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309 ‘The Office’ Trivia Questions to Test Your Knowledge of the Sitcom

We welcome you to our amazing collection of some The Office trivia questions. The Office (2005–2013) is without a doubt one of the most adored sitcoms in television history, thanks to the entertaining cast that made every episode a pleasure to watch.

Here are some The Office trivia questions that will make you look like a complete expert on the programme and enable you to impress every other fan you encounter.

If you have seen it six and a half million times because you can connect to it or because it makes you laugh despite your cringe, you probably believe you know everything about the program but there is still a lot to know about The Office.

You’ll need to use your brain to answer this The Office trivia quiz.

Random The Office Trivia Questions

These The Office trivia questions and answers elevate trivia activities to a new level by boosting everyone’s motivation and commitment to their work. Simply put, this trivia game has the potential to offer more than just entertaining. Try them out!

1. Ryan was the one who started the fire in the workplace by warming up what food?

Answer: Cheese Pita.

2. Which Grammy nominee played Andy’s brother Walter?

Answer: Josh Groban.

3. What did Kevin buy for his secret Santa?

Answer: A footbath.

4. What does Kevin wear on his feet to Jim and Pam’s wedding?

Answer: Tissue boxes.

5. What is the name of Kevin Malone’s band?

Answer: Scrantonicity.

6. What does Stanley typically do during meetings?

Answer: Crossword puzzles.

7. Jim bought Pam’s engagement ring how long after they started dating?

Answer: One week.

8. What does Stanley give to Phyllis when he returns from retirement?

Answer: A wood carving of a bird that looks like her.

9. Where does Jim propose to Pam?

Answer: A gas station.

10. Where does Jim tell Pam about his feelings?

Answer: The office parking lot.

11. Who came up with Suck It?

Answer: David Wallace.

12. What is Kelly’s middle name?

Answer: Rajnigandha.

13. What does Angela use instead of a rape whistle?

Answer: A “rape flute.”

14. What color does Angela find “whore-ish?”

Answer: Green.

15. Kelly gave out what as party favors at her America’s Got Talent finale party?

Answer: Coffee mugs.

16. How much does Bob Vance bid on a hug from his wife Phyllis?

Answer: $1,000.

17. Angela’s fiancé and husband, the senator, has an affair with what co-worker?

Answer: Oscar.

18. Which three co-workers blow off the “fun run” to go out to eat?

Answer: Oscar, Stanley, and Creed.

19. Who runs the warehouse?

Answer: Darryl.

20. Schrute boys must learn how many rules before the age of 5?

Answer: 40.

21. What was Plop’s actual name?

Answer: Pete.

22. What’s the name of the company that buys Dunder Mifflin?

Answer: Sabre.

23. Where does Jim hide Dwight’s stapler?

Answer: In a mold of Jell-O.

24. Under what identity did Angela check into the conference hotel?

Answer: Jane Doe.

25. What is the worst thing about prison, according to Prison Mike?

Answer: The Dementors.

26. Meredith has a Ph.D. in what?

Answer: School Psychology.

27. In the episode “Golden Ticket” who does Michael blame the ensuing discounts on?

Answer: Dwight.

28. What is the name of the building security guard?

Answer: Hank.

29. What does Pam receive an award for in “The Dundies” episode of “The Office”?

Answer: Whitest Sneakers.

30. What contract did Angela and Dwight sign?

Answer: A contract to have a baby together.

31. What is the name of Kevin, Kelly, Erin and Meredith’s trivia team?

Answer: The Einsteins.

32. Pam and Jim’s first kiss took place where?

Answer: Chili’s.

33. Who dates Pam’s mother?

Answer: Michael.

General The Office Trivia Questions

In this section, the general The Office trivia with answers include a wide range of topics, as implied by the section title. It contains information on the show’s corporate name, ceremony, office nicknames, and other show-related topics. Providing answers to these questions can possibly spark some conversations regarding your own office.

1. How Many Episodes of The Office Are There?

Answer: 201.

2. How Many Episodes Did Mindy Kaling Write?

Answer: 21.

3. How many brothers does Jim Halpert have?

Answer: Two.

4. What is the full form of the P.P.C?

Answer: Party Planning Committee.

5. What was the name of Stanley Hudson’s mistress?

Answer: Cynthia.

6. Who was Jan Levinson’s corporate assistant?

Answer: Hunter.

7. Which billionaire appeared on “The Office’s” season finale?

Answer: Warren Buffett.

8. Who served on the jury for the Scranton Strangler case?

Answer: Toby.

9. What do Pam, Oscar, and Toby call their club?

Answer: The Finer Things Club.

10. What is Phyllis’s maiden name?

Answer: Lapin.

11. In the season finale of “The Office,” Jim ultimately pursues a career in what field?

Answer: Sports Marketing.

12. What is Erin Hannon’s real name?

Answer: Kelly.

13. There is a version of The Office in France. What’s it called?

Answer: Le Bureau.

14. Who did Kevin get for Secret Santa?

Answer: Himself.

15. How much did Jim spend on Dwight’s impersonating outfit?

Answer: $11.

16. What’s the company’s annual award ceremony called?

Answer: The Dundies.

17. Which character does tons of crosswords during the many meetings?

Answer: Stanley Hudson.

18. Erin rated Holly an _____ out of 40.

Answer: 16.

19. What substance does Jim put Dwight’s office supplies into?

Answer: Jello.

20. What is Pam’s favorite yogurt flavor?

Answer: Mixed berry.

21. In the episode “The Coup,” the Stamford branch members play what video game with each other?

Answer: Call of Duty.

22. On “The Office,” who portrayed the character known as Robert California?

Answer: James Spader.

23. In “The Office,” Jan Levenson establishes a business selling what?

Answer: Scented Candles.

24. Which NFL quarterback appeared in the ninth season of “The Office”?

Answer: Aaron Rodgers.

25. What present does Michael give Ryan, which makes everyone feel awkward and embarrassed for pretty much everything during the episode “Christmas Party”?

Answer: A $400 iPod (with the price tag still attached, though).

26. Why does Andy call Jim “Big Tuna”?

Answer: He saw Jim eating a tuna fish sandwich on his first day at the new branch.

27. Ryan’s son Drake Howard is allergic to what fruit?

Answer: Strawberries.

28. Who are the kids of Jim and Pam Halpert?

Answer: Cecelia “Cece” and Phillip.

29. What is the name of Dwight’s porcupine?

Answer: Henrietta.

30. What is Andy’s nickname for Jim in the early days of their relationship?

Answer: Big Tuna.

31. Who refers to Jim as “Tuna” or “Big Tuna”?

Answer: Andy.

32. What date did the pilot episode air?

Answer: March 24th, 2005.

33. Pam was previously engaged to whom before Jim?

Answer: Roy.

34. In season three of “The Office,” Jim confounds Dwight by declaring which kind of bear is “best.”

Answer: Black Bears.

Fun The Office Trivia Questions

Going over some amusing The Office questions might assist your staff in identifying common patterns and circumstances in their daily work and to spark a funny conversation among them. In this section, we have gathered some The Office fun trivia to use it in your next office gathering.

1. According to Kevin, what was his nickname in high school?

Answer: Kool-aid man.

2. What date did Ryan hook up with Kelly with for the first time?

Answer: February 13th.

3. Gabe owns over how many horror movies?

Answer: 200.

4. Kevin breaks the 14-minute office silent streak by saying what 2 words?

Answer: ‘Oh yeah’.

5. Instead of a rape whistle, what does Angela use?

Answer: A rape flute.

6. What is Jim’s favorite food?

Answer: Soft-shell crab.

7. What was being played when Phyllis defended Kevin?

Answer: Poker.

8. Who gave out coffee mugs as party favors?

Answer: Kelly.

9. In “The Office”, Pam describes a terrible first date with Roy in which he left her at what sporting event?

Answer: Hockey Game.

10. In season 9 of “The Office”, Todd Packer drugs most of the staff using what tainted foodstuff?

Answer: Cupcakes.

11. After getting engaged to a doctor, where does Kelly find out she’s moving?

Answer: Ohio.

12. In Jamaica, what resort do Michael and Jan stay at?

Answer: Sandals.

13. During the final episode of “The Office”, one of Dwight’s bachelor party gifts is firing what weapon?

Answer: Bazooka.

14. Who finds the color green inappropriate?

Answer: Angela.

15. Name the actress whose “hotness” [cringe] is debated at the office.

Answer: Hillary Swank.

16. In an episode of “The Office”, Michael turns a spare room into a club and gives it what name?

Answer: Cafe Disco.

17. Why did Toby leave in season 04?

Answer: He relocated.

18. “The Office” was chosen to air right after which sporting event in 2009?

Answer: Super Bowl.

19. What does Pam steal in season 01?

Answer: Post-its.

Easy The Office Trivia Questions

The Office on NBC is a sitcom that we all adore, but how well do you actually know it? Using this easy The Office quiz, it’s time to put your knowledge to the test. There is no obligation for you to have all the answers, but we will definitely put your stuff in jello if you don’t.

1. What sauce does Kevin request to go with his New Year’s resolution broccoli?

Answer: Hollandaise.

2. Pam and Roy were engaged for _____.

Answer: 3 years.

3. Name a crime-fighting beaver.

Answer: Justice Beaver.

4. How many vasectomies did Jan make Michael get?

Answer: 3.

5. Which popular breakfast place is located next to Jan’s go-to sperm clinic?

Answer: IHOP.

6. What’s the episode when Andy finds out his girlfriend is in high school?

Answer: “Product Recall”.

7. Jim says he’s a black belt in ______.

Answer: Gift wrapping.

8. Who is the regional manager of the Stamford branch?

Answer: Josh Porter.

9. What’s Updog?     

Answer: Nothing much what’s up with you.

10. Who shot the footage of Scranton featured in the opening sequence?

Answer: John Krasinski shot the footage as part of his research after landing the role.

11. Which show does everyone watch during Gabe’s house party?

Answer: Glee.

12. After working for Dwight; what is Nate’s official designation?

Answer; Assistant to Dwight Schrute.

13. Who is Holly’s favorite character from Toy Story?

Answer: Woody.

14. Meredith slept with a supplier to get discounts to which place?

Answer: Outback steakhouse.

15. Since Steve Carell sweats quite easily, the temperature on the set had to be kept at ______.

Answer: 64°.

16. Who ruined Pam’s pregnancy secret?

Answer: Jim.

17. Creed claims to have been born in which year?

Answer: 1925.

18. Was the kiss between Oscar and Michael part of the script or was it improvised by Steve Carell?

Answer: The kiss was improvised by Steve Carell.

19. Bullets – Hitler, Bin Laden & Toby in a room – what do you do?

Answer: Shoot Toby twice.

20. What is the name of Jan’s new candle business?

Answer: Serenity by Jan.

21. Which popular actor guest stars as Michael’s nephew in season 7’s ‘Nepotism’?

Answer: Evan Peters.

22. What university is Andy a proud alum of?

Answer: Cornell.

23. What is Creed’s 2011 New Year’s resolution?

Answer: To do one perfect cartwheel.

24. Who is the Lizard King?       

Answer: Robert California.

25. This was the name of Michael’s southern persona in the episode ‘Murder’.

Answer: Caleb Crawdad.

26. During the Diwali episode, what food does Michael feel like eating?

Answer: S’mores.

27. What was Hidetoshi Hasegawa’s job in Japan?

Answer: Heart Surgeon.

28. What was Jim’s outfit name during the season 6 Halloween episode?

Answer: Bookface.

29. What art school did Pam go to?

Answer: Pratt Institute.

Hard The Office Trivia Questions

How would someone remember the name of the actual episode where a certain thing happened, the precise season where a certain party occurred, or the date a certain character first appeared on the show? If you work with such nerds, they might have a chance to correctly respond to The Office hard trivia. Try them out!

1. Who did the casting team originally want to audition for the role of Dwight?

Answer: John Krasinski.

2. Showrunners didn’t inform the NBC executives that Steve Carell would return for the series finale. So, who read Michael’s (Steve’s) lines during the table read?

Answer: Creed Bratton.

3. What acronym does Creed put on the white board when he’s manager?

Answer: BOBODY.

4. What is the trick to making Kevin’s famous chili?

Answer: Undercook the onions.

5. Who plays Todd Packer, a former employee and Michael’s friend?

Answer: David Koechner.

6. When Michael is roasting the office, he compares Angela to a?

Answer: Grain of rice.

7. What is the name of the IT guy?

Answer: Nick.

8. What is the name of Phyllis’ husband who also happens to work in the same office complex?

Answer: Bob Vance.

9. Who is the Human Resources representative at Dunder Mifflin?

Answer: Toby.

10. Who kidnaps Angela in the finale?

Answer: Mose.

11. Who adapted the show for the United States?

Answer: Greg Daniels.

12. In the episode “Andy’s Play”, Andy Bernard performed in a local theatre production of what?

Answer: Sweeney Todd.

13. What was the internet sensation of 2004 that caused Michael and Dwight to jump around in the office?

Answer: Parkour.

14. In the episode “Take Your Daughter to Work Day,” one employee’s daughter is flirting with Ryan Howard. Whose daughter, was it?

Answer: Stanley.

15. What’s the name of the actor who plays Jim Halpert?

Answer: John Krasinski.

16. Complete the sentence – North Korea South Korea Marilyn Monroe _____

Answer: Ryan started the fire.

17. How much weight did the office people lose in the weight loss episode (lbs)?

Answer: 35.

18. In the episode, “Goodbye Michael,” what does Pam say Michael seems full of at the end of the episode?

Answer: Hope.

19. In the episode “Chair Model,” Pam would receive Michael’s chair when he got a new one. Who would get Pam’s chair?

Answer: Creed.

20. Did the actors get along in real life?

Answer: Yes, it goes without saying that after filming nine seasons together, the cast grew close. Some of these connections even turned into life-long friendships.

21. John Krasinski, Mindy Kaling, and who else were all, at one point, interns at Late Night with Conan O’Brien?

Answer: Angela Kinsey.

22. During most of the third season, which actor had to wear a wig because they had to cut their hair for the movie Leatherheads?

Answer: John Krasinski.

23. After the Fun Run to beat Rabies, to whom is the oversized check made out?

Answer: Science.

24. After getting cast, Jenna Fischer, Rainn Wilson, John Krasinski, and Steve Carell went to lunch together (hence our quote above) and predicted how long the show could last. What was their prediction?

Answer: They believed the show had the potential to run for eight years.

25. Who put ‘the thing’ in Michel’s office?

Answer: Todd Packer.

26. What was unique about this sitcom’s auditioning process?

Answer: The actors didn’t read scripts – instead, they were interviewed while playing the characters they auditioned for.

27. Did everyone on the set have working computers with Internet during the show’s later seasons?

Answer: Yes.

28. Who almost didn’t work in The Office because he was committed to another NBC show called Come to Papa?

Answer: Steve Carell.

29. Who was the first person to be cast?

Answer: B.J. Novak.

Hardest The Office Trivia Questions

The most challenging and hardest questions truly put your knowledge about The Office sitcom to the test. The only people who can correctly respond to this hardest The Office quiz is true “The Office” fans. Only serious fans will succeed on this test.

1. What season is Andry first introduced in?

Answer: 3rd season.

2. Which character became Jim’s love interest after he moved to the Stamford branch in season three and joined the Scranton office during the merger?

Answer: Karen Filippelli.

3. What county in Pennsylvania is Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch located?

Answer: Lackawanna County.

4. In the episode “Gossip”, which character questions their sexuality?

Answer: Andy Bernard.

5. What is Toby’s daughter’s name?

Answer: Sasha.

6. What is the name of the actor who plays Toby Flenderson?

Answer: Paul Lieberstein.

7. Who said the following quote: “Sometimes the clothes at Gap Kids are too flashy, so I’m forced to go to the American Girl store and order clothes for large colonial dolls.”?

Answer: Angela Martin.

8. In what episode does Jim propose to Pam?

Answer: “Weight Loss”.

9. Which network produced “The Office”?

Answer: NBC.

10. In the season 3 finale, Andy Bernad called Jim ______ instead of Big Tuna.

Answer: Big Haircut.

11. What is the number one rated Country and Western station in Scranton, Pennsylvania? (Hint: it’s a bumper sticker on Dwight’s desk)

Answer: Froggy 101.

12. What is the middle name of Gabe Lewis?

Answer: Susan.

13. Throughout all seasons, how many parties were there?

Answer: 17 Dunder Mifflin birthday parties.

14. What is Scranton’s nickname?

Answer: The Electric City.

15. In the season 2 episode “Christmas Party,” what Secret Santa gift does Jim get Pam?

Answer: Teapot.

16. Who said the following quote: “Right now, this is just a job. If I advance any higher in this company, this would be my career. And, uh, if this were my career, I’d have to throw myself in front of a train.”?

Answer: Jim Halpert.

17. In the episode “Basketball,” who does Michael say is on the team, ‘of course’?

Answer: Stanley.

18. Where did Michael get his “World’s Best Boss” mug?

Answer: Spencer Gifts.

19. In the “St. Patrick’s Day” episode, who gets sick on their first date with Andy?

Answer: Erin.

20. What’s the name of the episode where Angela Kinsy kicked Karen out of the Party Planning Committee?

Answer: “A Benihana Christmas”.

21. What fake currency does Stanley make while opposing Schrute bucks?

Answer – Stanley nickels.

22. What did Phyllis ask Michael to do in her wedding?

Answer: Push her father down the aisle in his wheelchair.

23. Who wins the Fun Run in season 4?

Answer: Toby Flenderson.

24. With what object was Andy going to demonstrate how to put a condom on?

Answer: Pencil.

25. What is Stanley’s favorite day of the year?

Answer: Pretzel Day.

26. Who said the following quote: “Sometimes I feel like everyone I work with is an idiot. And by sometimes, I mean all times. All the time. Every of the time.”?

Answer: Kevin Malone.

27. What can Dwight Shrute supposedly raise and lower at his will?

Answer: His cholesterol.

28. According to the show makers which scene was the most expensive shot of the whole series?

Answer: Jim’s proposal.

29. When is Michael’s birthday?

Answer: March 15.

30. Who was sent to anger management?

Answer: Andy.

Difficult The Office Trivia Questions

Whether you or your staff can categorise The Office questions, one thing is for sure: trying to answer them is entertaining, and that’s what you need for a trivia event to be a success. Moreover, these difficult The Office trivia questions can prompt your staff to make everyone laugh, cringe, or applaud.

1. Who said the following quote: “If I were buying my coffin, I would get one with thicker walls so you couldn’t hear the other dead people.”?

Answer: Dwight Schrute.

2. What does Ryan Howard title his photography series in “The Office”?

Answer: Thousand and One Words.

3. In “The Office”, which character does Michael marry and move to Colorado with?

Answer: Holly Flax.

4. How many reindeer hooves including Rudolph carry Santa’s sleigh?

Answer: 36.

5. In what Pennsylvania city is NBC’s “The Office” set?

Answer: Scranton.

6. Greg Daniels, the developer of “The Office”, also co-created what animated hit that aired from 1997 – 2010?

Answer: King of the Hill.

7. Who said the following quote: “Everything I have I owe to this job…this stupid, wonderful, boring, amazing job.”?

Answer: Jim Halpert.

8. Which character on “The Office” is initially the receptionist?

Answer: Pam Beesly.

9. In “The Office”, Phyllis’ husband, Bob Vance, runs what kind of company?

Answer: Refrigeration.

10. What murder mystery game does staff play in season 6 of “The Office”?

Answer: Belles, Bourbon, and Bullets.

11. In season 9 of “The Office”, Andy quits in order to pursue a career as what?

Answer: Actor.

12. In season 4 of “The Office” Karen becomes manager of a rival branch in what city?

Answer: Utica.

13. In the 5th season of “The Office”, Ryan claims to have gone on a long trip to which Asian country?

Answer: Thailand.

14. Who said the following quote: “I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good old days before you’ve actually left them.”?

Answer: Andy Bernard.

15. In what year did “The Office” debut in the USA?

Answer: 2005.

16. In what year did “The Office” win its only Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series?

Answer: 2006.

17. In “The Office”, both Michael and Chet were once on what children’s TV show?

Answer: Fundle Bundle.

18. What does Pam study at The Pratt Institute?

Answer: Graphic design.

19. During the 9th season of “The Office”, Jim begins working part-time in what city?

Answer: Philadelphia.

20. Steve Carell’s role in “The Office” was originally offered to what star of the “John Adams” mini-series?

Answer: Paul Giamatti.

21. In season 9 of “The Office”, Andy discovers that he is related to what political figure?

Answer: Michelle Obama.

The Office Trivia Questions Multiple Choice

Now, it should be evident that we advised relating each individual The Office trivia question part to your own workplace environment. Check out this list of some The Office trivia questions multiple choice to choose from.

1. How did Ryan the Temp burn down the office?

Put metal in the microwave
Left a lit candle unattended
Left his cheese pitta in the toastie oven
The photocopier caught fire

Answer: Left his cheese pitta in the toastie oven.

2. What passport other than a US one does Creed have?


Answer: Swiss.

3. Which of these items was NOT in the teapot that Jim gave to Pam for Secret Santa?

Hot Sauce Packets
Mini Golf Pencil
Movie Ticket Stub
His Yearbook Photo

Answer: Movie Ticket Stub.

4. What is Andy known as on the internet by the final episode?

Mr. Cries a Lot
Baby Wawa
Sit Here and Cry Guy
Big Tuna

Answer: Baby Wawa.

5. How much money does Michael donate to Oscar’s nephew’s charity not realizing that it’s a per mile donation?


Answer: $25.

6. What is the name of the Senator that Angela marries and Oscar has a romantic relationship with?

Richard Layman
Ryan Blackwood
Robert Lipton
Robert California

Answer: Robert Lipton.

7. Finish this quote: “Bears, beets….”

Battlestar Galactica
Baby Bears
Back Support

Answer: Battlestar Galactica.

8. What’s Angela’s favorite cat called?


Answer: Sprinkles.

9. Which of these celebrities has NEVER made a cameo?

James Spader
Morgan Freeman
Will Ferrell
Jim Carey

Answer: Morgan Freeman.

10. Finish this classic Kelly Kapoor quote: “Yeah I have a lot of questions. Number One….”

How do you sleep at night?
How dare you?
What are you doing tonight?
How could you?

Answer: How dare you?

11. What was the name of the a cappella group that Andy sang in?

Bringing the Bass
The Polyphonics
Here Comes Treble
The Maccabeats

Answer: Here Comes Treble.

12. What vegetable does Toby bet the Office they can replace Creed’s apple with, without him noticing?


Answer: Potato.

13. What song does the cast dance down the aisle to at Jim and Pam’s wedding?

Celebration – Kool & the Gang
Forever – Chris Brown
Livin’ on a Prayer – Bon Jovi
Don’t Stop Believin’ – Journey

Answer: Forever – Chris Brown.

14. When Dwight is explaining his perfect crime, what’s the name of the girl?


Answer: Tiffany.

15. In his Perfect Crime, Dwight tells the girl he’ll go to Mexico. Where does he go instead because he doesn’t trust her?


Answer: Canada.

16. What’s Creed’s website (which is actually just a word doc that Ryan set up for him)?


Answer: www.creedthoughts.gov.www/creedthoughts.

17. What is the name of Meredith’s stripper son?


Answer: Jake.

18. What song does Angela sing in karaoke?

Jingle Bells
Hallelujah – Jeff Buckley
Little Drummer Boy – Boney M
Fairytale of New York – The Pogues

Answer: Little Drummer Boy – Boney M.

19. What has to be involved in math for Kevin to be able to do it?


Answer: Pies.

20. Who directed S9 E4 “Work Bus”?

Ken Kwapis
BJ Novak
Bryan Cranston
Stephen Merchant

Answer: Bryan Cranston.

21. When Andy goes to the Senator’s fundraiser in S8 E22, what does he return with?

An award that belonged to the Senator
12 dogs
One of Angela’s cats
A giant cuddly toy

Answer: 12 dogs.

22. Who does Dwight choose to be his “bestest mensch” and who are they replaced with as a surprise?

Mose replaced by Michael
Jim replaced by Dwight himself
Jim replaced by Michael
Jim replaced by Mose

Answer:  Jim replaced by Michael.

The Office Trivia Questions about Michael Scott

Michael Scott is the main character in the show, hence this article should devote a whole section to him. It’s not hard to understand what makes him such a unique character given his lonely upbringing, difficulties in his early education, and difficulty with fundamental social skills and norms. Stroll down this list of some Michael Scott The Office trivia questions and answers.

1. In which American city was Michael born?

Answer: Scranton, Pennsylvania.

2. What is the name of Michael Scott’s screenplay?

Answer: Threat Level Midnight.

3. How many minutes did Michael Scott work at the office?

Answer: 9,986,000 minutes.

4. What is Michael Scott’s middle name?

Answer: Gary.

5. Where did Michael Scott relocate to begin his new life with Holly?

Answer: Boulder, Colorado.

6. Who did Michael end up taking to Jamaica?

Answer: Jan.

7. Who came in first place in the Michael Scott’s Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Race for the Cure?

Answer: Toby Flenderson.

8. What game does Michael turn season 2’s secret Santa into?

Answer: Yankee swap.

9. Who was recruited to replace Michael Scott before his relocation?

Answer: Deangelo Vickers.

10. In “The Office”, Michael tries to appear hip by setting what Black Eyed Peas song as his ringtone?

Answer: My Humps.

11. What facial hairstyle did Michael copy off of Ryan?

Answer: A goatee.

12. If Michael ever got a tattoo on his back, what would it say?

Answer: “Back to the Future”.

13. Who is Michael’s favorite actress?

Answer: Meryl Streep.

14. What is Michael’s real order at Hooters?

Answer: The gourmet hot dog.

15. What username does Michael pick for an online dating service?

Answer: Little Kid Lover.

16. What season did Michael leave The Office?

Answer: Season 7.

17. While playing who would you do in the office, Michael says he’d have sex with which coworker?

Answer: Ryan.

18. Michael revealed during Phyllis’ wedding that her high school nickname was what?

Answer: Easy Rider.

19. Since Michael can’t pay for his tots’ college education, what does he offer them instead?

Answer: Lithium batteries.

20. In the “Diversity Day” episode, what famous comedian’s standup routine does Michael imitate?

Answer: Chris Rock.

21. What was the name of Michael’s former boss who was decapitated?

Answer: Ed Truck.

22. Michael likes waking up to what smell in the morning?

Answer: Bacon.

23. Who won “Hottest in the Office” at Michael’s last Dundies?

Answer: Danny Cordray.

24. Carol, one of Michael Scott’s girlfriends, is his wife in real life. What’s her real name?

Answer: Nancy Carell.

25. What kind of sandwich does Michael have a dream about when he’s the head of the Michael Scott Paper Company?

Answer: Peanut butter and tuna fish.

26. Who does Michael dress up like for diversity day?

Answer: Martin Luther King, Jr.

27. What food does Michael force Kevin to eat?

Answer: Broccoli.

28. Who stole all of Michael’s blue jeans when he was a kid?

Answer: His family’s foreign exchange student.

29. What’s in Michael’s thermos during morning deliveries for Michael Scott Paper Company?

Answer: Milk and sugar.

30. How does Michael burn his foot?

Answer: On a George Foreman Grill.

31. Which local competitor company from which Michael and Dwight attempted to steal customers from?

Answer: Papers of the Prince Family.

32. What famous author does Phyllis try and recruit for Michael’s Dunder Mifflin TV ad, but ends up being thrown out of the mall over?

Answer: Sue Grafton.

33. Being friends with Toby is like being friends with an ______ according to Michael

Answer: Evil snail.

34. What item of clothing does Michael always have dry cleaned?

Answer: His jeans.

35. What brand of women’s suit does Michael accidentally wear?

Answer: MISSterious.

36. What breakfast does Michael make on the first day of the Michael Scott Paper Company?

Answer: French toast (a ton of it).

37. In the absence of ice cream, what does Michael eat?

Answer: Mayo and black olives.

38. Michael’s pin code is named after what popular song?

Answer: YMCA.

39. Michael instead of saying philanthropher says —— in Casino night

Answer: Philanderer.

40. Who does Michael fire because of office downsizing in the first season?

Answer: Devon.

41. Why is Michael afraid to move to Colorado?

Answer: The television channels will be in the wrong order.

42. What’s the full name of Michael’s fun run a marathon?

Answer: Michael Scott’s Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer memorial celebrity rabies awareness fun run pro-am for the cure.

43. What game does Michael say he plays every night before bed?

Answer: “Who Would You Do?”

44. When Michael and Dwight try to get Toby fired by planting drugs. What do they actually plant in his desk?

Answer: Caprese Salad.

45. When Michael burns his foot on a George Foreman grill, what does he want Pam to rub on it?

Answer: Country Crock butter.

46. How many year’s salaries does Michael spend on his engagement ring for Holly?

Answer: Three.

47. What kind of shower does Michael say he threw for Jan after she had a baby?

Answer: A golden shower.

48. How did Michael insult Oscar during his roast of the office in ‘Stress Relief part 2’?

Answer: ‘Oscar you’re gay’.

49. What cause does Michael use for the fun run?

Answer: Rabies.

50. What does Michael add to his diet coke?

Answer: Sugar.

The Office Trivia Questions about Dwight Schrute

There can be lengthy conversations about Dwight Schrute in The Office because he is a fun character to discuss. All in all, you can’t skip our Dwight Schrute The Office trivia questions and answers if you’re going to host a The Office trivia night at work. We assure you that they elevate the entire trivia competition.

1. What “that’s what she said” setup does Dwight Schrute say after telling all the workers to take one more bite of eclair?

Answer: “Hold it in your mouth if you can’t swallow”.

2. Dwight brought who as his date to Michael and Jan’s dinner party?

Answer: His former babysitter.

3. Dwight’s grandparents left him a large collection of what?

Answer: Armoires.

4. What doll does Dwight Schrute buy in order to make a profit during the Christmas season?

Answer: Princess Unicorn.

5. What color does Dwight paint Michael’s office when he thinks he’s taking over?

Answer: Black.

6. What is the secret symbol Dwight and Michael use?

Answer: Licking their lips.

7. A prank goes wrong, and as a result, Dwight Schrute ends up trapped in an elevator with someone. What’s the name of the person he’s stuck with there?

Answer: Pam.

8. What is Dwight’s new year resolution in season 7’s ‘Ultimatum’?

Answer: Meet a loose woman.

9. Dwight Schrute’s rule seventeen is to never turn your back on bears, men you have wronged, or the dominant turkey during what crucial time?

Answer: Mating season.

10. What song does Dwight sulk to in his car over Michael and new temp Ryan’s budding friendship?

Answer: Everybody Hurts-REM.

11. Which Harry Potter book did Dwight say he’d take to a desert island?

Answer: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

12. What does Dwight say is the scariest animal?

Answer: Box Jellyfish.

13. What sandwich does Dwight Schrute trick Michael into eating after breaking into the Michael Scott Paper Company?

Answer: Meatball parm.

14. Why does Dwight Schrute pick brown and gray balloons for Kelly’s birthday party?

Answer: Because they match the carpet.

15. What’s the name of Schrute’s son?

Answer: Phillip Halsted Schrute.

16. What does Dwight’s family farm produce?

Answer: Beets.

17. What kind of car does Dwight drive?

Answer: A Trans Am.

18. Finish Dwight’s security code: “The tea in Nepal is very hot…”

Answer: But the coffee in Peru is much hotter.

19. What’s Dwight’s middle name?

Answer: Kurt.

20. Dwight believes ______ to be the greatest snowball…

Answer: Fear.

21. The casting team initially wanted John Krasinski to audition for which role in The Office?

Answer: Dwight Schrute.

22. According to Dwight, this is the biggest attraction in Schrute Farms?

Answer: 200-year old mattress.

23. Why does Dwight lose his temporary regional manager job?

Answer: Shoots a gun.

24. What does Dwight always keep an extra set of in his car for special occasions?

Answer: Birkenstocks.

25. Jim claims this to be his name while attempting a mock sales call with Dwight in the ‘Customer Survey’ episode

Answer: William M Buttlicker.

26. What film is Dwight’s all-time favorite?

Answer: The Crow.

27. In Dwight’s story of ‘the perfect crime’ which place does he stash the chandelier?

Answer: Berlin.

28. What is the name of Dwight’s fake currency?

Answer: Schrute bucks.

29. This is Dwight’s nickname for Angela…

Answer: Monkey.

30. When Jim laminates Dwight’s ID card he writes that Dwight is a _____

Answer: Security threat.

Final Thoughts on The Office Trivia Questions

Overall, organising a The Office trivia night may be enjoyable for both you, the host, and the participants—your coworkers.

The details of organising this activity may differ from company to company, but if you have the correct The Office trivia questions, you essentially have (nearly) everything you need to conduct a successful The Office trivia quiz.

The Office trivia night might be the game-changer your office has been waiting for. In addition, all The Office trivia questions can be used in a variety of informal settings, including team-building exercises and icebreaker games, trivia evenings, after-work get-togethers, and spontaneous meetings.

Everything depends on the types of casual gatherings you plan with your company and how regularly you do it. For instance, do you hold trivia nights once a week or once a month?

Do you need to plan the trivia event in person or are you presenting it virtually for a remote team? Considering each of these factors will be extremely helpful when determining how to employ such trivia and you will need these The Office quiz questions for it.

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