with the answers.

These replies describe her narrative; they represent her thoughts, words, and memories, and they are priceless. You may keep a notebook and write down your mother’s responses to these questions.

This would create a lovely souvenir that you might treasure for years to come. You might then answer the same questions over and again for your children.

Final Thoughts on Questions to Ask Your Mom

Thank you for going through these questions to ask your mom. Moms are notorious for organizing family reunions, giving unwelcome counsel, and shooting ugly photographs of you at every family function.

Every time you send a “Thank you, Mom!” Mother’s Day card, you may reflect on how important your mother is to you.

Otherwise, your mother is as reliable as your car and as consistent as your mortgage payment. Until she is no longer. It may be problematic to envisage living without your mother, but this will most likely be your reality at some time.

It’s human instinct not to admire someone until she’s gone, but it’s best not to make that mistake. If you’re privileged enough to have a mother in your life, get to know her.

And the easiest way to do so is to use these questions to ask your mother. It is vital to ask your mother crucial questions about her life, but you must also write down the answers so that future generations can benefit from the knowledge.

So, it is up to you to make a wise use of these questions for mothers and their answers.

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