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624 Best This or That Questions to Get to Know Each Other

Being able to ask some good this or that questions are essential … because:

Most of you know that the purpose of a good question is to spark an interesting discussion. It sounds obvious, but finding the right questions is actually quite difficult.

Nevertheless, there is one kind of question that always generates some interesting discussion. People respond better to your questions when you make them choose because they are really thinking about your this or that quiz.

Take a look at our list of great this or that questions below to spice up your conversation. Conversation starters are one of the best places to use this or that questions. There is something beautiful about these questions: they are short but full of interesting ideas.

Best This or That Questions

Let everyone choose one and then drop it in as soon as possible. Put a few of these into practice with your next group of conversation partners. Have a look at these best this or that questions!

1. Getting your period or stubbing your toe?

2. Window seat or aisle seat?

3. Pretty Little Liars original or reboot?

4. Plants or pets?

5. Concert T-shirt or concert tote bag?

6. ALL CAPS or lower case?

7. Crochet or knitting?

8. Free wi-fi or free oat milk?

9. Tote bag or crossbody?

10. Waiting in the merch line or seeing the opener?

11. Cooking or take-out?

12. Cottage core or coastal grandma?

13. Thanksgiving pies or holiday cookies?

14. Folklore or Evermore?

15. Big art or gallery wall?

16. Singing or dancing?

17. Bright colors or neutrals?

18. Jumpsuits or two-piece matching sets?

19. Maximalism or minimalism?

20. Wearing all gold/all silver jewelry or mixing metals?

21. Camp Rock era Jonas Brothers or Happiness Begins era Jonas Brothers?

22. Cutting bangs in the bathroom or going to the salon?

23. Tattoos or piercings?

24. Notebook or Notes app?

25. Sparkling water or still water?

26. Outdoor dining or indoor dining?

27. Minimalist jewelry or chunky jewelry?

28. Long nails or short nails?

29. The book or the movie adaptation?

30. Sleeping late or sleeping early?

31. Shopping online or in-store?

32. AirPods or wire headphones?

33. Walking or biking?

34. Sandals or crocs?

35. Encanto or Turning Red?

36. Phoebe Bridgers or HAIM?

37. Scented candles or candlesticks?

38. Eddie Munson or Steve Harrington?

39. Jean shorts or denim skirts?

40. Skydiving or bungee jumping?

41. Ghost tour or historical tour?

42. Carnival or circus?

43. Carnivore or herbivore?

44. Beard or clean-shaved?

Funny This or That Questions

There may be a reason why this or that question was designed specifically to be funny. People can’t resist laughing at their brevity, which allows for so many interpretations. Try these funny this or that questions!

1. Flip-flops or sneakers?

2. Running or swimming?

3. Beer or wine?

4. Indoor or outdoor?

5. Holding in a fart or holding in pee?

6. Spa or gym?

7. Florals or stripes?

8. Drunk or sober?

9. Costume party or pool party?

10. Bowling or mini-golf?

11. Facebook or Twitter?

12. Harley Davidson or Crotch Rocket?

13. Sunrise or sunset?

14. Home garden or farmers market?

15. Sports or video games?

16. Marvel or DC?

17. Hiking or monster truck rally?

18. Lost or found?

19. Watch sports or play sports?

20. Good looks or good sense of humor?

21. Simpsons or Family Guy?

22. Theme park or water park?

23. Personal chef or gym trainer?

24. Pumping iron or pumping gas?

25. Cold or flu?

26. Big ears or big feet?

27. Bikini or one-piece?

28. Eating dirt or eating bad food?

29. Yoga pants or jeans?

30. Horror stories or mysteries?

31. Skates or bike?

32. Fishing or kayaking?

33. Hot or cute?

34. Chilly or lemon?

35. Comedy or drama?

36. Dancing or cooking classes?

37. Bad breath or body odor?

38. Puzzles or board games?

39. Baseball or football?

40. Camping or safari?

41. Boxers or briefs?

42. Vampires or angels?

43. Christmas or Halloween?

44. Bubble bath or shower?

Deep This or That Questions

Deep this or that questions really come down to this or that. Whether light or dark, whether to be or not to be. Take the conversation in a new, thoughtful direction by dropping these in a conversation with someone who has a lot to say about life’s serious side.

1. Train or plane?

2. Antique or new?

3. Beach or hills?

4. Work hard or play hard?

5. Save or spend?

6. Family movies or adult movies?

7. Smoking or drinking?

8. Dancer or singer?

9. Morning person or night owl?

10. Sinful or righteous?

11. Architectural sites or shopping?

12. Smile or eyes?

13. Strange or crazy?

14. Sunglasses or sun visor?

15. Money or free time?

16. Own country or abroad?

17. Twins or single kids?

18. Intelligent or funny?

19. Money or fame?

20. Modern or rustic?

21. Freedom or hope?

22. Rom-coms or documentaries?

23. Chandelier or lamps?

24. Pop music or rock music?

25. Leather or fabric?

26. Forest or beach?

27. Morning shower or evening shower?

28. Hurt or dead?

29. Art festivals or music festivals?

30. Concerts or movies?

31. Trip or staycation?

32. Hunting or saving?

33. Comfort or style?

34. Paintings or photos?

35. Motorcycle or bicycle?

36. Working alone or working in a team?

37. Museum or amusement park?

38. Reading books or watching videos?

39. Handmade gifts or expensive gifts?

40. Success or happiness?

41. Truth or lies?

42. Cable or satellite?

43. Piercings or tattoos?

44. Email or letter?

45. Abs or chest?

46. Cycle or walks?

47. Evil or good?

48. Formal or casual?

Hard This or That Questions

There are many different ways you can play this game, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a game. This is also a good way to find out what someone likes and dislikes. Have a look at the following hard this or that questions!

1. Fast or slow?

2. Introvert or extrovert?

3. Plants or flowers?

4. Strategy games or bingo?

5. Liquid soap or bar soap?

6. Work from home or commute to work?

7. Google or Bing?

8. Girlfriend or family?

9. Office work or outside work?

10. Supervisor or hourly employee?

11. Trash or treasure?

12. Live in the past or present?

13. Quick temper or controlled temper?

14. Your pet or neighbor’s child?

15. Apartment or home?

16. Paper bags or plastic bags?

17. Formals or casuals?

18. Underwater or up in the air?

19. Higher studies or work?

20. Perfume or body spray?

21. Houseboat or yacht?

22. Self-employed or a company man?

23. Painfully full or starving?

24. Aerobics or yoga?

25. Cry or scream?

26. Classic or modern?

27. Facts or fiction?

28. Rain or sunshine?

29. Instant death or prolonged death?

30. Divorce or staying in a bad marriage?

31. Doctor or patient?

32. Author or editor?

33. Town or country?

34. Bare feet or shoes?

35. Books or magazines?

36. Neutral colors or bold colors?

37. Global warming or natural disaster?

38. Performing arts or science?

39. Wax or shave?

40. Thunderstorm or snowstorm?

41. Trees or flowers?

42. Student or teacher?

43. Government work or private sector?

44. New Year’s Eve or Valentine’s Day?

45. Mom or dad?

46. Boss or worker?

47. Doctor or engineer?

48. Charger or power bank?

49. Live forever, or live to be only sixty years old?

50. Live in a cold area or a hot area?

Good This or That Questions

You want this list when you need more than an opener, but a question that will change the entire dynamic of the conversation. Let your questions get everyone talking by choosing a few of them good this or that questions!

1. Be super strong or super smart?

2. Go on a rollercoaster with seven loop-deloops, or a waterslide that’s five minutes long?

3. Be Spiderman or Batman?

4. Spend an entire day running in the desert without water or two hours swimming in the middle of the ocean after dark?

5. Go white water rafting, or kayak across the ocean?

6. Travel the world, or live in an exotic place?

7. Live in a tree house, or inside the world of your favorite movie?

8. Go skydiving or bungee jumping?

9. Travel on horseback, or on a motorcycle?

10. Boat down a waterfall, or spend a year in a spaceship?

11. Be Catwoman or Wonder Woman?

12. Live in an airplane, or a boat?

13. Be a transformer or a pokemon?

14. Live in Alice in Wonderland’s world, or Peter Pan’s world?

15. Be surrounded by sharks or jellyfish?

16. Be a secret agent for the government, or be a vigilante?

17. Go to Hogwarts or Jedi academy?

18. Be able to fly, or have the ability to breathe underwater?

19. Drive a motorcycle down the coast of American, or drive a van across Europe?

20. Be an astronaut or a firefighter?

21. Huke up a mountain, or through a rainforest?

22. Be able to read minds, or run as fast as a car?

23. Walk a hundred miles with no shoes, or swim ten miles with no bathing suit?

24. Zipline through a rainforest or swim with dolphins?

25. Paraglide, or be a passenger in a race car?

26. Have a pet tiger, or pet chimpanzees?

27. Go tobogganing or skating?

28. Win the lottery, or earn the same amount of money?

29. Lose all your hair, or all your teeth?

30. Never see the sky again, or never see your family again?

31. Be able to feel what other are feeling, or be able to see what others are seeing?

32. Be evil and powerful, or good and weak?

33. Get a horrible sunburn, or get stung by a jellyfish?

34. Be shrunk down to the size of a cricket, or blown up the size of an elephant?

35. Learn a skill that interests you but will never get you a job, or a skill that will get you a job, but is of no interest to you?

36. Be an animal, or a robot?

37. Win a million dollars but have to spend it on other people, or win a thousand dollars and get to spend it only on yourself?

38. Drop out of school, or go to school every day for the rest of your life?

39. Be a millionaire with no friends, or a poor person with a wonderful community?

40. Have a really nice car, or a mansion?

41. Write a book, or write a TV show?

42. Never have to sleep again, or never have to eat again?

43. Spend an hour in a walk-in freezer, or two hours in a sauna?

44. Be a movie star, or a rockstar?

45. Have to grow all your own food, or eat your food knowing it was grown with pesticides?

46. Rather be buried alive, or drown?

47. Achieve your ultimate goal very young and not know where to go from there, or spend your whole life working toward your ultimate goal, only to succeed in your old age?

48. Become a kindergarten teacher, or a veterinarian?

49. Be the richest person alive, or the smartest person alive?

50. Live with the person you like least in the world, or live alone?

51. Be famous but get followed everywhere you go, or be unknown and never get a job?

52. Never experience love, or experience love many times but never get married?

53. Go to prison, or spend your life on the run from the cops?

54. Have to sleep standing up, or have to eat upside down?

Dirty This or That Questions

This or that question list will challenge your morals, relationships, and stomach! From sexy preferences to weird foods, dirty this or that questions list will challenge it all! Have a look!

1. Netflix or Hulu?

2. Sweating or shivering?

3. Subtly stained clothes or obviously wrinkled clothes?

4. Wash dishes immediately or wait until the sink is full?

5. Clean a litter box or walk a dog?

6. Sponge or paper towel?

7. Hand soap or hand sanitizer?

8. Bath or shower?

9. Bar soap or body wash?

10. Laundry or dishes?

11. Load the dishwasher or unload the dishwasher?

12. Sweeping or vacuuming?

13. Showers or baths?

14. Rake or shovel?

15. Dirty bathroom or dirty kitchen?

16. Clutter in the closet or clutter under the bed?

17. Mowing the yard or weeding the garden?

18. Muddy floor or dusty floor?

19. Clothes on the floor or clothes in the hamper?

20. Hang out with little kids or old folks?

21. City or countryside?

22. Patterned or plain?

23. Ambition or comfort?

24. Espresso or drip coffee?

25. Salad or sandwich?

26. Hot coffee or iced coffee?

27. Reality shows or documentaries?

28. Wine or Beer?

29. Be embarrassed or be afraid?

30. Owe money or owe a favor?

31. Car or bike?

32. Lose sleep or skip a meal?

33. Cooking or being cooked for?

34. Night or morning?

35. Train or airplane?

36. Play or standup show?

37. Art museum or history museum?

38. Red wine or white wine?

39. Cash or credit?

40. Passenger or driver?

41. Alcohol or weed?

42. Attend a party or host a party?

43. Smartphone or tablet?

44. Sneakers or dress shoes?

45. Camping or glamping?

46. Fiction or nonfiction?

47. Roommates or live alone?

48. Rich and famous or rich and unknown?

Flirty This or That Questions

Would you rather have a set of flirty this or that questions ready for your next conversation when you really need to convey your interest to a girl, or would you rather wing it and fail miserably?

1. Have a twin flame who had 100 partners before you or someone who is a virgin?

2. Be teased with feathers of with ice cubes?

3. Have a date night every month or two times per week?

4. Make love in the shower or outside in the rain?

5. Have a soulmate who is clingly and is always with you or a soulmate who never has time to spend with you?

6. Assuming it’s for one night only, Be a submissive or dominate?

7. Be intimate in the morning or at night?

8. Have your boo do something romantic or something kinky?

9. Be intimate once per week or 7 times per week?

10. Have cute nicknames for each other or have none at all?

11. Be on bottom or on top?

12. Use chocolate or oil when making love?

13. Get a sexy text or a love letter?

14. Have unprotected intercourse with a celebrity or have no intercourse with him/her at all?

15. Have a partner who is a saint or someone who is super freaky?

16. Be intimate for an hour or have a quickie?

Interesting This or That Questions

These this or that interesting questions can break the ice and help people get to know each other better, whether you’re looking for conversation starters or a fun party game. 

1. Reading or Writing?

2. Crop tops or oversized tops?

3. Soy sauce or sesame oil?

4. Lipstick or chapstick?

5. Middle part or side part?

6. Scrunchie or headband?

7. Butter or jam?

8. Bus or train?

9. Glasses or contacts?

10. Park hang or beach hang?

11. Tinder or Hinge?

12. Friends from high school or friends from Twitter?

13. General admission or assigned seats?

14. Being on time or being late?

15. Prom or afterparty?

16. Long socks or no show socks?

17. Texting or calling?

18. Cuffing your jeans or keeping them long?

19. Fairy lights or colored LED lights?

20. Rainy weather or clear skies?

21. IG Story or IG Live?

22. Black coffee or milky coffee?

23. Rue or Jules?

24. East coast or West coast?

25. Clothes or accessories?

26. Perfume or scented body wash?

27. Bike shorts or bermuda shorts?

28. Ice water or room temperature water?

29. Swimming or laying by the pool?

30. Doc Martens or New Balances?

31. BookTok or PlantTok?

32. Blow drying or air drying?

33. Short hair or long hair?

34. Milk tea or fruit tea?

35. Chokers or long chains?

36. For here or to go?

37. Checking your watch or checking the time on your phone?

38. Keychain or carabiner?

39. Orange slices or orange juice?

40. Studs or hoop earrings?

41. Beach or forest?

42. Bright white sneakers or worn out sneakers?

43. Vans or Converse?

44. Leggings or shorts?

This or That Questions for Couples

When people are given a choice between two different and interesting options, this or that questions for couples help them learn more about each other and themselves. Have a look at this!

1. Sleeping with the bedroom door closed or open?

2. Walk slow or walk fast?

3. Coffee date or cocktail date?

4. Fast food or health food?

5. Couch potato or fitness fiend?

6. Toilet paper over or under?

7. Dine in or order delivery?

8. Big wedding or small wedding?

9. Concert or sports game?

10. Big family or small family?

11. Family or friends?

12. Looks or personality?

13. Vegetarian or meat-eating?

14. Calling or texting?

15. Night out or night in?

16. Talking or listening?

17. Clean as you cook or clean up at the end?

18. Split the bill or take turns paying?

19. Eggs or pancakes?

20. Food truck or restaurant?

21. Planning or winging it?

22. Expensive gift or homemade gift?

23. Funny movie or dramatic movie?

24. Arrive early or arrive late?

25. Messy or tidy?

26. Dogs or cats?

27. Puppies or kittens?

28. Halloween or Christmas?

29. Toys or candy?

30. Flying or turning invisible?

31. Lake or ocean?

32. Chocolate or vanilla?

33. Pizza or tacos?

34. Pandas or koalas?

35. Pizza party or pool party?

36. TV or movies?

37. Winter or summer?

38. Sandwiches with crusts or no crusts?

39. Ice cream or cake?

40. Fruits or vegetables?

41. Sharks or dolphins?

42. Cookies or brownies?

43. Disneyworld or Legoland?

44. Dragons or unicorns?

45. Football or soccer?

46. Hamburgers or hot dogs?

47. Volcano or mountain?

48. Zoo or aquarium?

49. No homework or no bedtime?

50. Beach or pool?

51. Lions or tigers?

52. Running or walking?

53. Batman or Superman?

54. Christmas or your birthday?

55. Ninjas or pirates?

56. Sweet or sour?

57. Sun or moon?

58. Outer space or the bottom of the sea?

59. Swimming or building sand castles?

This or That Questions for Adults

The best way to get to know someone is to give them a simple choice. Even if they only answer a few questions about their preferences, you learn a great deal. Take a closer look at the list of the this or that questions for adults!

1. Live without movies or live without music?

2. Be beautiful and dumb or smart and unattractive?

3. Be on a dating show or a survival show?

4. Be serenaded by Snoop Dog or Mariah Carey?

5. Always have a runny rose or always have a cough?

6. Be too hot or too cold?

7. Read a book or watch a movie?

8. Know every language, but never be able to travel to another country, or would you?

9. Always be underdressed or always be overdressed?

10. Be able to teleport or have a private plane?

11. Have a personal chef or a chauffeur?

12. Be remembered in history books for doing something terrible, or be completely forgotten after you die?

13. Be a horse or a dog?

14. Get stranded by yourself on a desert island, or stranded on a snow mountain?

15. Look 10 years older from the neck up or down?

16. Lose all of the money you earned this year or lose all of the memories you made this year?

17. Have your least favorite song played on a constant loop, or never listen to music ever again?

18. Not brush your teeth for a week or not take a shower for two weeks?

19. Be able to speak any language or be able to speak to animals?

20. Spend time at the beach or the ocean?

21. Be 45 minutes late or 45 minutes early to every event or engagement?

22. Eat only ice cream for the rest of your life, or never eat ice cream again?

23. Have a photographic memory or perfect pitch?

24. Have a public or private proposal?

25. Be your own boss or work for someone else?

26. Be an artist or an athlete?

27. Be able to see into the future or not?

28. Live in a big city or a small town?

29. Go to jail for a crime you didn’t commit, or get away with a crime but be paranoid about being caught for your entire life?

30. Have a huge wedding or just get a marriage license?

31. Travel back in time, or travel to the future?

32. Die in 10 years with no regrets or live for 30 years with lots of regrets?

33. Be rich or famous?

34. Be really funny or really smart?

35. Be a good singer or a good dancer?

36. Know how you die or when you die?

37. Have more time or more money?

38. Give up social media or be an influencer?

39. Have 10 children or no children?

40. Die before or after your partner?

41. Be feared or loved?

42. Be able to fly or read minds?

43. Explore the deep sea or outer space?

44. Be bored or busy?

This or That Questions for Friends

Give them a simple choice to choose from if you are looking for questions to ask friends. While they may only be answering a very short question about their preferences, you are learning so much in the process of this or that questions for friends!

1. Iced tea or iced coffee?

2. Sour cream or guacamole?

3. HBO Max or Hulu?

4. Baseball cap or beanie?

5. Concert tote bag or museum tote bag?

6. Pie or cake?

7. Pancakes or French toast?

8. The Harry Potter trio or the Stranger Things kids?

9. Planning or spontaneity?

10. Podcast or audiobook?

11. Bangs or no bangs?

12. The Kardashians or the D’Amelios?

13. A great playlist or a great book?

14. Ice cream sandwich or popsicle?

15. Twitch or YouTube?

16. Skinny French fries or thick-cut wedges?

17. Prints or solids?

18. Breakfast burrito or Bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich?

19. Simple skincare routine or 7+ step skincare routine?

20. Orange juice or apple juice?

21. Rare Beauty or Kylie Cosmetics?

22. Radio or television?

23. Dark chocolate or white chocolate?

24. Hot dog or hamburger?

25. Laces or slip-ons?

26. The Devil Wears Prada or The Bold Type?

27. Emma Chamberlain or Addison Rae?

28. Posting on main or posting on Close Friends?

This or That Questions to Ask a Guy

When you are having a casual conversation with a guy, whether it is a new friend, a business partnership, or a romantic partner, you need a list of this or that questions to ask a guy just like you need questions to ask a woman.

1. Sight or hearing?

2. Really tall or really short?

3. Drugs: illegal or legalised?

4. Cheat or be cheated on?

5. Creative or logical?

6. Safe and predictable or dangerous and exciting?

7. Life in prison or death sentence?

8. Get €1,000 a week for the rest of your life or €1 million right now?

9. Revive a person or bring back an extinct species?

10. Empathic or narcissistic?

11. See into the future or change the past?

12. Underdog or favourite?

13. Be six inches taller or €500,000 richer?

14. Pause or rewind time?

15. Intense pain for one minute or dull pain for a day?

16. Intelligence or strength?

17. Take the red pill or the blue pill?

18. Ugly and clever or attractive and dumb?

19. End war or end world hunger?

20. Die slowly without pain or quickly and painfully?

21. Forget who you are or forget your partner?

22. Extreme emotions or emotionless?

23. Shack in the countryside or mansion in the city?

24. 1 million Instagram followers or €100,000?

25. Adult mind in a child body or a child mind in an adult body?

26. Child forever or adult forever?

27. Awkward silence or intense sound?

28. Security or adventure?

29. False hope or irrational anxiety?

30. Free healthcare or free education?

31. Time or money?

32. Happy fool or troubled genius?

33. Communism or capitalism?

34. A 99% chance to win €100,000 or a 50-50 chance at €10 million?

35. Ability to fly or ability to read minds?

36. Loner or social butterfly?

37. Poor and happy or rich and miserable?

38. Successful entrepreneur or successful team player?

39. Immortality or mortality?

This or That Questions for Boyfriend

Ignore the myth that asking a boyfriend any questions makes him talk to you more easily. Getting them to open up is similar to getting girls to open up. Must try the list of this or that questions for boyfriend!

1. Have a significant other who is super romantic or super dirty?

2. Make love every night to the one you love or to different partners?

3. Be intimate in the sea or on the beach?

4. Make love for 2 minutes or for 2 hours?

5. Have frequent bad sex or no sex at all?

6. Make love with your ex or with a total stranger?

7. Never be intimate again or never kiss again?

8. Have one kid or have five kids?

9. Be kissed on the neck the whole night or kissed on the mouth the whole night?

10. Take a vow of silence or take a vow of celibacy?

11. Have a date night at your favorite place every time or try a new place every date?

12. Kiss all night or cuddle all night?

13. Have your boo tied up or be tied up?

14. Be handcuffed or blindfolded?

This or That Questions for Instagram 

The recent increase in “This or That Questions for Instagram Story Posts” on Instagram is likely to have caught your eye if you’ve been on the social networking site for any period of time.

1. Baseball or volleyball?

2. Shopping in-store or online?

3. Car or truck?

4. Vacation or staycation?

5. Work or school?

6. Tent or camping RV?

7. High heels or flats?

8. Credit or cash?

9. Plastic or glass?

10. Coffee or tea?

11. Instagram or Facebook?

12. Iced tea or hot tea?

13. New phone or a new laptop?

14. Call or text?

15. Tacos or wings?

16. Long or short hair?

17. Broccoli or green beans?

18. The toilet paper goes over or under?

19. Soda or juice?

20. Ice cream in a cone or dish?

21. Board games or card games?

22. Video games or books?

23. Roller coasters or bumper cars?

24. Summer or Winter?

25. Cats or dogs?

26. Workout at home or at the gym?

27. Television series or movie?

28. Blue or green?

30. Spend your money or save your money?

31. Batting or pitching?

32. Eggs or bagels?

33. Morning or night?

34. Fishing or hunting?

35. Football or basketball?

36. Apartment or house?

37. Pancakes or waffles?

38. Country or city?

39. Hats or headbands?

40. Silver or gold?

41. Giving a gift or receiving a gift?

42. Pen or pencil?

43. Paperback book or eBook?

44. Pepperoni pizza or cheese pizza?

45. Sausage or bacon?

46. Sneakers or boots?

47. Traditional spaghetti or chicken alfredo?

48. Rock or hip hop?

49. Beach or mountains?

50. Shower or bath?

51. Smoothies or milkshakes?

52. Sleep on the left or the right side of the bed?

53. Delivery or sit-down restaurant?

This or That Questions As Icebreakers

There are many questions asked during a verbal game played between two people or within a small group. That’s why I’ve designed a list of this or that icebreaker questions!

1. After-work drinks or a movie at home?

2. Team leader or team player?

3. Office party or staff lunch?

4. Extra mile or bare minimum?

5. Work later or start earlier?

6. Early bird or night owl?

7. Voice call or video chat?

8. More or fewer team meetings?

9. Higher salary or more holiday days?

10. Open-plan or closed office?

11. Relaxing or action-packed weekend?

12. Excel or Word?

13. Work until later with breaks or leave earlier without a break?

14. Uniform or no uniform?

15. Feel confident or insecure at work?

16.Productive in the morning or afternoon?

17. Smart or casual at the office?

18. Brainstorming session or solo research?

19. Work from home or in the office?

20. Organised or chaotic?

21. Teacher’s pet or class rebel?

22. Take criticism well or badly?

23. Silent or lively office?

24. Message with or without emojis?

25. Work to music or work in silence?

26. Easily distracted or always focused?

27. New office chairs or new desks?

28. Dream job and retire in 50 years or terrible job and retire in 10 years?

29. More money and longer hours or less money and more free time?

30. Excel or buckle under pressure?

31. Working hard or hardly working?

32. Slack or Asana?

33. Email or phone call?

34. Motivated by money or recognition?

35. Small or large teams?

36. IOS or Windows?

37. Great boss and terrible job or terrible job and great boss?

38. Packed lunch or cafeteria?

39. Tidy or messy desk?

5 Tips for Choosing This or That Questions

A simple question like this or that takes only a few minutes to answer, and you need to work through a few quick steps to ask it. For your ease, I’ve selected the tips to choose this or that questions!

Choose the Right Moment

It is important here to make sure the people are in the mood to converse. When you’re about to have a serious board meeting, don’t start dropping fun questions. If you want to have a good chat with people, use them when they are relaxed.

Using a Point System

You can use a point system by having one player guess the other’s answer. As long as the responding player does not guess incorrectly, they receive a point. Earn points up to 21. After all questions are answered by all players, the game can be stopped.

Rules of the Games

All players must answer quickly to ensure the game runs smoothly. Round-table games can be played with this game. During a round-table discussion, each player quickly answers questions at their turn. You can also get played if you answer all the questions in total. 

Once the questions have been answered, count the number of players who answered correctly. You must give answers to this or that questions game about another player if you are using a point system. The purpose of this is to help two or more people get to know each other better.

Spring Them As a Surprise

What makes a this or that question so effective is that it’s best when it’s unexpected. Get an immediate response with your first impression. As a result, you’ll be able to learn more about the person and have better conversations with them.

Tailor Your Questions to the Situations

You might want to use a question like this or that if the person is serious. Go with a funny one if they’re more laid back. If you know your conversation partner well, you can choose this or that quiz that will entertain and intrigue them.

Final Thoughts on This or That Questions

Among the many ways to make a lagging conversation more energetic, this or that questions may be the easiest. When it comes to clever comments and interesting questions, this or that question takes the least amount of work and requires the least amount of knowledge.

You can simply pose a quick question and let people work through the answers together. It’s as simple as that. When you ask the right question, you’re likely to spark a new conversation on a new topic. I can’t think of anything else to say. You’ll begin to see your conversations take off when you use the questions above. I also add the tips to choose this or that questions that can help you more. 

I hope you would like this or that quiz game, share your views regarding this guide how much is it helpful for you. Feel free to come into the comment section!

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