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428 Best NBA Trivia Questions to Expand Your Knowledge

Are you seeking for NBA Trivia questions to play? Do you consider yourself an expert in basketball? Or do you believe you are an expert on the National Basketball Association?

Play this entertaining trivia question game to see how big of a fan you are. Arrange a meeting, get some pizza or wings and play this NBA trivia questions game with your friends, afterwards, see if you can win.

Watching the NBA has always been entertaining. The association is getting more attention than ever thanks to the growth of social media and athleticism. The league’s history has seen several changes, especially in terms of entertainment value, game speed, and intriguing characters.

Are you trying to learn more about the league? Consider trying to solve these NBA quiz questions. You will be an NBA expert once your team completes this round of questions.

Best NBA Trivia Questions

Legends are made in the NBA. By answering these best NBA trivia questions, you can develop your knowledge of trivia. Use this list for a night of NBA trivia with family and friends and enjoy your time watching the Lakers or your other favourite team.

1. MVP got which trophy?

Answer: Maurice Podoloff trophy.

2. What player wins 2 NBA championship as a player-coach?

Answer: Bill Russel.

3. Which player got the very first MVP trophy?

Answer: Bob Pettit.

4. How many personal fouls does it take to get ejected from an NBA basketball game?

Answer: 6.

5. I led The Memphis Grizzlies in points per game in 1997-98 with an average of 22.3 ppg. Who Am I?

Answer: Shareef Abdur-Rahim.

6. George Raveling said, “I know the ____________ players are smart because they have a 1500 SAT. I have to drop bread crumbs to get our players to and from class.”

Answer: Virginia.

7. What Is Michael Jordan’s Career High in Scoring?

Answer: 69.

8. Sam Jones is known as one of the greatest shooters in basketball. What was his free-throw percentage in 1964-65 for the Celtics?

Answer: .820.

9. What player set an NBA single season record for the most regular season games played?

Answer: Walt Bellamy.

10. What is the nickname that has followed NBA star Kevin Garnett?

Answer: Big Ticket.

11. By the turn of the 20th Century, which one of these cities had never held an NBA franchise?

Answer: Wichita.

12. In which city did the jazz play before they went to Salt Lake City in 1979?

Answer: New Orleans.

13. What country is NBA basketball player Yao Ming originally from?

Answer: China.

14. Who is the only player in NBA history to accumulate 20,000+ points in his career, while averaging fewer than 15.0 ppg?

Answer: Robert Parish.

15. With what company did Vince Carter sign for his first shoe endorsement?

Answer: Puma.

16. Name one of the two original NBA teams to have never moved location (just name the city)?

Answer: Boston.

17. Who was picked 13th overall in the 1996 NBA draft?

Answer: Kobe Bryant.

18. Who was the first Turkish-born player in NBA history?

Answer: Hedo Turkoglu.

19. Which one of these players was born in the United States?

Answer: Emeka Okafor.

20. Who was the 45th overall selection in the 2003 NBA Draft, and was drafted by the Bulls?

Answer: Matt Bonner.

21. What is recognized as the first coin-op arcade machine to be sports-licensed?

Answer: NBA Jam.

22. Which player was signed by the L.A. Clippers in December 2004?

Answer: Kirk Penney.

23. What is Michael Jordan’s middle name?

Answer: Jeffrey.

24. The first professional team that Wilt Chamberlain ever played on was the __________?

Answer: Harlem Globetrotters.

25. Who was the first player to score 60 or more points in a N.B.A. postseason game?

Answer: Elgin Baylor.

26. Who is the shortest player to win the slam dunk contest?

Answer: Spud Webb.

27. Prior to John Stockton becoming the all-time leader in steals, who owned the title?

Answer: Maurice Cheeks.

28. Which NBA players had NBA jam arcade machines during the game’s popularity?

Answer: Shawn Kemp & Shaquille O’Neal.

Random NBA Trivia Questions

Any challenging basketball test should include information on the magnificent NBA history that the nation has experienced. Legendary athletes have made historical contributions that continue to be recognized in the hall of fame. Check out these random NBA trivia questions to learn about these iconic NBA moments.

1. How long does a collegiate basketball match run for?

Answer: A collegiate basketball contest would usually last for just 40 minutes.

2. In the 1993 Finals Jordan averaged ____ points, ____ rebounds and ____ assists to roll over Phoenix in a 6-game series. Fill in the blanks.

Answer: 41, 8.5, 6.3.

3. Paul Arizin is first on the all-time ejections list, who is second (as of February 2001)?

Answer: Shawn Kemp.

4. Who was the coach of Golden State Warriors in 2018 NBA season?

Answer: Steve Kerr.

5. What year was Arvydas Sabonis drafted?

Answer: 1985.

6. All of the following have played in NBA Championships, but who did not play on an NCAA championship team?

Answer: Oscar Robertson.

7. Which player has most career rebounds?

Answer: Wilt Chamberlain total 23924 rebounds.

8. Where is 2010-11 Sacramento King Omri Casspi from?

Answer: Israel.

9. Which high school player was the highest selected in the 2000 NBA Draft?

Answer: Darius Miles.

10. In NBA season 2017 – 2018 who was the most valuable player?

Answer: James Harden.

11. Who was the first Chicago Bulls player to score fifty or more points in a N.B.A game?

Answer: Chet Walker.

12. Who said, “Nobody roots for Goliath”?

Answer: Wilt Chamberlain.

13. Top scorer of NBA season 2016-2017?

Answer: Russel Westbrook.

14. While Michael Jordan proved to be the “Unstoppabull”, this role player led the team in free-throw percentage and field-goal percentage. Who is he?

Answer: Steve Kerr.

15. Who was the MVP in the 1971 All-Star game in San Diego?

Answer: Lenny Wilkens.

16. Most valuable player (MVP) award in the NBA start on which year?

Answer: In 1955 – 1956 season.

17. Who led the 1971-72 Los Angeles Lakers in points per game?

Answer: Gail Goodrich.

18. Who was the only team in the first lockout shortened NBA season to average over 100 pts?

Answer: The Kings.

19. Nick Van Exel once said: ‘Yeah, I know a way to defend it. Take a bat to the game and kill one of them’. Who was he referring to?

Answer: Stockton+Malone.

20. Blake Griffin dunked over what object to win the NBA slam dunk contest in 2011?

Answer: The Hood of a car.

21. How many quarters in 1 game of basketball?

Answer: 4 quarters.

22. Who was the first player to block 10 shots in a N.B.A. postseason game?

Answer: Mark Eaton.

23. Which NBA player is the only one to have fouled out of an NBA game in only 5 minutes?

Answer: Dick Farley.

24. How long does each contest in an NBA match last?

Answer: An NBA match lasts for 48 minutes, making it one of the lengthiest durations ever.

25. The famous basketball player Dr. J original name is what?

Answer: Julius Erving.

26. What NBA Hall of famer led the NBA in free throw percentage a record seven seasons?

Answer: Bill Sharman.

27. What number was Predrag Stojakovic drafted?

Answer: 14th overall.

28. What is the size of three-point arc in NBA?

Answer: 7.24 meters.

Fun NBA Trivia Questions

In the glorious history of the NBA, there have been odd and funny moments, just like in any sport. Let’s look at some of the funniest moments in NBA history to lighten the mood by asking these fun NBA trivia questions.

1. Who is sometimes referred to as “The Human Victory Cigar”?

Answer: Darko Milicic.

2. What is Magic Johnson’s real first name?

Answer: Earvin.

3. How many NBA players go broke after just five years of retirement, according to a study done by Sports Illustrated in 2009?

Answer: Around 60% of NBA players go broke after five years. This is due to the luxurious lifestyle they get used to while they are playing ball at the NBA.

4. Which NBA player was told to “Shut-Up and Dribble” by a fox employee?

Answer: Lebron James.

5. In what year was the 3-point field goal introduced to the NBA?

Answer: 1979.

6. Which NBA player performed the role of the grandfather in the Pacific Northwest Ballet performance of the Nutcracker?

Answer: Vladimir Radmanovic from the Seattle Supersonics.

7. In 2010, which NBA player posed nude for an issue of ESPN magazine?

Answer: Amare Stoudemire.

8. Who was the first NBA player to break a backboard?

Answer: Chuck Connors while playing for the Boston Celtics in 1946.

9. Which player met his wife at the set of a rap video?

Answer: Kobe Bryant.

10. What basketball technique did God Shammgod, a New York NBA legend, pioneer?

Answer: The Shammgod Crossover.

11. What was the nickname of former Boston Celtic star Cedric maxwell?

Answer: Cornbread.

12. Which player gave himself the nickname, “Black Mamba”?

Answer: Kobe Bryant.

13. Which player had the nickname ‘The Pink Panther’?

Answer: Toni Kukoc.

14. In 2011 Ron Artest Legally changed his name to what?

Answer: Meta World Peace.

15. What is Shaquille O’Neal’s rap hit called?

Answer: ‘What’s Up Doc’.

16. After which player is the Twitter Logo named after?

Answer: The blue bird on Twitter’s Logo is named after Larry Bird.

17. The “Dream Team”, the first American Olympic basketball team to feature current NBA stars, competed in which Olympics?

Answer: The 1992 Olympics in Barcelona.

18. What was Pete Maravich doing when he died in 1988?

Answer: Playing Basketball.

19. Which team retired Wilt Chamberlain’s jersey in 2000?

Answer: The Harlem Globetrotters.

20. Who is widely considered to be the best NBA free-throw shooter?

Answer: Mark Price with 90.4%.

21. Who was the first non-American player to win the NBA Rookie of the Year award?

Answer: Pau Gasol of Spain, in 1992.

22. Which NBA star grew up as the son of a 15-year-old single mother?

Answer: Allen Iverson.

23. Who is the only NBA player of the modern era who made it to every NBA All Star game during a period that was actively playing the game?

Answer: Yao Ming.

24. What is Corliss Williamson’s nickname?

Answer: Big Nasty.

25. Which player was drafted by Orlando Magic but was later traded for Penny Hardaway?

Answer: Chris Webber.

26. In the NBA, who is known by the nickname of “The Mailman”?

Answer: Karl Malone.

27. What word is tattooed on Scottie Pippen’s forearm?

Answer: Pip.

28. Who was the first NBA player to play in 1500 NBA games?

Answer: Kareem Jabbar.

29. 1960s Los Angeles Laker was known as ‘Fall Back Baby’?

Answer: Dick Barnett.

30. Who was the second pick overall in the 1986 NBA draft?

Answer: Len Bias.

Current NBA Trivia Questions

Are you knowledgeable about basketball statistics? Try your hand at these current NBA trivia questions and answers to prove your point. Hopefully you’ll make more than a three-pointer and avoid fouling out.

1. Who is the current owner of the Golden State Warriors?

Answer: Peter Guber.

2. Who is the current owner of the Boston Celtics?

Answer: Wyc Grousbeck.

3. What college did Michael Jordan attend?

Answer: University of North Carolina.

4. The only player to score 100 pts in a game. Who am I?

Answer: Wilt Chamberlain.

5. Who was the shortest player in NBA history?

Answer: Tyrone “Muggsy” Bogues at 5′ 3″.

6. Who was the all-time NBA leader in assists at the end of the 2001 season?

Answer: John Stockton.

7. Who was the second Australian player that was signed into the NBA by the Timberwolves?

Answer: Shane Heal.

8. Who holds the records for most “slam dunks” in the NBA?

Answer: Dwight Howard.

9. Who is the youngest player to play in the NBA?

Answer: James Wiseman.

10. Which key player was added to the 76ers in the 1982-83 season?

Answer: Moses Malone.

11. Which player inbounded the ball for the Philadelphia 76ers in the historic playoff game in the 1960s with few seconds remaining in the game only to have it intercepted by John Havlicek of Boston?

Answer: Hal Greer.

12. Which player was drafted out of St. Johns in 1999, is known for earning numerous technical fouls, and is an excellent defender at the forward position?

Answer: Ron Artest.

13. Who was the tallest player in NBA history?

Answer: Manute Bol at 7′ 7″.

14. Which NBA team did P.J. Carlisimo coach in the late 90’s?

Answer: Golden State.

15. What city is the famous Dallas Maverick Dirk Nowitzki from?

Answer: Wurzburg, Germany.

16. When the ref calls timeout on his part, it is legal for either team to substitute a player. True or false?

Answer: False.

17. Who did the Royals choose with the 19th overall pick in the 1970 draft?

Answer: Nate Archibald.

18. Which player did the Los Angeles Lakers give up for Kobe Bryant?

Answer: Vlade Divac.

19. Hubie Brown won NBA Coach of the Year for which team in 1977?

Answer: Atlanta Hawks.

20. Rick Barry helped win the championship for which franchise in 1975?

Answer: Golden State Warriors.

21. Who has been awarded the NBA Finals MVP six times in a row while being on a losing team?

Answer: Michael Jordan.

22. Gold, navy blue, and maroon can be found on whose uniform?

Answer: Denver Nuggets.

23. Which team does Lebron James play for in 2021?

Answer: Los Angeles Lakers.

24. Which NBA player is the highest paid as of 2021?

Answer: LeBron James.

25. What player holds the Kings single game record for points scored in a N.B.A. game?

Answer: Jack Twyman.

26. Which teams did the Lakers play enroute to their third consecutive NBA ring in 2001-2002?

Answer: Portland – San Antonio – Sacramento – New Jersey.

27. Which country was Rick Fox born in?

Answer: Canada

28. Which player won the three-point shootout during the 97-98 All-Star weekend?

Answer: Jeff Hornacek.

Easy NBA Trivia Questions

Are you a fan of NBA? Doesn’t matter because NBA is a highly well-liked game worldwide. And the game itself is intriguing. We therefore offer the best set of easy NBA trivia questions. Enjoy and tell your friends about these!

1. What year did the Golden State Warriors get started?

Answer: 1946.

2. How many NBA finals did Shaq play with the Orlando Magic?

Answer: 1.

3. What was the proposed alternative name for the Cleveland Cavaliers (in 1980-1983)?

Answer: Ohio Cavaliers.

4. What player holds the N.B.A. postseason single game record for the most free throws made?

Answer: Bob Cousy.

5. What team was Michael Finley drafted to?

Answer: Suns.

6. How many times Minneapolis / Los Angeles Lakers appeared in NBA final?

Answer: 31 times.

7. What is Derrick Coleman’s nickname in 2002?

Answer: DC.

8. What was the 1980 Allstar, World B. Free’s original name?

Answer: Lloyd B. Free.

9. Where was the Detroit Pistons franchise first located?

Answer: Fort Wayne.

10. What is the longest winning streak in NBA history?

33 games by the 1971/72 Lakers.

11. What college did Quentin Richardson attend?

Answer: DePaul Univ.

12. How long is a regular-season NBA game?

Answer: 48-minutes long.

13. What season does the NBA draft normally take place?

Answer: At the end of June.

14. What college did Nazr Mohammed play at?

Answer: Kentucky.

15. Robert Parish appeared in how many NBA games?

Answer: 1611 games.

16. Who was the first-ever European player selected with a first overall pick in an NBA draft?

Answer: Andrea Bargnani.

17. According to Kareem Abdul Jabbar, how many men can be a crucial ingredient on a team?

Answer: one.

18. A jump shot is worth how many points?

Answer: 3-points.

19. How is the dunk ‘Hammer and Nails’ performed?

Answer: Putting the ball under your armpit, jumping and punching it through the hoop.

20. Who scored 89 points with the New York Knicks in their first three starts in early 2012?

Answer: Jeremy Lin.

21. How many points do you earn when you make a basket from the free-throw line?

Answer: 2-points.

22. Which center was expelled from the NBA on November 24, 1999 for violation of the league’s anti-drug program?

Answer: Stanley Roberts.

23. What was the original name of the Los Angeles Lakers?

Answer: The Minneapolis Lakers.

24. How many NBA Championships do the Chicago Bulls hold?

Answer: 6.

25. Fill in the blank: Jumpin’ Joe ______ was a 2-time Allstar between 1946 and 1954?

Answer: Fulks.

26. Who was the coach of the 1976 Phoenix Suns?

Answer: John Macleod.

27. Kyrie Irving was born in which country?

Answer: Australia.

28. Who was the last player in the 20th century to dish out 15 assists in one half in a N.B.A. postseason game?

Answer: Doc Rivers.

Hard NBA Trivia Questions

How well-versed in NBA are you? We delve into the more obscure facets of the league below, covering nicknames, significant owners, and precise dates. Respond to these challenging and hard NBA trivia questions to increase your understanding of the league.

1. The 1996 Bulls set the regular season win total record of 72. Which team broke this record?

Answer: Golden State Warriors (2016).

2. What is the Toronto’s First Basketball Team?

Answer: Toronto huskies.

3. What rookie played an instrumental role in the Houston Rockets title run in 1994?

Answer: Sam Cassell.

4. Which player never played for the Warriors?

Answer: Marcus Camby.

5. Which two teams participated in the 2004 “Malice at the Palace”?

Answer: Detroit Pistons, Indiana Pacers.

6. What is the official name of the Charlotte Hornets’ mascot?

Answer: Hugo the Hornet.

7. Who led the 1969-70 New York Knicks in field-goal percentage?

Answer: Walt Frazier.

8. Which musical artist sold his ownership share in the Brooklyn Nets in 2013?

Answer: Jay-Z.

9. Where did Len Bias go to college?

Answer: Univ. of Maryland.

10. Who was the 1st overall pick in the 1983 NBA draft?

Answer: Ralph Sampson.

11. How many assists did John Stockton have in his career?

Answer: 15,806.

12. Who is the only player in NBA history to have three sons play in the league?

Answer: Rick Barry (Brent, John, and Drew).

13. Who is the first player in NBA history to play in 1000 straight games successfully?

Answer: A.C. Green.

14. Where Was Michael Jordan Born?

Answer: Brooklyn NY.

15. What is the main inspiration for the game NBA Jam?

Answer: Arch Rivals.

16. Who was the only coach to win an NBA game despite his club scoring only 19 points?

Answer: Murry Mendenhall.

17. Which Argentinian NBA star led his country to a gold medal in 2004?

Answer: Luis Scola.

18. Dikembe Mutombo had his own shoe at one time. Who was it made by?

Answer: Adidas.

19. Which player tore his ACL twice but won the NBA MVP award in the 2010-2011 season?

Answer: Derrick Rose (Chicago Bulls).

20. What was Wilt Chamberlain’s average minutes per game in his NBA career?

Answer: 45.8.

21. After the 2015 Olympics, which player had been on the U.S. team a record number of times?

Answer: Carmelo Anthony (2016, 2012, 2008, 2004).

22. The Lakers won the NBA Championship in the 1999-00 season. This was their ____ trip to the finals in their franchise history.

Answer: 25th.

23. Who was named Nike baller of the year in 2005?

Answer: Manu Ginobili.

24. What was Kobe Bryant’s middle name?

Answer: Bean.

25. What team was Kobe Bryant drafted to?

Answer: Charlotte Hornets.

26. Wilt Chamberlain was selected the MVP and Rookie of the Year in 1959-60. Who is the next player to do that?

Answer: Wesley Unseld.

27. Where was Luol Deng born?

Answer: Sudan.

28. Rapper drake is often seen courtside at which team’s games?

Answer: Toronto Raptors.

29. Who was the first foreign player to be drafted #1 overall?

Answer: Mychal Thompson (Bahamas).

30. In Jason Kidd’s first 3 years with the Mavericks, what was the move most people associated him with?

Answer: Baseball pass.

General NBA Trivia Questions

The National Basketball Association, which consists of 30 clubs, is widely regarded as the top men’s professional basketball league. By revenue, it is the third-highest ranked professional sports league globally. Feeling like a fan? Think again. You’ll be put to the test by these general NBA trivia questions.

1. What does “NBA” stand for?

Answer: National Basketball Association.

2. How many players of the 15 players in a roster are active?

Answer: 13.

3. What will be the official basketball size for women?

Answer: 72 cm in circumference.

4. The player scored a point means what?

Answer: A basket.

5. A coach requested time-out allowed. What is the time limit of the break in the NBA?

Answer: 100 seconds.

6. court mostly constructed of which type of wood?

Answer: Maple Planks.

7. How many referee teams are used in the NBA?

Answer: The NBA always has three-man referee teams.

8. How high is an NBA rim required to be?

Answer: 10 Feet.

9. What is traveling in basketball?

Answer: While holding ball moves 2 steps without hitting the ball on the ground.

10. How long does an overtime period last?

Answer: Overtime lasts for as long as it takes for a team to win with more points than the other.

11. Player’s contact allowed or not during basketball match?

Answer: No.

12. How many timeouts is an NBA team allowed per half?

Answer: Per half, an NBA team can claim up to six full minutes and one 20 second times out.

13. If a player fails to dribble while moving what will happen?

Answer: Possession is given to the opposing team.

14. Question: How many NBA stadiums are there?

Answer: 29.

15. How many substitutions are allowed in a basketball game?

Answer: Unlimited.

16. Question: Who can call a timeout according to NBA rules?

Answer: Either a player in court or the head coach can call a time out and stop the game clock.

17. different variety of shots in basketball are what?

Answer: Lay-up, Jump shot and Dunk.

18. How many basketball players from the whole roster will be allowed on the court at a time?

Answer: Only five from one team will be allowed in court at a time, so in total there will be ten people in the court at any given time.

19. What is a dribbling violation in basketball?

Answer: When a player touches a ball twice before the ball hits the ground, without an opposing player having an intervening touch of the ball.

20. At any level of the game, how long do players inbounding the ball have to pass the ball into play?

Answer: They have five seconds as soon as the referee hands the ball to the player.

21. Power forward the key position mostly covered by which player?

Answer: Tallest and Strongest players.

22. What is the standard floor dimensions for a North American basketball court?

Answer: 94 feet long by 50 feet wide.

23. In 1891 which Canadian American teacher invented basketball?

Answer: James Naismith.

24. What is the length of a quarter in an NBA game?

Answer: In an NBA game, a quarter lasts for 12 minutes.

25. The NBA founded on which date?

Answer: June 6, 1946.

26. Question: On what occasion will there be overtime?

Answer: An overtime will be played if there is a tie at the end of a regulation period.

27. What is the most famous basketball league?

Answer: NBA (National Basketball Association).

28. What is the length of the three-point line in NBA?

Answer: The three-point shot is the longest in the NBA, with shots from the top of the arc being 23 feet, 9 inches from the rim.

29. “The Red Oxen” in China means what?

Answer: The Chicago Bulls.

30. Question: What are the three parts of a hoop?

Answer: The hoop has three basic pieces; the rim, the net and the backboard.

NBA Trivia Questions about Its Players

Basketball players with exceptional talent compete in the NBA championships. Even in the minds of individuals who are not basketball lovers or ardent League fans, names like Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan have become iconic. Learn more about each NBA player that has left their impact on history by reading this NBA player trivia.

1. What player has averaged a triple-double for an entire season?

Answer: Russell Westbrook.

2. Who won the first NBA finals MVP award?

Answer: Jerry West.

3. Which player has the second-highest total scored points in a single game?

Answer: Wilt Chamberlain.

4. Which three all-star NBA players helped the Chicago Bulls won multiple championships in the 1990s?

Answer: Scottie Pippen, Michael Jordan, and Dennis Rodman.

5. I played my entire 14 seasons with the Detroit Pistons. I scored a total of 16,401 points and recorded 1,388 steals. I attended McNeese State University. Who am I?

Answer: Joe Dumars.

6. Who is the oldest basketball player?

Answer: Nat Hickey played at 45 years old.

7. NBA players Dominique Wilkins, Boris Diaw, and Tariq Abdul-wahad were all born in which country?

Answer: France.

8. Which player played for the Milwaukee Bucks for his first six seasons, then played his final 14 seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers?

Answer: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

9. What former NBA player was the inspiration for the NBA logo?

Answer: Wilt Chamberlain.

10. I was a “Sun Devil” in college and coached against my former team of 14 years in the 2002 NBA finals.

Answer: Byron Scott.

11. Which NBA player has had the longest career in the NBA?

Answer: Vince Carter with 22 seasons.

12. Who was Cuttino Mobley’s starting backcourt teammate in his rookie year, that also was a rookie for the Houston Rockets?

Answer: Michael Dickerson.

13. How is the tallest defensive player in the NBA?

Answer: Tacko Fall at 7′ 5″.

14. Ricky Rubio made his NBA debut in which year?

Answer: 2011.

15. Who wore number 32 on the Utah Jazz?

Answer: Karl Malone.

16. Who was the first unanimous Most Valuable Player?

Answer: Stephen Curry.

17. How many championships do the Los Angeles Lakers hold?

Answer: 17 NBA championships.

18. What town/city is Scottie Pippen from?

Answer: Hamburg, Ark.

19. Who was the first African American professional basketball player?

Answer: Charles Henry “Chuck” Cooper.

20. Who is the player who scored more points in the playoffs than any other player?

Answer: Stephen Curry.

21. Which player almost quit basketball to become a garbage man, but went on to win three NBA championships and MVPs?

Answer: Larry Bird.

22. What is Joe Fulks best known for doing in one game?

Answer: A two-handed to one-handed shot.

23. Steve Nash was born in which country?

Answer: South Africa.

24. Kobe Bryant holds the record for what?

Answer: All-star games played at 14. And a career-high of 81 points scored.

25. Who was the Phoenix Suns head coach in 1995?

Answer: Paul Westphal.

26. In 2001 playoffs, the Raptors lost to the Sixers by one point after a Vince Carter’s miss with the buzzer. Who scored the last basket of this game?

Answer: Dell Curry.

27. Which NBA player holds a creative writing degree?

Answer: Zion Williamson.

28. Michael Jordan made his NBA debut in which year?

Answer: 1984.

29. What is the most common nickname for Sam Perkins?

Answer: Big Smooth.

30. Which player joined the Timberwolves in the 1990s and was the first player in 20 years to get drafted straight from high school?

Answer: LKevin Garnett.

31. Which player is over 7 feet tall and won championships with both the Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat?

Answer: Shaquille O’Neal.

32. Who played for Doc Rivers?

Answer: Tracy McGrady.

33. Who is the first player in NBA history to be elected as the league MVP?

Answer: Lebron James.

34. What player spent his entire career with the Pistons, scored over 16,000 points, and recorded over 1,300 steals?

Answer: Joe Dumars.

NBA Trivia Questions about Its History

Throughout its long history, the league has changed. The players become more athletic, the game moves faster, and the entertainment value has substantially increased. The following list of intriguing NBA history trivia includes some of them.

1. Who was the first team to join the NBA?

Answer: The Sacramento King.

2. Who was the first-ever number one overall draft pick in NBA history in 1950?

Answer: Chuck Share.

3. Which player was 9 for 9 from three-point range in a game in 2003?

Answer: Latrell Sprewell.

4. What is the highest-scoring basketball game in history?

Answer: A triple-overtime game between Detroit Pistons and Denver Nuggets in 1983. Combined they scored 370 points.

5. Who was the undersized center on the Washington Bullets team that won the 1978 NBA Championship?

Answer: Wes Unseld.

6. In the 1976-77 NBA regular season, which franchise traded away NBA greats Bob McAdoo and Moses Malone?

Answer: Buffalo Braves.

7. Which team did Lenny Wilkens lead to an NBA Championship?

Answer: ’79 Supersonics.

8. Six players won the NBA scoring title for three or more consecutive years, two of which were Michael Jordan (1987-1993) and Wilt Chamberlain (1960-1966). Who were the other four?

Answer: George Gervin, Neil Johnston, Bob McAdoo, George Mikan.

9. Who was the first ever NBA lottery pick?

Answer: Patrick Ewing.

10. The first NBA championship was played in what year?

Answer: 1950.

11. Who did Isiah Thomas punch in the back of the head, breaking his own hand?

Answer: Bill Laimbeer.

12. What was the original name of the NBA?

Answer: BAA.

13. Between 1989 and 1998, how many different players won the NBA’s rebounding title?

Answer: Three.

14. When was the first NBA all-star game played?

Answer: 1951.

15. Why was the 1998 NBA Christmas Day game cancelled (the first-ever Christmas Day game that was cancelled)?

Answer: Lock Out.

16. In 1999, the Denver Nuggets shifted from McNichols Sports Arena to which facility?

Answer: Pepsi Center.

17. The team known as the Sacramento Kings previously resided in all of the following cities except:

Answer: Oakland, CA.

18. How many players are currently on the roster for each NBA team?

Answer: 15 players.

19. Who was the only player who scored in the very first basketball game ever played with Dr. James Nasmith original 13 rules in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Answer: William R. Chase.

20. Who scored the first points of the millennium?

Answer: John Amaechi.

21. When did Kobe Bryant set a record of beating 12 Three-Pointers in a game?

Answer: January 7, 2003.

22. When was the NBA established?

Answer: 1946.

23. For the 1971-72 season, the San Diego Rockets became the Houston Rockets and relocated to which place?

Answer: Hofheinz Pavillion.

24. Many calls me, “the first great center”. I was the first to perfect and utilize hook shots. I led my team to 5 NBA Championships as well. I wore #99. Who am I?

Answer: George Mikan.

25. What was the original name of the ABA (American Basketball Association) Denver Nuggets?

Answer: Denver Rockets.

26. What year was the Atlanta Hawks founded?

Answer: 1946.

27. Who were the first two undrafted rookies in NBA history to make the All-Rookie 1st or 2nd team?

Answer: Udonis Haslem and Marquis Daniels.

28. Who was the starting center on the Chicago Bulls 1991-1992 roster?

Answer: Bill Cartwright.

29. Which one of these players is one of the fifty greatest NBA players of all-time?

Answer: Clyde Drexler.

30. In which city did basketball debut as an Olympic sport?

Answer: Berlin.

31. Who was the first coach in NBA history to lead a team to an under .500 record, and win Coach of the Year in the same season?

Answer: Johnny Kerr.

32. The NBA released their list of the 50 greatest players in what year?

Answer: 1996.

33. In which year did Lenny Wilkens win coach of the year honors?

Answer: 93-94.

34. Dennis Rodman concluded his career in 2000 with how many championship rings?

Answer: 5.

NBA Trivia Questions about Its Teams

Millions of American citizens tune in each year to watch their favourite teams compete for the championship on the basketball floor. If we didn’t get into the interesting trivia about the various teams that compete in the NBA championships each year, this NBA teams quiz would be simple. To learn more about NBA team trivia, keep reading.

1. Which team won the NBA championship in 1995?

Answer: Houston Rockets.

2. Red, black, purple is worn by what team?

Answer: Toronto Raptors.

3. Which teams played in the 2011 NBA finals?

Answer: Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks.

4. Which team’s nickname is the Bulls?

Answer: Chicago.

5. Which NBA team won six championships in the 1990s?

Answer: The Chicago Bulls.

6. What team wears blue, black, white?

Answer: Orlando Magic.

7. Which team blew a 3-1 lead in the 2016 NBA finals?

Answer: Golden State Warriors (lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers).

8. Which former Laker coach coached the Lakers to back-to-back titles in the 80s?

Answer: Pat Riley.

9. Which team was the first organization to win three straight NBA championships?

Answer: Los Angeles Lakers.

10. Purple, orange, grey, silver, and white is worn by which team?

Answer: Phoenix Suns.

11. How many NBA teams are there?

Answer: 30.

12. What team plays at the Target Center?

Answer: Minnesota Timberwolves.

13. Which expansion team was the first to win the NBA finals?

Answer: Baltimore Bullets.

14. Who moved from Kansas City to Sacramento?

Answer: Kings.

15. San Antonio has an NBA team named what?

Answer: The San Antonio Spurs.

16. Which team wears black, yellow, red, and white?

Answer: Atlanta Hawks.

17. What is the first team to lose three straight NBA finals?

Answer: New York Knicks.

18. Which team did Anthony Mason not play for?

Answer: Indiana Pacers.

19. Which team won the NBA championship in 1999, ending a decade of dominance by the Chicago Bulls?

Answer: San Antonio Spurs.

20. Who moved from Dallas to San Antonio in 1973?

Answer: Spurs.

21. Which NBA team has the most consecutive NBA title wins?

Answer: The Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers.

22. Light blue, orange, and black can be seen on what team’s uniform?

Answer: Cleveland Cavs.

23. Which two teams played in the 2009 NBA finals?

Answer: Los Angeles Lakers and Orlando Magic.

24. This franchise won back-to-back championships in 1994 and 1995. The team was led by Hakeem Olajuwon who also won the MVP trophy two times. Which team is this?

Answer: Houston Rockets.

25. Which team was the 1988 NBA Eastern Conference champions?

Answer: Detroit Pistons.

26. They were a foundation member of the ABA, the New Jersey ______?

Answer: Nets.

27. Lamar Odom won the Sixth Man of the Year award while playing for which team?

Answer: The Los Angeles Lakers.

28. Which team has the most amount of wins in a single season?

Answer: The Chicago Bulls.

29. Bill Walton played for which team when they beat the Philadelphia 76ers in 1977, to capture these franchises first championship?

Answer: Portland Trailblazers.

30. Which NBA team has won the most championships?

Answer: The Los Angeles Lakers.

31. Which team had the first pick in the 2000 draft?

Answer: New Jersey Nets.

32. The Clippers play their home games at what facility?

Answer: Staples Center.

NBA Trivia Questions to Ask

Games of trivia are usually enjoyable, especially when they involve sports. With the help of this fascinating collection of NBA questions to ask, you may learn more about the NBA and have fun.

1. Desmond Mason, the current slam dunk champion, was what pick overall in the draft?

Answer: 17.

2. What is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s birth name?

Answer: Lew Alcindor.

3. Where did Joe Dumars play college basketball?

Answer: McNeese State.

4. What player has the most assists in one game?

Answer: Scott Skiles.

5. Before Kobe Bryant’s amazing 81 points scored in a 2006 game, who was the last player to reach the 70-point plateau in a game?

Answer: David Robinson.

6. What year did the Seattle Supersonics win the NBA championship?

Answer: 1978-79.

7. What NBA player is 2nd on the all-time steals list for the NCAA?

Answer: Bonzi Wells.

8. What team has had the most Hall of Fame players on their roster?

Answer: Boston Celtics.

9. What does the T. stand for in Shawn Kemp’s middle name?

Answer: Travis.

10. What country is Dikembe Mutombo from?

Answer: Zaire.

11. Who did Indiana University lose to in the last two NCAA tournaments (2000 and 2001)?

Answer: Pepperdine and Kent State.

12. What player played the fewest minutes before fouling out of an NBA game?

Answer: Bubba Wells.

13. Who is the only NBA player to have his own personal shoe made by jump man (Jordan) apparel?

Answer: Vin Baker.

14. What player has the highest career FT percentage?

Answer: Steve Nash.

15. What player holds the record for most consecutive double-doubles in one season since the NBA/ABA merger?

Answer: Kevin Love.

16. Jerry West made his miraculous last second, three quarter court shot against what team?

Answer: Knicks.

17. What two players from Georgetown wore number 33?

Answer: Alonzo Mourning and Patrick Ewing.

18. True or false: Bill Russell won 2 titles with Boston as player- coach?

Answer: True.

19. What current team has the worst franchise W-L percentage?

Answer: Minnesota Timberwolves.

20. Who is the favourite superhero of Shaquille O’Neal?

Answer: Superman.

21. What was the name of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar first book?

Answer: Giant Steps.

22. During which year was the first game played at Madison Square Garden, home of the New York Knicks.

Answer: 1968.

23. What is the real name of Kareem Abdul Jabbar?

Answer: Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor, Jr.

24. How many seasons did Kareem Abdul-Jabbar play before he retired?

Answer: 20 seasons.

NBA Trivia Questions to Ask Friends

These basketball trivia questions can help you if you’re organizing a trivia night and want to include a round or two of sports trivia. Test the basketball expertise of your friends with these NBA questions to ask friends.

1. How tall is Magic Johnson?

Answer: 6ft 9in.

2. What is the hardest shot to make in Basketball?

Answer: The layup.

3. Who were the two players who both has won the NBA all-star game in 2000?

Answer: Shaquille O’Neal and Tim Duncan.

4. Which NBA player posted a picture of himself on Instagram hanging out with Hollywood actor Al Pacino on a private jet in 2014?

Answer: Paul Pierce.

5. Who was the first NBA player?

Answer: Ossie Schectman.

6. Reggie Lewis went to what college?

Answer: Northeastern.

7. Who is the winner of 2016 NBA Slam Dunk Contest?

Answer: Zach LaVine.

8. Who is the only player in NBA history to have 14 turnovers in a game?

Answer: John Drew.

9. Who was the 2015-16 NBA Rookie of the year?

Answer: Karl-Anthony Towns.

10. How many career victories (playoff and regular season) did Red Auerbach retire with?

Answer: 1,037.

11. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar scored how many points in NBA?

Answer: 38,387.

12. The 2016 NBA All-Star 3-point contest was sponsored by whom?

Answer: Foot Locker.

13. The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, where the NBA’s greatest players are memorialized, is situated in which US state?

Answer: Massachusetts.

14. Who is the richest player in NBA?

Answer: Michael Jordan.

15. What is the full name of Stephen Curry?

Answer: Wardell Stephen Curry II.

16. At what age did Derrick Rose win the MVP award in 2011?

Answer: 22.

17. When did NBA ban the Air Jorden shoes?

Answer: 1985.

18. What nickname is Dan Majerle known by?

Answer: Thunder Dan.

19. Who was called ‘Hondo’?

Answer: John Havlicek.

20. Who had the nickname ‘Dr. Dunkenstein’?

Answer: Darrell Griffith.

21. Which 1990’s NBA great was nicknamed “The Admiral”?

Answer: David Robinson.

22. Which future NBA great and defensive player played for the NAIA Southeastern Oklahoma State?

Answer: Dennis Rodman.

23. Who sank 60 foot shot in NBA?

Answer: Jerry West.

24. Back in 1993 the Dallas Mavericks had the ‘Triple J’s’ who were these three players?

Answer: Jason Kidd, Jim Jackson, Jamal Mashburn.

25. What brand of shoe did Jerry Stackhouse wear in 2002?

Answer: fila.

NBA Trivia Questions to Test Your Knowledge

Start stretching your brains now, NBA fans and basketball enthusiasts—these NBA trivia questions will put your knowledge to the test. This NBA knowledge quiz can be a knowledge booster for you and your friends as well.

1. Who was the 1998 Schick Rookie Game MVP?

Answer: Zydrunas Ilgauskas.

2. Which one of these players participated in the FIBA World Championship 2010 in Turkey?

Answer: Timofey Mozgov (Russia).

3. What player had the following stat line: 0 points, 28 total rebounds, 10 offensive boards, and 3 assists?

Answer: Dennis Rodman.

4. What team drafted Rajon Rondo in 2006?

Answer: Phoenix Suns.

5. What was Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s born first name?

Answer: Ferdinand.

6. Before merging with the National Basketball League in 1949, the NBA was known as the BAA. What did BAA stand for?

Answer: Basketball Association of America.

7. Which team did Roy Rogers play on his rookie year?

Answer: Vancouver Grizzlies.

8. Who was the fourth Sonic to score 50 points in a game?

Answer: Rashard Lewis.

9. California is the only state to have 4 teams in the NBA. Which state has 3 teams?

Answer: Texas.

10. Which NBA player hold the dubious honor of being the only player to dribble out the clock in a playoff game with the scored tied?

Answer: Derek Harper.

11. What pick was Stromile Swift in the 2000 draft?

Answer: 2nd.

12. Which player was the first to win a second MVP award?

Answer: Willis Reed.

13. Who said, “I always tried to make clear that basketball is not the ultimate. It is of small importance in comparison to the total life we live.”

Answer: John Wooden.

14. How many games did the 1988-89 Pistons have to play, to get past the Bulls in the 1989 playoffs?

Answer: 6.

15. In the original naming contest of NBA team Miami Heat, which name came in second place?

Answer: Miami Vice.

16. Who lead the league in scoring in the 1956-57 season?

Answer: Paul Arizin.

17. Where was the 2003 all-star game?

Answer: Atlanta.

18. What company has made official NBA balls for over 40 years?

Answer: Spalding.

19. Technical foul king Rasheed Wallace began his career with which team?

Answer: Washington.

20. What US state has produced the most NBA players?

Answer: California.

21. Which player won the 2000 Slam Dunk Contest?

Answer: Vince Carter.

22. What player holds the Seattle Sonics single game record for points scored in a N.B.A game?

Answer: Freddie Brown.

23. Who was the coach of St. John’s University in 2001?

Answer: Mike Jarvis.

24. What jersey numbers did Michael Jordan wear for the Bulls?

Answer: 23, 45 & 12 (12 for 1 game after his jersey was stolen before the game).

25. What is Cuttino Mobley’s nickname?

Answer: Cat.

26. Who was NOT taken as the first choice in his particular draft?

Answer: Jerry West.

27. 4 players have won MVP and Defensive Player of the Year in the same year. Name 2.

Answer: Michael Jordan, Hakeem Olajuwon & Giannis Antetokounmpo.

28. The last team that Pistol Pete Maravich played for was?

Answer: Boston Celtics.

NBA Trivia Questions Multiple Choice

In the NBA, several legendary athletes have competed. If you are planning a trivia game and you are looking for some NBA trivia questions multiple choice, we have got your back. Check out this list to choose from!

1. Which player’s silhouette is featured on the NBA logo?

Bill Russell
Larry Bird
Jerry West
Michael Jordan

Answer: Jerry West.

2. Who will star in the sequel to Space Jam?

DeMar DeRozan
Blake Griffin
LeBron James
Stephen Curry

Answer: LeBron James.

3. What does it mean if a team is exercising a “fast break”?

Dribbling back and forth quickly
Driving to the hoop from the three-point line
A variation of the pick and roll
Moving the ball up the court as quickly as possible

Answer: Moving the ball up the court as quickly as possible.

4. Which two teams selected players ahead of Michael Jordan?

New Jersey and Phoenix
Houston and Portland
Detroit and Los Angeles
No one, Michael Jordan was the number one overall pick

Answer: Houston and Portland.

5. How many feet off the ground is the NBA hoop?

8 feet
9 feet
10 feet
11 feet

Answer: 10 feet.

6. Who led the league in assists during the 2017-2018 season?

Rajon Rondo
Russell Westbrook
Ben Simmons
LeBron James

Answer: Russell Westbrook.

7. Bill Russell holds the record for the most NBA Championships won as a player. How many did he win during his career?


Answer: 11.

8. Name the NBA commissioner!

Adam Silver
Danny Ainge
Phil Jackson

Answer: Adam Silver.

9. Name the current head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks!

Billy Donovan
Steve Kerr
Mike Budenholzer
Gregg Popovich

Answer: Mike Budenholzer.

10. Which Player Is Nicknamed “The Beard?”

Steve Nash
Dirk Nowitzki
Dwayne Wade
James Harden

Answer: James Harden.

11. What was LeBron James’ points per game average during the 2017-18 season?


Answer: 27.5.

12. Which two players are the only ones who managed to average a triple-double during a season?

Oscar Robertson and Russell Westbrook
Michael Jordan and Allen Iverson
Kevin Durant and LeBron James
Bill Russell and LeBron James

Answer: Oscar Robertson and Russell Westbrook.

13. True or false: basketball was first played with a soccer ball when it was invented…


Answer: True.

14. Who appears on the cover of NBA 2K18?

Stephen Curry
Anthony Davis
LeBron James
Kyrie Irving

Answer: Kyrie Irving.

15. Is a player more likely to make a 1st or 2nd free throw?


Answer: 2nd.

16. Which of these teams was never a part of the NBA?

Vancouver Grizzlies
New Orleans Hornets
San Diego Indians
Seattle Supersonics

Answer: San Diego Indians.

17. Who was the first player to average a triple double throughout an entire regular season?

Pete Maravich
Larry Bird
Oscar Robertson
Julius Erving

Answer: Oscar Robertson.

18. True or false: Shaquille O’Neal won a 1v1 game vs. Michael Jordan…


Answer: False.

19. How many NBA titles did Magic Johnson win in his career with the Lakers?


Answer: 5.

20. True or false: the NBA used to use a basket for a hoop and a ladder to retrieve balls…


Answer: Falls.

21. How many high schools did Kevin Durant play basketball for?


Answer: 3.

22. Which of the following was not named one of the NBA’s 50 Greatest Players?

Sam Jones
Gary Payton
Jerry West
Scottie Pippen

Answer: Sam Jones.

23. Which of these is NOT a quote from Michael Jordan?

“I can accept failure, but I can’t accept not trying.”
“I’ve always believed that if you put in the work, the results will come.”
“Me shooting 40% at the foul line is just God’s way to say nobody’s perfect.”
“I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.”

Answer: “Me shooting 40% at the foul line is just God’s way to say nobody’s perfect.”

24. How many points did Wilt Chamberlain score in a March 2, 1962 game against the Philadelphia Warriors?


Answer: 100.

25. True or false: Air Jordan shoes were once banned from the NBA…


Answer: True.

26. Which company did Stephen Curry partner with for his shoe line?

Under Armor

Answer: Under Armor.

NBA Trivia Questions and Answers

The NBA is made up only of North American clubs, despite having a truly international fan base. In instance, did you know that every team but one is based in the United States? Use this list of NBA trivia questions and answers

for your next trivia.

1. Charles Barkley played his college ball for which university?

Answer: Auburn.

2. Who is 4th on the all-time rebounding list (as of 2001)?

Answer: Patrick Ewing.

3. On Monday, April 4, 2005, who did the San Antonio Spurs sign?

Answer: Glenn Robinson.

4. When did Scottie Pippen register his 17,000 points?

Answer: 25th December 2000.

5. Stephen curry led all rookies in which category for the 2009-10 NBA season?

Answer: Steals.

6. The NBA’s coaches dress code states that ties are mandatory for game dress?

Answer: True.

7. This center is in the top ten for career steals.

Answer: Hakeem Olajuwon.

8. The first African American to play NBA games was?

Answer: Earl Lloyd.

9. In basketball terms, what is a ‘starting five’?

Answer: ‘The Starting Five’ is the first five players who have been chosen to open any game a particular squad play. These are usually the best players.

10. Who was the first player to win 8 NBA scoring titles?

Answer: Michael Jordan.

11. Question: What is the role of a point guard in a basketball game?

Answer: Also called ‘the one’, the point guard is supposed to facilitate the scores or dunks for the rest of the team, or for himself.

12. In 2000’s who was the first player to record back-to-back 50 points games?

Answer: Antawn Jamison.

13. What Baltic country did Portland Trail Blazer Arvydas Sabonis play for at the 1996 Olympics?

Answer: Lithuania.

14. Who became the NBA’s winningest coach ever on January 6, 1995?

Answer: Lenny Wilkins.

15. Charles Barkley was cut from his varsity high school team twice, what years were these?

Answer: freshman and sophomore.

16. On average, how much money did Michael Jordan generate for a city’s economy every time he played a game there (in dollars)?

Answer: 16 million.

17. Dominique Wilkens played his college ball for which university?

Answer: Georgia.

18. How much did NBA jam earned during its original arcade run?

Answer: Over $1 billion.

19. Who was the first player in Lakers franchise history to score fifty or more points in a N.B.A. game?

Answer: George Mikan.

20. What NBA team is named after a car part?

Answer: The Detroit Pistons.

21. The runner-up team in NBA 2018 was?

Answer: Cleveland Cavaliers.

22. Which player has most steals in a single season?

Answer: Alvin Robertson 301.

23. In the 1999 NBA draft what pick was Vonteego Cummings?

Answer: 26th.

Final Thoughts on NBA Trivia Questions

You’re in for a treat with these NBA trivia questions if you’re a die-hard NBA fan. In this comprehensive list of NBA quiz questions, we presented to you more than a hundred interesting facts about NBA.

Since its inception many years ago, American basketball has advanced significantly, changing with the times, adding rules and guidelines as the league saw fit, and creating the elite teams that will participate this season.

The NBA is a permanent fixture in American sports history and is among the most viewed sporting events on television in the entire world.

Legends are created and born every year, and some of them are immortalized after displaying unthinkably accurate shooting and mind-boggling athletic abilities. This NBA trivia quiz is a great way to test your knowledge.

As fans of the NBA, you will not look anywhere else once having these NBA trivia questions in your backpocket and you just have to be able to answer all the questions.

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